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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 20
    Dealer delivered the vehicle to our house yesterday. I negotiated everything over the phone:

    SR5 - 2WD
    Leather - Power Seats, with Power Fold down rear seats, Heated Driver & Passenger seats
    JBL/w Bluetooth and steering wheel controls
    Tow Prep Package
    Running Boards
    Moonroof/Roof Rack
    Front & Rear Sonar
    Homelink Mirror
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    MSRP: 43,615
    Final Price: $34,395 +TTL (21% off MSRP)

    The main reason I went for it: Almost a fully loaded SR5 (closest configuration to the LTD), but ~$5500-$6000 cheaper than any LTD quote I received.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Front page of Personal Journal in today's Wall Street Journal has an article titled "Final Frontier: Below Dealer Cost." Check it out today. In it, it refers to a company (which has an easily found website) that gives you the prices actually being paid based on real sales data around the country. For example, on a fully loaded Platinum with MSRP of $58,578, it puts factory invoice (what the dealer tries to tell you is their "cost," which we really know is not true) in my zip code at $53,545, and then states the average being paid in the US is $50,944. It gives a nice graph that says if you paid more than $50,944 for the vehicle, then it was "overpriced." A "great price" is listed at $49,995, given that it lists true dealer cost on this vehicle at $48,889 (factory invoice - holdbacks and dealer incentives). Like any resource, this is not of course perfect info, but it is a great starting point and you can enter any vehicle and configuration. I also note, that it DOES seem to accurately reflect the numbers I was seeing in the Wash DC area this month. Best I could come up with on a loaded Platinum was about $48-49K. Of course, I was looking for an insanely low $44K, but the dealers aren't that desperate (yet) to be willing to lose lots of money. If they fear further deflation though this year, and if demand continues to erode, at some point they will of course start moving down to those thresholds. That's what happens in an environment like this and these companies know it. Of course, I could be wrong about this being a sucker's rally and prices may lag down at this point, but not really drop lower if things improve.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you so much to those of you posting articles and prices paid information....It's sad that car buying has come this.....
  • agbasheragbasher Posts: 18
    To many here who know a lot mroe than me about buying Sequioa's --

    How do you tell how low is low?! Every dealer in MN is already well below invoice and any likely holdbacks, so what does it come down to?

    I'm not sure what negotiating levers I have other than the cars have been on their lots for awhile. What are the guiding principles here/

  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    What's really interesting is that I paid $51000 for my 2008 Platinum Sequoia in Dec. 2007 when they first came out. Looks like we're full circle back to the pricing I paid 18 months ago. Sounds like a good price on a Plat Sequoia is around $49K.
  • str1ckstr1ck Posts: 1
    Got a SR5 with Leather, JBL, Cold Weather Pkg, moon roof, running boards, and all the other stuff. From Newark Toyota World in DE. after some back and forth and walking out. I got the Truck for 36,800. Make sure you do your home work before going to this dealership.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 20
    What was the MSRP? Also, is 36800 include TTL?

  • Also was that with special financing and the rebate or can you only choose one like in Norther Cal and Nevada?
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Thanks hdfatboy. That's an interesting data-point. Maybe you have to adjust it for the slight inflation during this time? So, if you use CPI as your tracking reference, paying 51K back then is similar to paying 52.5K now. [There may be a better tool than CPI of course . . . but you get the idea.] So, if deflationary pressures now have these down to 49K, hdfatboy could have saved maybe 3.5K by waiting 18 months . . . and to me, that's not worth it and not much of a deflationary "discount" given what is going on in economy and where I think we could be headed given Toyota's troubles in the business section headlines. Thus, those last few 2008 Platinums (and loaded 2008 Limiteds, which are still easily found) can sit forever in my book until they move down to the 44-45K range. [Again, that may never happen . . . ] There will be some who can not wait and need to buy a 2008 now (baby coming, current vehicle died, etc.), but I can't imagine there are LOTS of people ready to pay ~50K for one of these 2008 Platinums or loaded Limiteds, especially given what hdfatboy paid. (I wonder how many other people got that price in 2007 too? Perhaps not many?). I think I will simply buy a 2010 and be comfortable paying in the mid to upper 50Ks for it once the dealers realize that despite production cuts, no one will be paying 60K+ MSRP on 2010s either. [I could be wrong of course, if economy is truly turning . . . but, I don't think it is unfortunately.] As for the 2008s, I am not biting until the dealers realize it is better to get rid of them at a small 24-25% below MSRP loss, versus giving them away later in the year if/when we realize this short market rally was a little premature and things really flatline for the rest of this year as jobs and purchasing power get further curtailed.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Not sure that I buy the CPI model of pricing on Sequoia's. We're in a deflationary period and more importantly the MSRP of these vehicles is unchanged. Therefore I think its reasonable to assume a "Dec 2007 Sequoia dollar" is equal to a "May 2009 Sequoia dollar".

    Just my $.02 (2009 pennies , of course:)
  • jmmurphyjmmurphy Posts: 4
    Got an email quote on a Sequoia (actually a blanket statement on all in stock) for MSRP less $10000. The only one I'm interested in is an SR5 with $7k worth of options, most of which I don't want. I've got another dealership I'm negotiating with now that has a Limited with power back door, daytime running lights, and sunroof (MSRP + dealer fees = $47,870). Assuming they match the 10k offer ($37870), what would be a reasonable counter offer?

    This price seems lower than what I'd been offered up until now, and somewhat lower than most of the posts in the forum. Is this going to be as good as it gets for me?

  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 20
    It seems like a reasonable offer. I have a feeling that the dealer fees ( such as doc fees) are close to $500-700. In CA, these are fixed at $55, and most other states these are variable ( I've seen them range from $350-800). Taking this into acct. you are most likely at $9700-9200 below MSRP - in my opinion is quite good for these days.
  • DTbrokerDTbroker Posts: 5
    Sorry for joining the thread late but one this price quote you received for an '09? I was under the impression that Toyota was skipping production on the '09 and going straight to '10. I tried to look up specs on the '09 on Edmunds and found nothing. Regardless, the 10k off dealer cost is a good deal but if it turns out that it is for a brand new '08 they are probably factoring in the additional depreciation despite the fact it is new. Good luck.
  • jmmurphyjmmurphy Posts: 4
    Of course, you are right. I meant '08. I appreciate the feedback on the price, guys!
  • Any apple folks out there that can help me with something? One of the accessories for the 2010 Sequoia is an ipod interface cord "allowing you to control the ipod through the head unit and steering wheel." What I want to know is....can I hook up my IPHONE and have my movies play on the dvd entertainment system? I can do this with an adaptor cord on my tv at home, but would be beside myself if I can do this with the car....I have so much kids tv and movies on the iphone that I hate to buy or rent DVD's for the car...not to mention my own shows....Anyone, anyone?
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 20
    The ipod interface cord can be installed on the '08 also ( about $200). It is the same as Lexus. You won't be able to play the movies off iPOD products in your vehicle. Music ..YES, and Music Videos..NO. Sorry !!!
  • melrose88melrose88 Posts: 1
    I was looking for a new '08 in Boston area and they are offering $10,000 off MSRP for a limited. I found a couple with MSRP in the $50k-$52k range. So I am confident I can purchase one of these for $40,000. But I just found a demo with similar features and 5,000 miles with MSRP at $52,000. How much of a discount should I be looking for on this demo as compared to similar brand new vehicle?
  • dwong408dwong408 Posts: 7
    I was actually thinking about purchasing a 08 sequoia but after further debate, the price is not much of a discount considering that its 2 yrs old. Currently, its either 3500rebate or 1.9% finance. 2010 invoice pricing shouldn't be too bad since I pan to do financing. In addition, I can get the color and options I like instead of the leftovers at the lots that has been sitting for 1 plus year. Let me know what you think.
  • Well, I found that they were not dealing on the 10's yet. You might want to reconsider, but do it quickly. I just got a 08 Sequoia Limited MSRP -48890 for 39890 plus I had them add XM receiver that it did not not have for free ($465 option). The dealership also essentially gave me retail (Edmunds retail) Sequoia and when I drove it up to pick up the new one, they took it from me, because they had it sold already. The best discount that I could get on a 10 was about 3k off. I went to Edmunds and ran the price for a used 08 Sequoia with 15k miles and same options. Price difference was about $1500. So, that led me to pull the trigger and get the 08. I hope this gives you some perspective on what is going on right now. There are not many 08's left out there in the SE right now. Enjoy whatever you get, there are major improvements on the new 08's vs. the older one that I had.
  • warwickmonwarwickmon Posts: 27
    I think people make too much about these 08's being 2 years old. Sure it has been sitting on a lot getting rain and sun but with the paints they use these days, there should be very little wear and tear if any. Mechanically should be no problem at all. Mine (I bought a Platinum in January) had 10 miles on it even if it may have come out of the factory 18 months before that. Maybe I am biased because I bought one but it was spanking new in every regard when I got mine. Saving 10K from a 2010 is a much more tangible difference.

    Psychologically, you have decide if having a 2010 in the driveway is more important than $10K in the bank for essentially the same car. Simple as that.

    Good luck.
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