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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • toyotatoystoyotatoys Posts: 118
    I just had the starter replaced on my 01 SEQ with 83K. I'm disappointed because I have had 9 Toyotas in a row (including one Lexus) and this is the first vehicle where I had to replace a part before 100K. Maybe I'm somewhat spoiled, but I really expected it to last much longer. Otherwise, the vehicle still hums and purrs like it always had.
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    i have a sequoia that i purchased used and have had it in to the dealer ship 2 times for the sounds like famous tick. i made them tear it down to check the lifters and there reply is that they are set right that the toyota motors just are noisy. they also told me that toyota specs are that they want them just a little loose for performance. i call bull but what am i to do. so i have the same problem. and i am also searching for a solution. so if you hear any thing let me know. it driving me crazy i will not be able to get used to it.
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    does any one out there have the solution for the noisy 4.7 v-8 toyota motors, is it normal? like they tell me it is? every time i get in it and drive all i can hear is the ticking. and it just drives me crazy :mad:
  • Hello to all, I've been trying to find out info about what could maybe be the problem with my Sequoia. I bought the car in 2004 and have had the following problems. My VSC/TRAC OFF and ABS light are constantly on now and have been for about 4 months. Usually they would only come on when I would have the heat on for a while then I would turn off and re start the car and they would dissapear. I had it diagnosed when I took it in to get the defective recalled Ball joints replaced and the dealership came up with the conclusion that the YAW Sensor as well as both Master brake cylinder pressure sensors needed to be replaced for roughly about $903.00. The lady who assisted me said she called Toyota to see if maybe they could do something about this problem but of course they didn't. Since then the drivers inside door handle broke about a month ago, sometimes the gas gauge reads empty after putting gas in the car but slowly rises up with time. This usually only happens if we let the tank get close to the empty mark. The oil pressure at highway speeds sits at about the 1/4 mark and as soon as I let go of the accelerator it will start to climb. Oil pressure will stay in the normal range at about 65-70 mph but anything more than that and your sitting at 1/4 mark. At idle it will sit at its normal range and when I accelerate it, it climbs but slowly. Sometimes my brake light would come on but go off after I turn off the car then re start it. But by all means the brakes and the car drive and operate perfectly. honestly cant justify how 3 sensors associated with the same thing can all go bad at once unless there is some kind of short circuit or something. I've read various post regarding the VSC/TRAC OFF and ABS light and differentnt methods that have been used to fix the problem but I just dont know which to go by. I just dont want to spend all that money and then keep on having continuous problems with the lights. If anybody can help or give some advise it would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!
  • brittdadbrittdad Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone,
    Great board. I love my 2003 Sequoia Limited and would buy another but it has a few problems. Like many I have a small amount of rust starting to show on the bottom drivers side corner of the rear hatch. My rear license plate lights have also decided that they are tired of working. Any ideas? If it is something very expensive i have decided to try to live in denial as I just paid off the note on this. I have 66k on the SUV and I am relatively good with tools so maybe I can fix it myself. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks from Boston
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    The easiest thing to do is check the brake fluid. As the brakes wear the fluid level drops, and when it get to low those lights all come on. I would check that first, and if low top it off.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    You need to go to a Toyota Dealership because there is a TSB on the fuel gauge, and a TSB on on oil pressure gauge. Both should be fixed under warranty.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    That reply was for you.
  • Hi Everyone. First time here and thought it would be a great place to start. I have a 2003 Limited with the JBL system. Only upgrades I have is a 10" JL sub (stealth)and the amp that is hooked up to the front speakers.

    Well recently when i drive the back speakers go out or have a high pitch whine and it almost sounds like it has a loose wire. Anyway I took it to my local radio guy and the speakers were fine. He was thinking it could be the factory AMP that runs the back speakers. Well I went to my local Toyota dealer and beacuse I have a gold warrenty the factory amp is no covered. They told me just the amp was around $500. They also gave me a number of a salvage place to get the amp.

    Here is my question...where is the amp located and how am I sure its the one that drives the back speakers?


  • Anyone know where i can find out where the rear speaker AMP is located?
  • What happens if Im no longer under warranty? Out of pocket?
  • Brake fluid is good, and brakes work perfectly. It would only come on when I would put on the heat inside the car. Now its on forever. Ive already got it diagnosed and that is what they came up with. I just need to find out what kind of warranty the parts and labor come with.
  • jwtjwt Posts: 2
    Hello. I have a Sequoia 04 and while driving on any road conditions at any time I may get a 'thumping' sound, almost like flat tires and it will get louder and louder until I pull over and stop. I have logged each time and have no solutions, either does Toyota dealership. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thank you. jwt
  • swilcoxswilcox Posts: 1
    Have you found the problem yet? I have a 2001 Sequoia and have had the same problem for 2 years. I called Toyota and complained as I was just about out of warrenty and they have been doing repairs on it for two years - at their cost - my inconvience - since then. It actually hasn't come on in a few months, so they may have finally figured it out - but it was just luck. We've switched brake pads, etc., and the latest was a sensor in the brakes. I loved Toyota's and still have high hopes for this one - but now my back door won't open! 700.00 later the mechanic is fixing it. They just don't build them like they used to.

    Let me know the fix on your vehicle, if you have one.
  • sullyaksullyak Posts: 30
    I have read several posts regarding tires. My dueler HT's only lasted 30K miles as well. I did a great deal of research and determined that paying more for high quality tires was worth it. I bought goodyear fortera silent armours which got great reviews on I couldn't be happier with them. They are much quieter and grip great in wet and dry conditions.

    Hope this helps.
  • boslaw71boslaw71 Posts: 7
    Can anyone recommend a good place to buy this part for a 2002 Sequoia (or do I have to go through the dealer)? Based on posts on this board, seems like it's fairly common for the handle to break, and I don't want to pay $250-$300 to replace it if I can do it myself. I've scoured the web and this is the one part that I can't seem to find.

  • dylandondylandon Posts: 3
    Hi, I have a 2003 Sequoia SR5, the rear amp located underneath the center console. I removed my JBL system. If you need an amp, maybe I can help you.
  • superducsuperduc Posts: 2
    I don't have the TSB anymore. A good dealer should let you look at it. The item you may need is a "Body Electronic Control Unit" to eliminate the problem. TSB #EL007-03 or I think the part # is 89221-0c023. Good luck. used to have all of the Toyota TSB's for free but now you have to buy them...Shame on you money hungry SOB's at Alldata!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    You can get TSB summaries in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide, including ones for the Sequoia. Alldata never, afaik, gave you anything but the TSB title info for free.

    Steve, Host

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  • I had a good local mechanic do the job for $120 including the part. Good luck! By the way, the dealer wanted $300+ for the job and would not even order the part until they took the door apart. He is now off my list forever.
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