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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • We have a 2004 Sequoia that has been doing the fade on acceleration for at least 18 months. Been to two different dealers four times for solution to problem....nothing. Today they told me this was "normal" according to Toyota and did not require repair. I am at my wit's end with these folks. Bought a pricey Toyota SUV to avoid bugs and silly quirks, but look what we got. Safety is my concern - if we are accelerating and it locks up on us we are going to get nailed in the rear end. Not what I was hoping for when we made the purchase. Our Suburban '04 has no such troubles. Is this a Toyota problem or just a Toyota Sequoia problem? Anyone have a solution besides leaving it in 4wd all the time or shutting off the VSC program?
  • mcgurkmcgurk Posts: 2
    I noticed the oil pressure gauge was dropping to a lower than normal reading but only at speeds above 60 MPH. At slower driving speeds the oil pressure looked OK. I had the oil/filter changed (It was time)and the oil pressure was normal at all RPMs for about a week. But now the problem has returned. Any ideas? Oil pressure sending unit?
  • I have the same observation on my 04 SR5. From what I have read, if the gauge reads slightly below middle range, this should be normal as long as it does not get to lower 1/4 area or below. Yes, the same @ 60-65 mph. If you notice and attempt to accelerate, the pressure builds up to upper half towards 3/4. During acceleration the pressure should build up and stay up, but cruise speed tends to bring it down below half and above 1/4 consistently. I have taken the same discussion to my local dealer and find the issue to be normal. Make sure to use the right viscosity oil. I have notice that my dealer uses 10/30 even if the manufacturer recommends 5/30. Let me know if this is exactly what you are experiencing. :shades:
  • mcgurkmcgurk Posts: 2
    Not exactly the same as you are seeing. Although what you described is what I have experienced since the car was new.
    At driving speeds below 50 MPH the gauge reads normal, however above 55 MPH the oil pressure drops off below the 1/4 mark and is heading to zero. I take my foot off the gas and slow down preparing to shut off the engine and the pressure will climb back up to normal = 1/4 and above. BTW the car model is a 2002 limited.
  • toy4ttoy4t Posts: 1
    I have the '03 and the ABS/VSC lights both came on one day and stuck. Every time I started up I would get a Loud low warning buzzer come on. This was also happening when I pulled out of my parking lot and turned a slight incline and to the right. I called the dealership and they said just turn it off and restart but that didn't do anything. They did tell me I would not hurt the vehicle or myself by continuing to drive. I then called a dealer in the metro area that I trusted and the service manager said to take it in for service and the codes would say what needed replaced. It was 3 days until they could get me in for service. Every day the same thing, it would drop engine acceleration and the low warning buzzer would come on as it seemed to pump the brakes from 1 to 3 seconds, like a stutter. The only thing it says anywhere in the manual for these double lights not going out after turning off and restarting is "Take to Dealer." The dealer said they had to contact Toyota and even though my warranty had just expired 1 month before, they had to replace 2 MOTOR DRIVE CIRCUIT BOARDS (or chips) and said it was a $1500 repair at no charge to me. It hasn't done it since. Still annoying to have the 4runner for 9 years with nothing more than regular service and oil changes but my '03 Sequoia has already been in for AC repair, driver seat repair, Passenger seat still vibrates, and now this ABS/ASC thing. But when anyone asks me if I like the Sequoia I still have to say I love it!
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    The Sequoia model is a baby for toyota. It came out in the 2001 model year. There are always kinks to work out on new models, but for the most part it is an excellent truck.
  • Bring your TOY in to dealer for replace oil sending unit. This just came out new TSB for the new part. More details, Please see my post number 1289 in this section.
  • fuquafuqua Posts: 1
    My 05 Sequoia has the same problem. Toyota has kept it six weeks, replaced the transmission twice and re programmed the computer several times. I am beginning a negotiation for a trade. If they had told me the problem was just inherent with the truck I probably would have accepted the irritation but now I own a truck that has had two new transmissions and over $10,000 worth of repairs. I hope Toyota will negotiate fairly or I will file a lemon law complaint. I was told that Toyota has had several complaints but has no fix for the problem. I was also told that this problem was new with the 05 model when they switched to the 5 speed transmission.
  • seacoyseacoy Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my '01. I also keep my foot planted firmly on the brake. I frequently think someone has tapped my bumper and then after looking again in the rearview mirror, remember it is my Toyota's problem. Just another quirk they don't know how to deal with.
  • seacoyseacoy Posts: 2
    I own an 01 Sequoia and love it. When I purchased it (used in '02) I had problems with the back window going down on its own whenever it wanted to, a real problem if I had gone to a mall or when it was raining. Toyota fixed the issue at no expense to me although they tried!
    Now, I am having an issue which they tell me might be very costly! Although I bought an extended warranty,(an after market one,through Toyota, much to my surprise-buyer beware), it may not cover the work needed. Problem:when I open the driver door or passenger door, there is a click-click sound under the dash, sometimes resulting in the back window not wanting to open, the rear wiper blade not working, and the interior door locks not locking from INSIDE. This condition can remedy itself as I driving down the road, or it may not remedy itself until it wants to.
    weather has no effect on this problem. I recently drove over 1,000 miles, over all types of terrain, and the problem never happened. Toyota tells me it might be a broken wire for which they will have to remove the dashboard, the interior of the car and whatever it takes to find a broken wire!! I asked if it could be a relay issue, and they said probably not. Asked them if it could be one of my remotes, ie. remote starter, remote lock/unlock buttons, probably not. All they will say is this one will be $$$$$ to find! I might just live with the problem! The car doors will lock with my remote when I leave the vehicle, so that is good. None of this is covered by my refresh my memory...I bought it... why?
  • OK all. I own a 2003 Sequoia Limited and really love it. Over the last 3 weeks or so, my factory alarm goes off for no reason. I have tried everything. Locking the car with remote, locking with key, letting it lock automatically and still have been experiencing intermittent alarms. Comes and goes. Some days, will go off 20 times every 10 minutes, and other days it waits until 1 AM to go off and wake all the neighbors. In the shop now and they are saying they can't find a cause and will keep it overnight as they need it to go off to troubleshoot. Have resorted to disconnecting the battery cable each night before I go to bed so I don't have to get up several times to turn off the alarm. Then, reconnecting it in the AM so my wife can drive.

    Going crazy...any help or thoughts would be greatly apprciated. The dealer is suggesting that I may have to live with it. I suggested that they completely turn off the alarm, but he is not sure if that is even possible. Am I missing something?
  • aliminalimin Posts: 67
    Have you looked at the panic button on the remote? I've set mine off just by bumping something against the button. Could there be a short or something stuck between the case and the button?

  • Has there been any update on the vsc/brake/abs lights coming on dashboards. 02 Sequoia of course out of warranty by 10,000 miles. Dealer said esu unit is bad and needs to be replaced at cost of 3300.00 ouch!!! Has anyone had similar problem or resolution. Is there a "TSB"? Any help/info would be appreciated.
  • Follow up to post 1403. I have not experienced the loss of acceleration to this point. Spoke with Toyota/USA. They basically said there is nothing they can do about the defective "ecu" unit. They stand behind 3/36000 mile warranty. Rep said speak with customer svc mgr and use the 3300 repair cost as a down payment on another vehicle.
  • jesiiijesiii Posts: 2
    I just had the same problem repaired at dealer for $800. Had to replace entire inside of tailgate for severe rust. I do live where there is salt during the winter but I have kept this vehicle in a garage and washed very often. Was told by repair tech they see this a lot in the Sequoia and have seen it in the old four runners. How do I get ahold of the 'rep' in my area.
  • jesiiijesiii Posts: 2
    Same problem had it fixed for $800. How do I get ahold of the area service rep and report this to Toyota?
  • donqdonq Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem and it took 6 visits with 3 different shops. The tech found out by accident at the last shop and the problem was a little dent on the sensor probe itself. We have been driven 40K mile and VSC problem is gone.

    However, the front disks need to be turned down every 30,000 miles or so because of serve wopped. So way I replaced the front disks at 80,000 miles and they need to be turned down again.
  • donqdonq Posts: 2
    My 2001 has an average of 17.8 miles per gallon according to a trip computer which equates to 420 miles per fill. Lately, we get about 375 miles per fill and it is average at 14 to 15 miles per gallon.

    Any suggestion????
  • mls1mls1 Posts: 1
    I had a problem with my brake light coming on intermittently when I would brake, regardless of speed, and could not get Toyota to fix it - they kept telling me it needed more brake fluid. After months of this, the last time I took it in, I told the service advisor that I had documented dates reported, who I talked to, and made sure the problem was also reported on THEIR paperwork every single time I went in. I also said that when I had an accident because the light went on and I thought it was just needing "more brake fluid" and not a real brake problem, Toyota would hear from a lawyer. Well guess what..they diagnosed it that day and ordered the part overnight. They replaced the ECM switch, which is also tied into the VSC trac lights. No more brake lights...yours will come back on, and eventually more frequently. It's not an annoyance, it's not a Toyota eccentricity. It's a defect and they need to fix it for you...and if you've brought it to their attention before and truck is out of warranty, gather your papers and push them. Hopefully you have all your paperwork, good luck.
    I love my sequoia, but that light drove me nuts for almost a year.
  • I am also having this ABS/VSC problem. Did you find anything out?? Let me know. Thanks
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