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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • Thank you for this information! Our 2001 rear door handle just broke and its 25deg. outside. Now that I know what this job is going to take I can plan for it. Thank you for sharing!
  • I have owned my 01 for a year now. I bought it with the following problems;
    1. no bright light indicator
    2. no D indicator light
    3. window in tailgate will not operate

    As I read these posts, I see that all 3 of these problems seem to be prevalent in the Sequoia. I am going to try and address these issues with Toyota. I will keep everyone informed as to my progress or lack thereof.

  • hi everyone. i have a 2002 sequoia that i bought as a certified used vehicle. It has a water leak in the cargo area, above the hatch. the water seems to be coming in thru the hatch hinge on the left side. the dealer said they fixed it once, but now they've had it again for a week and still cant fix it. any ideas out there? thank you.
  • kellykelly Posts: 7
    I have a 2004 Sequoia Limited with the in dash 6 disc changer. I tried to load a cd in the other day and it acted like it got jammed. The player then read error 3 on the face. I tried to eject but nothing happened. I read in the owners manual to try this, but it didn't work. It said if problem exists to contact my dealer. Is there another fix I can try before I have to go to the dealer or do I need to take it in? Anyone else encounter this problem? If so, was problem fixed in a day, or do I need to get a loaner? What can I expect? Thanks for the help
  • daugiedaugie Posts: 12
    My leak was lower, but the issue is that the tailgate is designed to take on water. I would not be shocked if your issue is the same problem I had. Remove the plastic trim in the area surrounding the leak. The trim is held on by plastic 'clips' that have a small rubber washer/gasket. When these washers get a little worn, it leaks. Go to the hardware store and get some similar rubber plumbing washers and put them on the clips and re-install. It is easy and dirt cheap. I would give that a try first thing... nothing to lose. Good luck.
  • ward6ward6 Posts: 2
    We just recently brought our 02 Toyota Sequoia (We bought it new) into the dealership to have the recall on the front ball joints taken care of and asked them to look @ our rear window because it has not been working in over a year and also our D indicator light has been out. We also needed them to fix our gear shift because it was real loose and not going into park very well. They said the rear window motor needs to be replaced. We had them fix the gear shift which they said was broken (cost - $450), but did not get the rear window fixed because it was going to cost about $550 and that seemed to be about double what we thought it might cost. (we rarely used the rear window anyway, but it would be nice to have it working) They said it would cost $100 to fix the D indicator light, but we didn't have them do it, but after they fixed the gear shift, they said they moved the bulb from the L position up to the D position, so now our D light is on, but we don't have a L light. Anyway, your email caught our attention. We would like to find a rear window motor and install it ourselves if that is the problem.
  • ward6ward6 Posts: 2
    We also had a problem with our gear shift being loose and not going into Park very well. Took it in and they said it was broke. They replaced shift sub assembly. Cost us $450. We have an 02 Sequoia with 97,000 miles on it.
  • What year is your TOY? if 2003 and 2004 then read my procedure posted on this forum #1101. I posted both procedure for transponder Key and Remote.
  • I just recieved a diagnosis on my VSC trac/trac off light that had come on during a drive to work but has since not come on again. The dealer said it was a swith on my brake booster that would effect the performance of my brakes in emergency breaking situations. The switch cost is $900 then more for labor. Has anyone had this problem or can offer help?
  • The dealer just had it for another week and the day after i picked it up, it was leaking again. right now i have it covered with a plastic bag (real hight tech), which is working temporarily - and it's pouring in NY today. I will try your suggestion - thank you and happy new year.
  • You might want to have them check for recent service bulletins. I had an issue where I felt a front end vibration at 40 mph and up. A technical bulletin had just been issued on the rear axle bearing ... this apparently makes it feel like a front end vibration.
  • tsipos what happened with the rep u met? did they say they would replace the manifolds ??
  • We have also had major issues with rear wheel bearings. Have had our 04 Sequoia to two dealerships who made the rear wheel bearing repairs - the repairs (done under warrantee but taking an average of two weeks to accomplish) took care of the excessive noise coming at about 60+ MPH (the noise was always present even at low speeds), BUT after about another 300 miles of highway driving we are BACK to the dealership for the third time. We have Toyota National involved and expect that we will have to pursue arbitration if someone doesn't get it right this time. We did have a suspension expert test drive the vehicle and they said that the front bearings are also going, in addition to the fact that the entire rear carrier assembly needed to be correctly replaced, and that the tires were already cupped as a result of the bearings being bad. I've heard good things from mechanics about Toyota trucks but if you have this problem, you either need someone that knows the issue and how to fix it for good or you may have a recurring problem.
  • Hello Folks,

    Does anyone know if switching to synthetic oil for the transmission and differential make any difference. I have an 04 4x2 Sequoia with almost 30K miles. I would like to know if changing the transmission and differential oil makes any improvement. Per Toyota, transmission oil change is not needed until my first service for 100K. I don't believe this for a moment. I would like to do what I can to keep the mechanicals going without taking it back to the dealer. I can do the work myself, but I don't have a baseline for changing intervals besides the manual.
  • I've had the same problem. My Sequoia is an '03 and the battery was just replaced, along with the terminal (?). They said there was a short. Before the battery was replaced I had a great deal of corrosion and dead battery episodes.

    My rear windshield wiper motor is also going out. They have ordered a new motor. This, plus the battery issue has been going on for over a year.

    I've had 6 alignments, a set of new tires, a new battery, new rear wiper motor, the VSC lights have come on several times and once, during normal operation, the skid control activated for no reason. They replaced whatever was causing the problem with two different remedies. I also had the ball joints replaced during the recall, which did NOT fix the "drifting" problem. My Sequoia still drifts off the road, but in both directions now.

    I went through the arbitration process to no avial and am currently suing Toyota under the State Lemon Law and the Consumer Protection Act.

    I've never had so many problems with a new vehicle in my life. And from the sound of the '06 Sequoia, I don't want a replacement. I'll take my money back, thank you!! I'll let you all know how it all :lemon: turns out. Thank goodness we consumers are protected under the law, these kinds of issues should not be happening on a new, $45,000 vehicle!! Jeez!
  • Same problem here in my 01 JBL 6 disc player. I was told to disconnect battery. No results.
    I was told to try to insert another cd. No Results...
    I got on ebay to check for replacement and I really hate to pay a couple hundred $$ for a replacement.
    Any suggestions from you Toyota audio folks?
  • Any suggestions for yet another jammed JBL 6disc cd player in my 01 Sequoia?
    As mentioned in # 1386 fr Kelly, I too have the error code and cannot retrieve 3 classic cd's. Queen, Led Zepplin and Frank Zappa are in the jaws of my JBL..... WHAT TO DO? I'm no Dancing Fool.
  • I have the exact same problem with my 2003 Toyota Sequoia at 49,600 miles. Upon start off, the SUV makes a loud stability correction noise and then the stability control / traction control system shuts off, with both lights eliminating on the dash. Please let me know what the outcome was from Toyota corporate in terms of paying for repair cost of ~$1500.
  • i had the same problem with my '03. the VSC light came on one time and i called the dealer. they told me to turn off the engine and turn it back on and it should fix it. i made several trips to the dealer regarding this problem. they also told me what your dealer told you. "switch on your brake booster" but they were wrong again. Ask them about the (computer)chip for the VSC. That's what my dealer had to change and it solved the problem. it was under my warranty but the dealership told me it would cost $500 roughly
  • The video has quit working on my Roof Mounted DVD Player on my 03 Sequoia Limited. The audio still works, but the video goes out pretty quickly after starting a movie. Has anyone experienced this problem? Am I in for buying another player, or is there a fix that anyone knows about?
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