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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 382
    Part of the difference is they got a 4x2 and you got a 4x4.
  • This is our deal:

    Toyota Sequoia SR5 2008
    Color: Silver/Graphite
    Options: Auto Dimming rear-view mirror,Running Boards, Carpet Mat/Cargo Mat
    Power Plant: 5.7 Litre.... no 4.7's available.
    Retail: $ 36.855.00
    Your Effective cost with ownership of a Toyota Vehicle: $ 29,721.00. But we also need to ship to Hawaii. With tax + fees + shipping, how much do you think total price will be?
  • penaddict1penaddict1 Posts: 10
    This is my deal with 0% financing for 5 years

    4x2 Limited 2008
    Color: Silver with rear bench seat
    MSRP: 51015 Paid: $45550 + tax, license & doc fees
    Out the door cost: $49500
  • dionysusdionysus Posts: 5
    I dont have a clue what options the acronyms you've listed represent. Can you list them?
  • penaddict1penaddict1 Posts: 10
    CF Floor Mats
    CK Cold Weather pkg
    EY Rear Seat entertainment
    NV Navigation/BU Camera, etc.
    PB Power Rear Door
    RF Rear Spoiler
    RL Daytime Running lights
    SR Power Moonroof

    I think your sequoia has 1 more option than mine which is the 20" wheel (AL). Hope this helps.
  • dionysusdionysus Posts: 5
    Thank you! I dont believe that I have the cold weather package.
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    Any new incentives for June for the Sequoia in US or Canada?
  • fasc76fasc76 Posts: 5
    Houston Texas shows that the $2,000 cash off MSRP or 0% financing has been extended to 6/30/2008.

    They were running a owner loyalty discount of $2,000 the last 2 weeks of May (proof of ownership of another Toyota, no trade in necessary). I haven't seen that advertised, however I expect it to be revived as the end of the month approaches.

    I haggled with 3 dealerships over the weekend for a Silver SR5 with the following options:

    Carpet mats
    Power driver seat (graphite cloth)
    Running boards
    Roof Rack
    6 CD changer
    Daytime running lights
    Fog lamps.

    Only 2 dealerships had the vehicle in question (w/o running boards - dealer agreed to add at cost) - we wound up at $33,250 bid (Edmunds Invoice + TTL) asking also for financing rate against best offer of $34,400 walk out from one dealer. I walked on the deal - I see no reason to pay a penny over invoice for these vehicles at a time of $4 gas, in fact the salesman admitted that they had only sold 1 vehicle the previous week with all the discounts. The reason being that they were still playing games with a padded invoice figure. Will look again at the end of this month.

    My motto is "they have to SELL the vehicle".
  • tex16tex16 Posts: 1
    $34,400 is the invoice for that vehicle if purchased from a dealer in the Gulf States Toyota territory. Their destination charge is $80.00 more and they add $995.00 for processing and advertising. You will never get the Edmunds price to match a GST invoice price.

    I am in Houston and went to Memphis last month to buy a new Limited to avoid the
    GST mark up and the rebate was $4000 instead of the $2000 GST was offering. I ended up saving more than $4000 over the GST invoice price that I was offered.
  • dansgaragedansgarage Posts: 11
    I'm in southern California. I'd like to know what others have been paying for a new 08 4x4 Limited with these options: Nav/Rear Entertainmt/Pwr Rear Door/Cold Area Pkg/Rear Ht. Control Suspension/Rear Spoiler. I am in zip 92223 (if that matters any). I'd also like to know what kind of actual "mpg" owners are getting with their City/Hwy and straight-Hwy driving (Hwy trips of 100 miles or more). Thanks a lot !!! This is a VERY informative group!!! I've learned a lot since listening to many of you!!! Thanks!
  • dmaxwellhdmaxwellh Posts: 11
    I am in NY and just purchased an SR5 with leather, cold weather pkg., sunroof, JBL, running brds., and fog lights. The MSRP was 46500, I paid 41800 (200 over invoice) and financed at 0% for 60 mos.! Not bad at all. . . I like the vehicle very much so far.
  • dulfelderdulfelder Posts: 10
    Hi Dan. My wife has a loaded Limited 4x4 she loves. After almost 5,000 miles her combined mileage is 17.5. She probably drives 50-60% highway. She tries to not drive over 65 mph. We traded in an '06 Seq. for a good rate and got great price on an '08 (early April). They cut back on production numbers because of gas cost. My sense was Manchester, NH Ira (pleasant and professional) would take any reasonable offer. Dave
  • dulfelderdulfelder Posts: 10
    Hi. You should get neg. price plus 2k back from dealer. I'd neg. first then ask/tell them about getting 2k off that price. With no trade and cash, nice and simple on your end. I neg. on last day of March and found the dealer was very anxious to move a Seq. I've had good luck using the internet and multiple dealers. Don't worry about "reasonable" with $4+ 87 octane gas. All a dealer can say is no but I keep reading about large truck and SUV sales plummeting, which will continue, as long as gas prices rise. Best of luck
  • ccapccap Posts: 40
    Can you tell me the deal you received? What is a resaonable deal? Invoice or just over. I am not a toyota customer, but is there a way I can still receive the 2k cash??

    I just want the ammunition so when I go in, I will know where to be with the numbers
  • ryan0606ryan0606 Posts: 3
    I picked up my Sequoia Limited 4x4 on Saturday. MSRP was $55,296 less $7,800 off MSRP. The final price was $47,496 + $599 for Remote Start + $1,000 for a 7 year / 100K / $0 deductible Toyota Platinum Extra Care Warranty. I received 0% financing for 5 years. Vehicle registration, title and document fees were $316.70.

    I found that few dealers I spoke with were willing to make the above deal. Most said they could not go that low. The ones that would make this deal had the vehicle on their lot.

    Silver Sky
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Rear Spoiler
    20" Wheels
    Power Back Door
    Day Time Running Lights
    Cold Area Package
    Alloy Wheel Locks
    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat/Door Sill Protector
    Headlamp Cleaner
  • wrxcstiwrxcsti Posts: 21

    Congrats!!! The one you just bought is exactly the same I'm thinking about getting. Even the color is the same. Where are you located and which dealer is this? Thanks.
  • seqfanseqfan Posts: 2
    I bought a 2001 Limited Sequoia when they first came on the market in the Summer of 2000. I've had it ever since and its a great vehicle. My son turned 16 recently and "bought" my vehicle. I just finished a purchase of 2008 SR5 (I liked the Limited, but I wanted to choose my options). My SR5 is Pryrite, tan factory leather electronic/heated seat, towing package, navigation system with JBL, running boards, homelink, wood dash, roof rack, and some other extras. I looked for a vehicle similiar to this for one month. Expanded my search to include dealership in OKC. I made one call to dealership to give specs on the vehicle I wanted, an hour later I received fax of matching vehicle and sale price of $34,999. I made a second phone call to finalize deal. Easiest car transaction I've ever had. MSRP $45,300 (which includes dealer added homelink and wood dash). Paid $500 extra for dealer added options for off the lot price paid of $35,500, which I figured was a couple of hundred dollars over dealer invoice less the $4,000 rebate (about 22% off MSRP). Dealer gave me new Sequoia to drive for a 10 days while I waited on mine and both cars were filled with gas when I drove them off the lot. First fill-up 19.1 mpg on mostly in town driving, second fill-up 18.8 on all in town driving. Good Luck!
  • lou88lou88 Posts: 12
    Hi Seqfan,

    I plan to buy one with the similar options which you just got by end of this month....the price is really unbelievable....where did you buy it????? I am in NJ..
    Any information is appreciated.
  • jason973jason973 Posts: 7
    I am in NJ as well. I would love to find someone with a deal like this in NJ. I am looking for a 3 year/ 15,000 mile lease. Let me know if you have any luck...I am in Roseland, and would start looking over in West Caldwell.
  • ryan0606ryan0606 Posts: 3
    In response to your question, I bought my 2008 Sequoia Limited 4x4 at Lawrence Toyota in Lawrenceville, NJ (part of Trenton, NJ). I live in NY and drove 2 hours to pick it up as I wanted 20" wheels on my Limited. This was the nearest dealership with this in stock. They actually had 2 Silver Sky Limited's with 20" wheels in stock.
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