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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • krajkraj Posts: 3
    I am being quoted $37,000 for 2005 Sequoia SR5 4x4 with the following options

    AG : Alloy Package # 2 ( Includes Privacy Glass )
    DJ : JBL -> 10 speaker
    GY : Curtain and Side Airbags
    CQ : Convenience Package ( Compass, outside temp, garage )
    KE : Keyless Entry
    DR : Roofrack
    RL : Running day lights
    E5 : Exhaust Tip By Valor

    Is this a good price ? What would be appropriate for this ?
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    Contact several dealers via email or fax and see what their offers are. Usually they'll bid for your business. Thats how I got my 05 Sequoia SR5 4x4 for $5,000 off MSRP, and $1,015 below invoice. Good luck.
  • lk888lk888 Posts: 3
    does any one know if I can purchase a new SR5 with Navigation system? It seems only the Limit come with the Nav option but I think the Limit is way too expensive. I'm in Connecticut and about 1 hour from New York City. I'm looking for the following options: 4x4, 3rd row seat, side airbag, roof rack, tow hitch, moon roof and the nav system. Thank you.
  • You can, but no one appears to stock them at all. Atleast not in NY (Long Island).
    I just picked up my SR5 yesterday and I really wanted NAV and DVD like I had in my Lexus. Not one dealer I went to could even get it for me.
    I'm putting it all in aftermarket. Gonna get a nice Alpine setup. I have a local installer that has done tons of work for me that gives me good deals and does good work. It'll cost me about $4k, but it should end up being nicer than the factory stuff.
    I think the NAV alone is about $2000. Two dealers actually told me to do it myself and one told me they would do it for me but with aftermarket products.
  • I got a 2006 4x2 LTD with the following options

    D0 (Extra mile Option Package D)
    EX - 10.4 DVD
    P4 - Vehicle Shield package

    for 41,800.
    No one in Dallas FortWorth area could beat this price or come close to this.
    Let me know if someone needs info on Dealership.
  • Ok, I guess I won't be able to get the SR5 4x4 with Nav. Could someone please provide me a good dealer/deal in NY, CT, NJ area for a 2005 SR5 4x4 with 3rd row seat, moonroof, running board, towing package and etc. etc.? Krusty46, may I know your purchase price and dealer? May I also have your installer contact info, I may do the same thing as you to install an aftermarket Nav after purchasing.

    Thanks a lot.

    Also, does anyone know if dealer is willing to give more discount for a truck like Sequoia with the current oil price?
  • I am looking for a similar 2006 Seq with Nav in Austin/Houston/Dallas area. Please send me the dealer info if it is allowed in this board.
  • Sure... dealer names and city/state are allowed...

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


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  • I got mine from Toyota of FortWorth. They had given by far the best deal in DFW area.
  • Hi. It sounds like you got a great deal, but your reference to salespeople being able to eat couldn't be more incorrect. A typical selsperson at a dealership doesn't ever get paid off of holdabck. That is designed to cover expenses, such as lights, lot damage, etc. Salespeople in all my years, I would say about 90% of the time get paid at between 25-40% commission on any amount you pay over invoice. If that amount is less than $100, then the dealer pays them waht is called a "mini". Which is $100 pay for selling you a $50,000 vehicle.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This is typical for most Toyota stores. I'll confirm that. At chevy and possibly frod it is different but the volume is a lot lower too.

    Examples: ALL Corolla's, Matrixes, Scions, base Camry's and ANY sale vehicle earn the sales person $100 ...maybe $150 Max but no more. If a typical sales person spends the normal 23 working days a month including ( every Saturday for the rest of their lives ) and finishes with 13 new car mini payments then he/she earns ... $1500 that month or about $18000 per year... or about $7.00/hr... most leave after 4-5 months.

    As my colleague posted above it doesnt matter whether a salesperson sells a $14000 Corolla or a $41000 Sequoia if its a mini deal then the sales person gets $100.
  • We live in Seattle, WA and we purchased our 2006 4x4 Limited for $45300 (excl tax and license)

    Here's what we got:
    - 4x4 Limited
    - Timberland Mica (Green) with Taupe (Beige) leather seats
    - 50 State Emissions
    - DVD Rear Entertainment System with 2 Wireless Headphones
    - Rear Audio Controls & 115 Volt Power Outlet
    - JBL AM/FM/Cassette/6 CD Changer with 10 Speakers
    - Driver & Front Passenger Seat Mounted Side Airbags
    - First & Second Row Side Curtain Airbags
    - Rear Air Suspension
    - Rear Spoiler
    - Daytime Running Lights
    - Preferred Accessory Package
    - Exhaust Tip by Valor
    - 7 Pin to 4 Pin Adaptor
    - Extreme Cargo Mat
  • I filled out the internet bidding form at pricegrabber and received a quote for a toyota sr5 sequoia from Manhattan Toyota dealership. When I called the dealer the next day , they told me that the salseperson was no longer there and to come in to negoitate the price. They claimed not having any knowledge of any quotes they had given out on the internet the day before. Typical bait and switch, low quote to get you in the dealership. I was surprised.
  • I am looking at buying a 2005 or 2006 Sequoia. In general how much better should I do on a comparable 2005 vs. the 2006? My early impression is that better than invoice pricing is well within reach on the 2005.

    Has anyone used a Costco membership to buy a Sequoia?
  • Just picked up a 2006 SR5 4x2 with FE, CQ, DR, EJ, AG, GY, KE, LF, SR, & CF. MSRP 38,529. Got it for 34,000 - 1,500 rebate. Net price 32,500+TTL. Bought this at Tustin Toyota. Great people and service. Highly recommended.
  • lk888lk888 Posts: 3
    A fully loaded truck with the following options:
    Touch screen Nav System
    Convenience Package
    Roor Rack
    Alloy Wheel Package #1
    Dr&F Pass Seat Mounted Side Airbags
    Kelyless Entry
    Front Fog Lights
    Prefered Package (Leather)
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    Ticker price $45,474, I paid $39,292(excl tax and register).

    Dealer is Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ.

    Actually I got the same quote from North Toyota but they need 6~12 weeks to special order the vehicle for me. I went via and Presitige Totyota offered me a 2006 Limit for $43,000 (not bad at all), I decided not to pay 4000 extra for DVD. I emailed them about the SR5 with Nav and they told me they had the exact same vehicle (with my prefer color: Grey) available within days. They even delivered the vehicle to my office (40 miles from them). I also got the $100 coupon from pricegrabber by purchasing the vehicle through them within 14 days. So far, everything is cool, I love the vehicle.
  • Just finished purchasing a New 2005 Sequoia SR5 4x4 with roofrack, foglights, floormats/sill protector, keyless entry for $ 30782. Only after agreeing to this price deal, did I ask the dealer for a financing offer, which they were able provide exactly to my specified terms for 5.99% with no early payoff fees. Recommend West Herr Toyota of Buffalo, NY.
  • I chatted with the dealership finance guy, and I asked him for a ballpark estimate on a payment for a $41k vehicle with no money down, superb credit with current Lexus vehicle status (encore tiers)...he said my payment would be around $550-560 a month.

    I can't figure how this can happen. He said I would have to pay the first months payment, but he didn't mention a security deposit or any other fees. Did he 'forget' to mention these things, or can I negotiate my way out of the fees? How do they figure the leases?

    I want to get a 2005/2006 Sequoia SR5 with leather, moonroof, air bags, tow, rear audio, and DVD.

  • Most fees can be rolled into the lease payment..

    Your dealer can probably give you a ballpark figure off-the-cuff, because he sees quite a few of them every day.. Most 3yr/45K leases range from 1.1%-1.5% of MSRP, with only 1st payment and security deposit upfront..

    Of course, the 1.1% of MSRP payments are the ones you want...

    What is negotiable?

    1) The purchase price

    2) The money factor... this is the equivalent to the interest rate.. The bank sets the base rate, but the dealer can mark it up for extra profit, just like they would a loan rate.. always insist on the base money factor.

    3) The acquisition fee... this is a bank fee.. sort of like closing costs.. again... there is a base fee, that the dealer can mark-up.. insist on the base fee..

    4) Residual percentage.. This is set by the bank.. it varies by model and lease term/mileage.. This is not negotiable and the dealer can't change it.

    Your dealer's estimate of $550-$560 monthly for a $41K vehicle certainly sounds like a good ballpark figure.. but, it would be dependent on the vehicle and lease program..

    If you have specific questions about a Toyota Sequoia lease, then please post those questions here: Toyota Sequoia: Lease Questions

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  • I am in the market for a 2006 Sequoia SR5 with the options listed below. What is a good price for this vehicle? Does anyone have any experience with the Costco program, especially with regard to buying a Sequoia? Does anyone have any comments about the Dealers in the area, especially Ourisman and Miller?

    Has anyone heard anything about the 2007 Sequioa? When will it be out and what changes will be made? I don't want to buy one, but was wondering if it would significantly affect the prices of the 2006 models?

    Thanks in advance.


    Option Combination #D
    - Alloy Wheel Package #2(AG)
    - Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror(IV)
    - Convenience Package(CQ)
    - Driver & Front Passenger Side Airbags and Front &
    Second-Row Side Curtain Airbags [4](GY)
    - Integrated Fog Lamps/Driving Lamps(LF)
    - JBL 3-in-1 AM/FM/Cassette/6-Disc In-Dash CD
    Changer w/10 Speakers in 6 Locations(EJ)
    - Keyless Entry(KE)
    - Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof w/Sunshade(SR)
    - Preferred Package #2 includes: Leather-Trimmed
    Interior w/Power-Adjustable Heated Front Captain's
    Chairs w/Adjustable Headrests and Steering
    Wheel-Mounted Audio Controls(PT)
    - Rear Seat Audio(HY)
    - Roof Rack(DR)
    - Running Light System(RL
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