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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 02 Lmtd w/ 150K. The Michelins have 95K and will may 100K+ with even wear all around. It is a 2WD which may be the difference. Is yours a 4wd ? Had it aligned once at 50K.
  • yatyat Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    We have an '01 with near 95,000 miles. The only real problems until now have been the rear latch mechanism and brakes. Wow, but this vehicle is hard on brakes. I am glad that I don't tow with it anymore. We haven't experienced any of the unpredictable VSC engagement problems that have been described elsewhere but it is not longer functioning. The VSC is now in permanent "off" mode. Considering the age of the vehicle and the limited number of serious formal complaints, I suspect that Toyota won't be covering this as a part of a recall. I haven't had any luck finding a mechanic to diagnose the problem. Apparently this particular model didn't allow for a remote plug-in. It looks like the dealer is going to be the only option and I am underwhelmed by the Anchorage Toyota dealer. I suspect that I'll end up shelling out a pretty tidy sum to get this fixed.

    Have any of you had any luck getting this repaired by non-toyota franchise mechanics? Is this the whole enchilada or nothing sort of repair or are there various components that can be diagnosed and replaced piecemeal?
  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    Could you expand more on the problems you have had with this vehicle? I am considering purchasing a 2010 new Sequoia Platinum...$56K plus tax and would like to know your experiences. I currently have a 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali which has been very reliable but I was thinking of a change.( its my 3rd one and GM has not changed the car and I don't like the new colors), I might even consider purchasing my GMC when it comes off lease ( never did that before) rather than spend $60K on a color I don't like. Thanks
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I have 150K on my 02 2WD Lmtd on the second set of front rotors and 3rd set of pads,1st set on the rears.

    I would like to a permanently disengage the VSC. How can I accomplish ?? It gets in the way (by cutting the engine power when needed) in soft sand, mud, snow, slush etc. A REAL nuisance.!!

    Thx ..... Chs
  • kineokineo Posts: 7
    My "01 (Prod. date 5/01) with 197K miles has no problems. With the obvious exception of the rear latch and brakes. Replacing the pads 30-35K has just become the norm. My mechanic after constulting a Toyota mechanic, says the brakes are just too small for the weight of the vechile. This past weekend I replace the latch myself. Follow the direction found here and it took me about 2.5 hours. I found a Metal latch online (A1Auto) for $50 hopefully this latch will hold up for more than a year. I would not trade this truck (Oh and yes u IT IS A TRUCK not a highlander) for any other vechile. Don't even ask about my Ford experencies. :sick:
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Kineo .... you make reference to "following the directions found here"....... is there an attachment of website for the directions? My 02 has 150K trouble free miles (accept for the rear latch).

    Thx ....... harbo
  • kineokineo Posts: 7
    Harbo, Sorry, by following directions here I meant on the forum under rear hatch problems. Message #30, With one exception you do not have to get behind the window gears. Mine has round black rubber "gaskets" which you can pop off and with the use an extention on your 10mm socket get right in for the last two bolts, holding the handle in place.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    I just did my lower hatch mechanism - all rusted out for 3rd time on my '01with 218k miles. The part was a sealed/welded unit so replacement was $129 including a new acutator cable which was not needed, my cable was perfect - the job took 2-3 hrs. Bolted right in and worked w/o any special alignment issues. Take a moment to examine the components and condition of the automatic rear window - its expensive to have replaced and useful as hell when its working.
  • mewellmewell Posts: 1
    I recently bought new tires for my sequoia and had them aligned. Since that time, every time I start the car the clock is reset to 1:00 and my I have to turn on my airconditioning system which is reset to 75. What is going on? The manual says that if the clock is reset to 1:00 then it has been disconnected from the battery. it doesn't say how to remedy the situation. I have no idea whether the tire change is the cause of this issue or whether it is just coincidental. Is there a reset button or should I disconnect the battery and reconnect it ?
  • Our sequoia is a 2008 and needs new tires. Does anyone have a view on what name is best. We live in the country and have 4 wheel drive ( although I have a tough time engaging it!) That is another whole issue! Any advice would be very greatful. thanks Lynne
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I have 100,000 miles on my Michelin LTX tires with a treadwear factor of 500. (265 70 R16 M/S) The new Michelin LTX 2 has a treadwear rating of 720. Who know's how many miles this new tire will run ..... ? Your 2008 likely has 17 inch. My Sequoia is a 2002 2wd rarely off road and driven mostly in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. 150,000 trouble free miles. Much success to you.
  • Thank you for your quick response harbo we were thinking either Michelin or Firestone. Yes they are 17 inch with 4WD. Getting through snow and LOTS of highway driving are our issues in New England. I'll keep you posted.
  • My 2006 also has 4 weel drive issues, 3000 repair job. Be sure to engage it often, they said that would of helped, which I thought I did. Anyway on to the tires, after driving hundreds of miles in the Colorado/Utah winter snow taking boys to hockey games, I would recommend BFGoodriches. They have never let me down!
  • Our 2008 Sequoia has a few issues... if you put a CD in the player you can't close the system. It gets stuck in neither an open or closed position, just ajared . The gps in my phone works better than the nav. system and I am still wondering about tires...Has anyone ever used General Grabber tires? or Goodrich Longtrail Tourers or Michelin LTX M/s2 ?? we have narrowed it down to these 3 but the prices are really different . I do want a good tire but if I am just paying for a name I can live with a no-name.
    Is there a way to use the Nav. system while driving?? Instead of pulling off the road? Thanks so much for any help.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I have 100,000 on Michelin LTX MS, the older model with a treadwear factor of 500. The new LTX2 has a treadwear factor of 720. Who knows how far that one will run. So I feel the cost per mile is excellent. The original Bridgestones were done at 50,000, noisy and did not handle well. 2002 Limited 2wd.
  • I am working on my fog lights and dont see them listed inside the relay box. I know which fuse it is but need to locate the relay - and Chiltons Manual doesnt show it. Can anyone help?
    Also - my power antenna died and Im going to replace it with a fixed mast. That too doesnt not even show up in a repair manual - does anyone know where the access port is for the power antenna - I cannot locate anything in wheel well or door. Glove box maybe? I've had this 2001 Toyota for 220k miles just under 10 years and no regrets. Has saved me bundles vs other big SUVs friends have.
    Tks all,
  • Hopefully you have found detailed instructions both here on Edmunds under Sequoia hatch repair and you can find another video on u-tube that shows exactly how to replace
  • I had my master key stolen so I wanted to add an additional master key to my car. I have tried the following procedures many times but could not get the additional key to program:

    1) Close all doors
    2) Insert your MASTER key (BLACK) into the key cylinder
    3) Turn the ignition switch from LOCK to ON 5 times within 15 seconds (key end at ON)
    4) OPEN then CLOSE the driver's door 6 times within 20 seconds
    5) Remove the MASTER key from the ignition switch, insert the blank key in the key cylinder then turn to ON position
    6) While the blank key in the ON position, wait 60 seconds or more to allow the blank key register the key code
    7) after 60 seconds, remove the key. Open then Close the driver's door to end the process.

    Has anyone successfully programmed an additional key/transponder for Sequoia 06?
  • sq05sq05 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Sequoya LTD. The rear window wiper/washer stopped working after my battery died and I had to replace the battery. What could be the reason for this?
  • We have a 2003 toyota sequoia, that we LOVE! A couple of months ago the shifter cable broke. We just got the replacement part, but my dh is having a time getting the old one off. Any tips?
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