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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • scoti1scoti1 Posts: 676
    There is no reason you would need to have your engine flushed on a vehicle with 30k miles and 3750 mile oil changes.
  • mus1mus1 Posts: 3
    I have '02 sequuoia 2-wheel drive, SR5 with 94k mile on it. i got P1127 trouble code( ETCS-Electronic Throttle Control System ) problem, The ETCS-i has gone into Fail Safe mode, I noticed the pedal travel is longer in relation to engine response and the MIL is on. I changed the throttle position sensor and the problem still persist. Any ideas
  • mus1mus1 Posts: 3
    I have '02 sequoia 2-wheel drive, SR5 with 94k miles on it. i got P1127 trouble code( ETCS-Electronic Throttle Control System ) problem, The ETCS-i has gone into Fail Safe mode, I noticed the pedal travel is longer in relation to engine response and the MIL is on. I changed the throttle position sensor and the problem still persist. Any ideas
  • I am currently looking at a new 06 Sequoia and want to see what advice current owners have to offer. I have read about the transmission lurching as the vehicle comes to a stop, and the vibration concerns. What other problems should I look for in my test drive. I expect to purchase this car within a week.
  • I was not wanting to spend the money on this 30K check up but I went ahead and got it... I must say that I feel a huge difference in the way my truck is running... It feels like the truck is driving on air and that is a good thing.. before I felt like my engine was pulling around a heavy load and now it seems effortless. Also the hood to my truck is not warm to the touch after driving... The steering is also much easier and everything seems like it was when it was new... I guess after several years of driving your forget what a new cleaner car feels like to drive.. I am glad I got my 30K check up,
  • toyo4toyo4 Posts: 5
    Several things to look at; 1-The transmission does shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear in a rough manner, not smooth at all, you should be able to detect this on a test drive. 2-Rough ride, suspension is way too stiff, you should be able to detect this on a test drive. 3- Limited rear visibility when backing up. This could be dangerous when backing out of a driveway in a neighborhood where kids are playing. When you test drive the Sequoia, make sure and back out of a parking space in a parking lot and see if you would be able to see someone walking behind the vehicle. These are the main three things I noticed right off the bat. Also, acceleration is not too good, when compared to some other SUVs.
  • toyo4toyo4 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if there is a warning lamp on the instrument panel that lights up if the oil pressure is too low? Or is there only the oil pressure gauge? 2002 Seqouia. Thanks
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    This might be irrelevant at this point but I just wanted to let you know that the Sequoia made the Consumer Reports list for one of the Most Reliable Large SUV's. ;)
  • Just got the 30k check-up on my 03 Sequoia. Second set of brakes,first set of rotors all around. Little pricey but worth it. Runs stronger.Having a escalating vibration in steering wheel and passanger side floor up to 80mph then it clears.Did 4 new tires(vibration started before),high speed balance,alignment is fine and it still is there. Anyone else having issues???
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I am putting some Sequoia good news on the site. At 77,000 miles, we are on the 1st set of brake pads and rotor's (about 20%remaining)second set of tires (originals replaced with oversized Michelins at 50,000. Going to have transmission flush and brake pads at about 85,000. Use K&N cold air ram intake, Castrol 5W40 Syntech, 36 to 40 psi (depending on load) in tires. Bosch 4 prong platinum spark plugs. Other than that, drive with momentum.

    Drive on ..........
  • My Sequoia seems to get out of alignment a lot, causing undue wear on the tires. Does anyone else have this problem? I don't 4wheel or drive off the pavement. I know it could be pot holes etc. but my truck is always out of alignment and I have to pay to realign it too much.

    Also anyone have trouble with the rear window not going down?
  • HEY, Give my truck back! Those are the exact same issues I have had with my 2005 Sequoia 4x2 Limited. It's a great vehicle but I have been terribly disappointed with the Service at my Toyota Dealer, especially regarding the issue with outer edge front tire wear.

    Regarding the tires,
    - tires are rotated every 5k miles
    - all scheduled maintenance performed
    - 35k miles on vehicle
    - tires kept inflated properly (the uneven wear is not 'cupping')
    - I have never hit anything major in the vehicle
    - noticed outer edge wear with 25k on it
    - I don't think alignment should be an issue with 20k miles from normal driving.
    - had alignment done at 30K
    - No improvement whatsoever. I think it actually got worse

    I have also seen posts on this or other discussion forums noting similar problems. Whenever I see a new Sequoia parked ('05 or newer), I have a look at the tires. Given I do not know the mileage on them, most of the ones I have seen have outer edge tire wear issues. I have talked to a number of different service people at Toyota Dealerships in Atlanta and they have denied it is an issue in most cases.

    I think it is an issue with the vehicle. I have gone switched Toyota Dealers (Service person noted she sees this frequently) so I will see if they can get this resolved. My tires are about bald on the outside edge but probably 25K of life remaining on the rest of the tire. Not looking forward to the $800 bill for new Michelins.

    Regarding the rear window, I just kept messing with the switch and the rear window worked again. I have not had problems since.

    I would definitely be interested in others experiencing these issues.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Regarding the rear window. My local service manager tells me the brushes hang up from time to time on the motor. A tap with a hammer has brought it back to life 2X over the last 4 years. Of course you have to open the rear access from the inside to give it a tap.

    Regarding alignment specs, one of our blog colleagues had what I believe was revised specs about a year ago. I could not find it back. At 77K I have had no outer wear issues. First set went 50K. I run a minimum of 36 psi. More at the rear when loaded. This is a 2002 Lmt 2x4 rather than the 4x4.
  • Thanks for the info from all. We ended up driving home a new 07 this evening. After considering many options we still felt the Sequoia was the best vehicle based on our desire for a reliable vehicle with a usable third seat. We found the transmission to run very smoothly and the ride, while not as smooth as our Odyssey, was still very comfortable. We did not expect a truck of this size to be as smooth and we are satisfied with the overall ride. Finally, I agree it is hard to see behind you but all the vehicles of this size are. A rear camera could be of some assistance. Overall we are very happy with the 07 limited package
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Congratulations !! Our daughter and son-in-law own and drive an Odyssey and want to buy (no money) our 2002 Sequoia Limited (78K miles). She much prefers driving the Sequoia. Confident and secure for the kids. The Sequoia gets the vote for all cross country trips with the Thule on top and carrier behind we carry a month's worth of fun anywhere. I would love to send a "loaded for travel" picture but don't know how to do an attachment in this media. Enjoy.
  • My wife and I also had an Odyssey, and feel that the ride of the Sequoia is just as good. Our 2002 Sequoia has 53K miles. Have you had any trouble with yours? I've had the AC replaced and now the rear hatch latch is being replaced. Other than that no issues. One thing I've figured out, and I've read about it often here, is the "bump from behind" feel. What I discovered was if after you've braked to a stop, let of the brake slightly and then brake. It's like it relieves "something", and we don't get the "bump".
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    The ride is different for certain. I am particularly impressed with the way the Sequoia handles when fully loaded, (roof carrier, rear carrier and everything my wife, daughter and grandkids decide MUST be taken on a trip).

    Had the factory upgrades to front suspension, ball joints etc. the brake upgrade, replacement of the solenoid for the rear window under warranty. The last time the window stopped going up or down, the service manager correctly said the brushes on the electric motor will hang up. If you can tap the motor (which I did) it will often go back to work. It did. This can happen more often if the window is not lowered or raised very often (my case). Basically I seldom lower the rear window, which avoids the issue of not being able to raise it.
    The rear latch outer handle just broke and was replaced at the dealer (out of warranty). I was aware of the latch handle being plastic and weak, however it was my grasp of the handle without unlocking the rear hatch that snapped it off. Otherwise no mechanical issues.
    Agreed on the slight bump or movement after stopping. With the microchip controling so much of todays vehicle's operation, it does not surprise me that there are occasional changes in idle, shift points etc. at unexpected times.
    As you know to minimize warping of the brake rotor's, it is a good idea to allow the vehicle to move forward slightly after stopping to not hot spot the rotor's. Typically not a big deal around town but in hot weather with agressive braking (mountains) and then stopping at a light with the brakes held firmly in one spot, warping can occur. The first thing to check if pulsating of brakes (warping) is felt is to have the lug nuts appropriately torqued in the correct rotation to determine if that is an issue, before the rotor's are turned, (shaved).
    Enjoy and travel safely.
  • I have a 2001 Sequoia that seems to have a gremlin in the electrical system. I'm looking for advice from others who may have experienced similar problems. Here's the list.

    1. Bright indicator does not work-- been happening for about 3 years.
    2. Gas empty indicator will mysteriously go on-- even when the tank is full. Seems to be a random occurence. Been happening since 2002.
    3. Dome lights some time come on when turning right-- last six months.
    4. Recently, the door ajar light comes on randomly and the dome lights come on simultaneously.

    In the last couple of weeks, these weird events have been draining the battery and we have to jump start it. Been to the dealer twice and the car is there again. First they said bad connections that were cleaned, second they said bad battery, now they seem to be at a loss. Anybody have a clue?
  • Our 2003 SR5 2wd has a horrible front end alignment issue. Also, rear window motor has failed (I going to try the hammer trick). I dont know if anyone else has this issue, but the drive light has burnt out (the D for drive on the instrument cluster).

    Lets not forget the Traction Control problem!
  • your fuel indicator problem cause is called a fuel level sensor. then for the other problems I would have the computer module checked. Those are guaranteed 8 years 80,000 miles.(I just called the Toyota Corporation) if that is the issue Toyota will replace the part... the fuel level sensor will probably run you close in the 400-500.oo range. They have to take out the gas tank to fix it
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