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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am getting an OTD price of $37,179 for an 2005 SR5 RWD Sequoia over here in jax, florida with the following options

    - Leather Package

    - Alloy package 2

    - Convenience package

    - Key less entry

    - 6 cd changer

    - wood interior

    - carpet mats,cargo/trunk

    - fog and driving lights

    - daytime running lights

    - windows tinted

    - Roof rack


    Is that a good buy? I am just curios as to whether to make this a deal before the year end as we are getting a good financing package from toyota for dec 2004. I am afraid if i will loose that special.

    Is it better to buy this year or wait for another couple of months more.
  • No sunroof? If that includes TTL, that's pretty good. I'm getting quotes for $36500 for the same type truck, but with sun roof, night vision mirror, side turn signals, convience package, tow package, spoiler, and heated seats.. Please tell me what kind of financing package Toyota is offering you..
  • I have not yet asked for the financing from them yet. But hopefully i should be able to get that special financing rates offered by toyota.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I have a '01 and am ready to sell it to my brother-in-law and get a new one. I love the blue limited and want



    navigation system

    luxury package (memory seats)

    side air bags

    EJ 3 in 1 premium Combo w/6 cd changer

    rear spoiler


    edmunds shows a MSRP of 46,120

    invoice of 40,847

    and TMV of 42,964


    Since this is the last year of the body style are these going for invoice or below price??


    What should I expect here in Sacramento.....
  • Sorry for the delayed response... The invoice I used was from Edmunds. Edmund's version of the invoice matched Cars Direct invoice price which also matched one dealer's invoice that I saw. However, the dealer's invoice charged $535 for TDA.
  • kc1711kc1711 Posts: 3
    For financing, I found Capital One Auto Finance to have the best rates. With a good credit rating, I received a 72 month rate of 5.39%, which even beat my local credit union that usually has some of the lowest rates. They'll even overnight a check to you and you have thirty days to use it. It was a very hassle-free process for me and highly recommend that you check out their rates.
  • Just purchased an 05, SR5, with leather, Silver Sky exterior.. Truck had Option Package D, plus the Molded Dash Applique, Vehichle Shield Package, and Sun Roof Visor, for $36,995.. (MSRP of $42,821) Add TTL for an OTD of $39,576.. Toyota of Richardson, in Dallas Texas.. No haggle, just gave me the lowest price in Dallas/Ft. Woth Area.. $5,826 off of MSRP was the best deal I have seen in the area and on this Board.. We test drove Suburban Z71, Nissan Armada, and Ford Expedition... Wife loved Armada the most, but after 3 months research, found too many problems in it's first year of production. Toyota gave us 5.39% @ 72 months, with excellent credit. Got a quote for 5% @ 72 months from Synergy Bank, in Waco, TX. Didn't want to wait for the check since needed to get purchase in for 04 tax year.
  • Forgot to add, the SR5 above also had Keyless Entry, Sunroof, and the Alloy Wheel Package #2..
  • Nice deal --- that beats my $5364 off a new Limited last week.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    Wow I want to buy a new one to replace my '01 but am having real trouble here in sacramento. I want a limited with navagitioin and the LX package 2wd. There are NONE. The dealers hear have only gotten in one or two with the LX package since they came out, and they were equiped with every option, That put the price in the upper 40s.


    Are other areas of the country having this much trouble....
  • Although they aren't plentiful, you should be able to find an '05 with NAVI & LX within a 150 mile radius. And yes, most of those seem to be fully equipped - with rear DVD, etc. I also believe Toyota is offering a $1000 rebate until the end of January.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    had an offer of 47,000 out the door for a '05 limited with everything possible on it. seems like I am paying about 1400 over invoice, not taking into account any rebate which no one seems to know anything about??


    What do you think???
  • husky92husky92 Posts: 56
    You need to find out EXACTLY how much you are paying over invoice. $47,000 is too much money to spend and not be totally sure. If you are paying $1400 over invoice, you could probably do better. I don't know what area you are from, but I believe $1,000 over invoice is about the highest people pay on this board and that does not count incentives. Use the Edmunds site to find out the invoice price by looking up each of the codes on the sticker.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    Tried that and the dealer said edmunds was wrong on their invoice price by about $1,000. i noticed the same thing when I looked at another seq and the MSRP was $1,000 higher than edmunds.


    The dealer told me I was paying 400 over invoice on the 47K deal.


    I will ask them to show me the invoice. The said there is no incentives, no $750 rebate. Two dealers have told me that!!
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Can't name them here, but why don't you try some other websites and see if what thee dealer is telling you is true.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You can name dealership, city and state - just not the names of individual salespeople.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    Finally got to look at a LX package and was not overly impressed for the money. It was equiped with a dvd player so the storage bin was smaller (we liked the storage). Plus the second row of seats did not have armrests on them, just making them individual seats not captains chairs in my opinion. Plus the vehicle they showed us at 7pm had a bad battery and would not start so we could not see how the memory seats worked. All in all I will wait and see what next year holds. I still love the seq I have even with 81K miles I have had no repairs other than scheduled maintaince.
  • Hello all! New to this board, what a great resource!


    I am looking at getting an 05 SR5 4WD. Would like to add:

    PM-Preferred Pkg. 1

    CQ-Convenience Pkg.

    KE-Keyless Entry

    SR-Sunroof (needs DJ)

    LF-Fog Lights

    DR-Roof Rack

    PG-Additional Rear Privacy Glass

    TO-Tow Pkg.

    QA-Load Leveling Rear Suspension


    Went to the local dealership today and ws told that I *cannot order* a vehicle! I know better since I have discovered this great forum!


    Also was told that SR5 is not available with factory leather or sunroof. Are these dealer or PIO options? Or is this salesman fulla bulla? I see these options on the factory brochure.


    Any one out there have any insight to the special order route? How long does it take? Can I still get a great deal-or is taking one from existing inventory a better option for dealing?


    I am in So Cal and am seeing that Simi Toyota is the place to go.


    Any replies or advice appreciated!
  • Not sure on how far from you but Carson Toyota has a great internet sales team from reading many posts here and other boards. "special order" will probably take 12-15 weeks (yup 3-4 months!) I ordered mine from a dealer in North Carolina after getting the same BS from the NY area dealers as well as New England and mid Atlantic area. I got the some regions have only certain options available. So I hunted and found a region that could get what I wanted. MANY dealers do not want to special order because after 10 weeks of waiting some customers change their mind and then the dealer is "stuck" with a potentially hard to sell package for that area. I got what you want but no sunroof or leather. The hard part for all the dealers here was the QA load leveling. Search some of my posts for how it works (I like it) but it is NOT a compressor based system that pumps up to level. It is an internal shock design that works off pressure differences and hydraulically levels as you hit a couple bumps. Don't expect it to come back to level while your sitting still and put a load (boat or trailer) on to it (because you'll be disappointed). Positive side for me with the system is that I have seen MANY Expeditions etc. where the compressor or sensors fail and your SOL anyway as the whole rear end drops and stays there. I believe I read that the '05 sport package has one of the compressor based leveling packages available. Make your e-mail public for a day or two and I'll send you a couple good links.


    My price, special ordering, including air fare to fly down to get it, was about $800 over invoice. This was the BEST price I found anywhere at the time and was $600 cheaper than NY dealers offered even with the warehouse club discount prices. Since I love road trips anyway and used to live in that area I visited friends and took a nice leisurely break in everything as I want (before the wife got to it) ride back to NY.
  • Thanks, sequoiasoon


    Sounds like you *can* special order. 3~4 months-too long for me plus I need to get the best deal (limited budget) for the OTD price.


    Thanks for the heads-up on the leveling system. Sounds great! Do many SR5s on a typical lot have this option? I guess this option is not a deal breaker for me.


    Sounds like you got a great deal...and a road trip! Did you get an 04 or 05?


    I am within 50 miles of Carson Toyota. I will definitely try your internet sales advice.


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