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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You should also have a look at Extended Warranties.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I just called the parts desk at my dealer to ask about a remote. He quoted me $264.00 for the stinking thing!!!!

    I nearly blew a gasket.

    Back to square one....Maybe BestBuy can help me out with aftermarket remote?

    Anybody tried that?
  • It's starting to sound to me like an extended warranty isn't a bad idea after all.

    I guess from your experience it would be a good idea for me to get one considering it covers me for another 4 years or 50K miles. That will get me well over 110K miles.

    $1400 for the Gold protection warranty on my 2004 60K Mile Sequoia Limited.
  • I just recently purchased an 02' Limited with a moon roof and yesterday noticed water dripping from the edge of the drivers side headliner against the front window. I am not sure if it is leaking from the roof and running down or if somehow it is coming around the front window seal. The front window says Toyota on it so I am assuming if it was replaced it was by Toyota. Any ideas where this water could be coming from. Also I would like to pull out the radio and was wondering if anyone could help by telling if the plastic front is held in by pins (if so where are they located) or screws. Thanks alot. Todd
  • Water might leak from the rubber gasket of the roof rack between the top and the base of the rack.

    For the center console, there are 2 screws inside the vent hole. If you push this vent windows face up, you will see 2 screws (one in each hole) after you take this screws out, this center console can pull out easily
  • rhaydelrhaydel Posts: 1
    The back door will not open. The handle is not stuck but seems to not be connected to anything. How do I get inside to look at it? Thanks
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    You need to pop the inside panel off. Prying with something larger and flatter than a screwdriver, and you can see the rear door mechanism.

    You don't say if the handle will move. If it moves and does not open, chances are the cheap little plastic connector to the handle is brokern. If it does not move (probably break if you exert some pressure), you may be able to shoot some silicone lublicant into the pivot points on the handle.

    In my case the connections to the rear latch were broken. I needed to find and pull the cable release after removing the panel inside the rear door.

    Good luck .......... !
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    I have an 01 Limited from 12/00 with 160,000 mostly trouble free miles - have had the Diff replaced and seals twice, and had leaking intake manifold replaced just 300 mi under expiration of 100k add-on warranty. Yes - Radio needed help early on, Highlander's is better in my estimate. I get 60-90k miles on brakes if I use Toyota brand - mostly highway. I use Mobil-1 and change every 12k miles and filter at 4-5k. To someone asking if an add-on warranty is worth it - yes yes yes - everything on this car is expensive, and at $95 / hr shop rate - thats only 15 hrs of labor over the next 3-4 yrs. If you have another brand SUV you know thats a no-brainer.
    My question - my wife's Highlander has superior headlights to the Sequoia - does anyone know if they are interchangable, or, what is a comparable make/model? As I mature I find my night vision needs more help yet the Highlander still lights up my MA. country nights real well. I also know there is a way to 'polish' the cloudy headlamp covers to get the clarity back - this is on many web sites and works for any vehicle. But I am looking primarily for more candlepower, tks
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    With only 80K on my 2002 I feel like a "piker" and am encouraged by your 160K. I change Castrol Syntec 5w40 each 6,000 miles and thought I may have been stretching it a bit, although some of the latest German vehicles are recommending as far out as 15K.

    Regarding headlights, you might check PIA, perhaps through the Anything Auto website. Some of the latest mega lumins replacements are there.

    A question for you, what radio modifications worked well??
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    What is the best way to pop off the panel above the mirror that houses the interior lights and garage door and mode buttons without breaking the plastic?
  • tiptontipton Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Sequoia SR5. It's only got 16k miles, driven "gently" in city traffic, mostly for local errands, taking kids to school etc.

    Two different repair centers said I need new tires, shocks & struts. The cost to replace the shocks and struts about $800, and another $800 for tires! They also said I need a front end alignment and tire rotation at LEAST twice a year just to keep the tires from wearing incorrectly.

    I'm told that the stock parts were crap to begin with, but if I pay for better quality..they will last longer, hmmmm.
    Is this typical of Sequoia's?

    Do you think my husband (with basic automotive skills) can replace the shock absorbers himself? The maintenance on this SUV is killin' us! :cry:
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    Have you tried banging your hand on the top of the dash - this fixed my 'D' light when it was flakey for 2 weeks - hasnt gone bad since. Really. Good luck.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    Have you seen the Chiltons Sequoia Manual? $30 or so.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    No real Radio mods - just forcing them to test that tiny speakers were blown - pretty intuitive but tough when the problem is itermittent. They finally saw the light when I put on guaranteed stereo signal from a cassette. Yeah - i can research light mfgrs for better and better bulb 'promises' but the ones I KNOW work as promised are in the Highlander. I guess I;ll just have to pull one out and try it - I assume no incompatibilities - they're just 12v.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    Not in my opinion, parts are good. I suspect repair shops read these posts too and fuel the FUD. I have had 1 alignment in 6 yrs, am on 3rd set of tires - Dunlop OEMs were junk for 54 and 60 miles so went to heavenly Michelin Cross terrain and now its sister tire - same proce better mud and snow - i do go off road,lightly and into sand here in New England - pull a 4000 boat/trailer. Have never never replaced my shocks (at 160k) - and they also get dunked in the ocean launching the rig. Find a guy who owns a garage/shop, and ask his opinion. Best of luck,
  • 72heaven72heaven Posts: 17
    My 2002 has 57K. I've had to replace the AC, that was very expensive, and currently the rear latch is broke. Overall our Sequoia has proven to be an excellent vehicle. Wife loves it (that's what counts). Is your 02 4x4? If so how often do you engage it? We have never used the 4x4 option.
    Is that bad?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Right ...... the radio tends to be very "boomy". What's the deal with "guaranteed stereo signal from a cassette.??
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 02 Lmtd is 2WD. 80,000 miles to date. In Arizona I don/t need 4WD. No need unless in snow or slippery conditions. Mileage is a bit better w/2WD and long term maintainence (usually after warranty) is lower. The broken rear latch is pretty common. Plastic part.
  • wilnerwilner Posts: 30
    not yet but i'll try tapping my dashboard, thanks for your reply.
  • slaquer5slaquer5 Posts: 1
    Where did you take your truck to get the latch fixed and how much was it. I need to get mine fixed
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