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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    If you look up August and July sales #s on Sequoia, they were very bad and in the -70% range (where the 4Runner has been stuck for 3 months), so this September's -46% percentage is an improvement. Must be evidence of some pent-up demand given no 2009 model available and long wait for the 2010s that were finally widely available on the lots in September.

    Again, I want to see what happens in October, and whether any demand for Sequoias (given its unusual situation with no 2009 model) improves, or if it starts to decline again back towards the 4Runner.
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    Looks like October doesn't have any rebates? Anyone have any thoughts if they are going to happen in future or if production is increasing?
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I read on the internet that Toyota is planing to spend one billion in the fourth quarter to boost sales. Unknown on which models this might apply but incentives will be offered in addition to helping the dealers to move inventory in other promotional activites.
  • A friend of mine just purchased a 2010 2WD Limited w/ Navigation and DVD Entertainment for $4K under MSRP in the San Diego area (KM Toyota). I believe MSRP was $53K and he paid $48.8. Slate with graphite interior. Truck was on the lot. Not a demo - basically no miles on it. I was going to wait till Xmas to get mine - but I'm not sure it's worth waiting now.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31
    I am on 22172 zipcode, and dealer quoted me $49488.73

    I know this is not a very good price. but can someone please suggest what is the best price I get get for this model?

  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Go to over stock .com cars and get a price on the vehicle you want. Look at TRUE CARS . COM. I just bought a Sequoia for $ 732.00 over invoice or 3198 off sticker. I had two dealers offering the same deal. The best I could do with out this site was about 800 higher for the same vehicle. The site helps to eliminate dealers who are not willing to sell at a great price as it is a buyers market.

    A 2wd limited no options listed for 45,624 and a 4 wd drive limited no options listed for 48,986 in your zip code on over stock .com cars
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    I never thought of paying $700 over invoice as being a buyer's market. Wouldn't a buyer's market usually mean paying under invoice and being wooed with all kinds of incentives from the dealers?

    If a buyer's market gets you $3000 off sticker, what do you call the market where people were getting $10,000 off sticker?

    I say wait.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    People getting 10,000 off sticker was due to a melt down of the economy, high gas prices, and over production of the Sequoia. Toyota cannot stay in business if it means giving 10,000 off sticker to sell a vehicle. Sequoia production was cut in half from what was produced in 2008 so you will not see the huge inventories of 2008 repeated. I could have bought a 2008 Sequoia but I didn't want a 2 year old vehicle that had been sitting in the weather for a year or two. The vehicle I bought has to be ordered as it doesnot exist in the inventory and I will most likely wait two months for delivery.
    I remember back when this vehicle came out in 2001 they were selling almost at sticker so 3000 off sticker is a good deal .

    I think you are right about waiting as some incentives maybe offered on the 2010 Sequoia in this quarter. If you are waiting for 10,000 off sticker it will never happen.
  • I have also been lookin g for an 08 Seq limited with nav and DVD.
    You are right , there are not too many around. The nearest I came was a loaded 08 with 15K miles for $45K. I walked from that beacuse I thought there should be better deals out there. Now I cant find anything.
    Was thinking about buying a SR5 with leather, Nav and DVD. Ity's pretty much the same as a limited except no auto 3rd row or autorear door, right? I could live without that. I would pay aroung $38 to $40K for something like that. Are my numbers right or am I wishful thinking?
    Any help appreciated. Thanks
  • If it was me, I would wait. While they did not make the '09 and cut production of the '10 you may still get an opportunity due to the fact that the cash for clunkers pushed many 4th qtr 09 and 10 purchases forward. I would attempt to get a '10 close to yr end as the dealers try and blow out inventory. Remember that by then the '10 will be almost 1 yr old. Hopefully you can pick one up for dealer cost which might be higher than what you are looking at an 08 but when you go to sell or trade that 08 it is already a 3 yr. old car...the alternative, go out and buy a slightly used 08 but go for low 30s not mid 40s. While toyota's inventory is down people are still losing jobs and the economy is nowhere near recovering to an extent where the fall of 08 is in people's distant memory. Hope this helps.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    The best thing to do is as you say wait. Unfortunately I need to get something now so waiting was not an option for me. You would think Toyota would offer some incentives on the Sequoia this quarter. Toyota is reported to be gearing up for a billion dollar program to help to move inventories this quarter.

    Nissan/Infiniti is offering big incentives on the Armada and QX56 now. Perhaps Toyota will do the same.
  • Soft economy....YTD sales down 50%....incentives on Tundra....and nothing on Sequoia......there can't be too many $50K buyers out there

    HID headlights, superior navi, $2000 manufacturer to dealer incentive ... the Acura MDX is looking better and better

    Wake up Toyota!!
  • Search craigslist - at least in the bay area/sacramento. There are a few which the dealers are trying to get rid off as used but have 80 - 100 miles on them. 7yr/100k mile warranty ( from Toyota) costs about $850. I'm sure the dealers can be motivated to throw this in.
  • boxer99boxer99 Posts: 20
    I have an '07 MDX and also have a Sequoia on order...totally different trucks. The Sequoia is replacing a Honda Odyssey. The MDX, while spacious, does not have the room that the Sequoia has. We travel frequently with 2 kids and a large dog...the MDX does not handle those trips well.
  • willamwillam Posts: 2
    A dealer quote me $36899 on a 2010 4.6L SR5 with basic standard options. Is this a good deal?
  • willamwillam Posts: 2
    Forget to mention 36899 + T.T.L.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Go to over stock. com cars and you will do better on the price. In the southeast region that vehicle listed on over stock .com at 36,406 not including taxes, tag,ect. The vehicle may cost more in other regions of the country like the north east it listed for 36,857 Good Luck
  • 1st time post on this forum -this looks like a good discussion to ask my question Seeking fair deal on Sequoia 2010 Limited
    Is this a good deal? or should i counter? vehicle not onlot - would be ordered
    Gulf coast zip 39530 - dealership 75miles away responded from an edmonds search.
    Offered at invoice - breakdown below:
    Mfg Base Price:  $42,316.00 
    Total Factory Installed Options:  $1,245.00 
    Total Locally Installed Options:  $1,041.47 
    Delivery/Processing/Handling:  $950.00 
    T.M.F.: $995.00 
    Base Vehicle Holdback:  $972.00 
    PIO Holdback:  $100.00 
    Dealer Added Options:  $0.00 
    1% Financial Reserve MSRP:  $486.00 
    Totals:  $48,105.47 
  • 1st time post on this forum -this looks like a good discussion to ask my question Seeking fair deal on Sequoia 2010 Limited
    Is this a good deal? or should i counter? vehicle not onlot - would be ordered
    Gulf coast zip 39530 - dealership 75miles away responded from an edmonds search.
    Offered at invoice - breakdown below:
    Mfg Base Price: $42,316.00
    Total Factory Installed Options: $1,245.00
    Total Locally Installed Options: $1,041.47
    Delivery/Processing/Handling: $950.00
    T.M.F.: $995.00
    Base Vehicle Holdback: $972.00
    PIO Holdback: $100.00
    Dealer Added Options: $0.00
    1% Financial Reserve MSRP: $486.00
    Totals: $48,105.47
  • I was looking at the 2010 limited with dvd and Nav negotiated price was : $52,036 (with nav & dvd). I thought this was fine until they told me the lease price (even with 5k down NOT including tax, title and reg) was going to be $880/month (for 36 month/15 k miles)! Add tax (6.25% here) and we are talking $925/month!
    Are they kidding???? For a toyota?? not that it is not a good car, but really?? SO...... I started looking at other more expensive cars on the advice of a friend b/c he told me the residual values are higher on luxury vehicles so the leases are cheaper. He was right. I found a new 2010 Mercedes GL450, list $67,550 (p1 package,nav, dvd ) and my out the door price (6500k down includes tax and etc) is - wait for it...... $759/month! I also shopped this deal around so it wasn't an abberation, most dealers here were in the same ballpark. So, the moral of this story is sometime the more expensive car will give you a cheaper lease price!!

    And yeah, I am going with the Mercedes!!!! ;)
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