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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Good deal! How your friend got the deal for his sequoia? Thru internet or one only in the newspaper? I want to get one with the white color.
  • Hello,
    Received the following quote, and wish for some feedback. Notice that the Dealer is offerning me the options at "invoice". Is this a good deal?

    ExMile Opt Pkg D $1,345
    Cargo Net $34
    Window Tint $75
    Vehicle Shield Package $99
    Custom Tape Stripe $59
    Sun Roof Wind Deflector $55
    Alloy Wheel Package #2 $1,468
    Convenience Package $204
    Roof Rack with Rails $176
    JBL Am/Fm/Cass/ 6 CD $536
    Dr and Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side Airbags, First and Second Row Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor
    Front Fog and Drv Lmp $88
    Sun Roof $800
    Daytime Running Lights $32
    Stainless Steel Exhaust $42
    Leather Interior Upgrade Including Leather Seats, Door Trim, Liquicell Comfort Technology, Power Lumbar Support.
    Molded Dash Applique $225

    TOTAL OPTIONS $7,372

    Freight $595
    MAF $446
    TDA $275
    Base Vehicle H.B $649
    Pio HB $426
    Finance Reserve $324

    TOTAL MISC COST $2,715

    Base Vehcile Price $27,924

    Total Price $38,011

    OTD price $40,786

    Please let me know if you think this is a good deal
    Thanks for any insite...
  • Seems to be a good price. The cheapest deal I've found so far is in (i live in Metro DC area). This dealership is selling their '05 for an average of $200 above invoice.
    What is OTD? Did you already buy this vehicle? And at what price? Thanks.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    OTD = Out-the-door price.

    I bought a 4runner from Fitz in 2000. They had the best prices around then. I check back periodically and they are still well below anyone else. Carmax is not even in the ballpark of being reasonable on Sequoias. I don't know if you've checked Koon's in Tysons Corner (I think). Since they claim to be a volume dealer, you may be able to haggle them down below Fitzgerald's prices.
  • I have not purchased this vehicle YET.
    When you say you priced a 05 @ 200 above invoice, does that also include:
    Based Veh HB
    PIO HB
    Fianance Reserve?

    I keep hearing/reading I should go for OTD price, but i don't know if i am getting the best deal without knowing if i should be paying the above stuff.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Freight is definitely included but I'm not sure about the rest. Best thing is to go to These other stuff are probably written somewhere. I believe they also have an toll free number to call.
  • Aggiedog, thanks for the info on Koon's. I will check them out.
  • Just bought a 2004 SR5 4X4 with all the usual options (convenience, daytime running, sunroof, alloy #2 pckg, roof rack, side airbags, fog lamps,a nd floor mats) plus leather preferred package. We got it at $36,718 (MSRP $41,718)out the door. Is this over or under invoice? Anyone know? According to it's $88 over invoice which seems like an okay deal for an over 40K SUV.
  • when you said, Out the Door (OTD), does this mean Taxes included? Thanks.

    Also does anyone know what (1) Black Pearls emblem and (2) Owner's portfolio means??
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    1) Black Pearl Emblems are just that: Black. Or charcoal gray. You know the emblems and badges on most cars are silver or gold. On a dark color car, you almost can't see them.

    2) I'm not positive about the owners portfolio, but a good guess would be just the owners manual wrapped in some fancy (leather?) binder.
  • No, the price was $36,718 without tax and without the $1,000 rebate. The price was $38,249 including all taxes.
  • smokesmoke Posts: 4
    You should be able to get the sequoia for about 5k off list price they are not in demand like they used to be.I bought 04 limited in 12/04 and got 5k plus off list price couple hundred over invoice.The Dealer was Coughlin automotive Newark Ohio
  • Was quoted by a local dealer here:

    2005 Limited 2WD
    $42,377.00 which includes Document fee,Sales tax, License fee and Destination charge. Is this a good price?
  • Since taxes and license fees vary widely from state to state, city to city, it's impossible for anyone to evaluate your deal unless you post the price before taxes & license fees. Thanks!

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  • Does anyone know how extensive the exterior redesign will be on the Sequoia? I have narrowed it down, but am concerned about buying one now with a redesign coming so soon.
  • Hi txerickson - this discussion is about pricing & purchasing experiences only. If you want to talk about vehicle features and potential redesign, please visit our regular Toyota Sequoia discussion, or start a new topic about the redesign on the Future Vehicles board.

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  • Got a $33,225 quote for a Sequoia SR5 05 with the following options. Is that decent? Also, has anyone tried Costco pricing and whether or not it helps save any money off invoice? Thanks.

    EJ - Radio/CD
    KE - Keyless entry
    GY - Curtain airbags
    DR - Roof rack
    AG - Alloy wheel package #2
    CQ - Convenience package
    CF - Floor Mats
  • hawaii1hawaii1 Posts: 25
    We are in the process of buying another car and I will be the one driving it for the most part. We came out of a Honda Odyessy, went to a GMC Yukon (not good for my back and an american car,do I need to say more?) I have back problems and need something comfortable with running kids around all over. Any advice on what people think of this vehicle for comfort would be appreciated.
  • mark1mark1 Posts: 5
    Dealers here in NY were quoting $500-700 over invoice inclusive of all fees and would not, repeat, would not break off of their price. Even after explaining how aggressive Nissan was being on the Armada, each and every one said, in sum and substance "Good for you, go ahead and buy the Nissan."
    I went with the '05, at an increased cost of about $5K, because of the changes to the powertrain, 4WD system and the second row console that came with the LX package.
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