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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    May I ask how you calculated 19000 savings? Is it based on 100% depreciation and 30ish % tax bracket? Thanks.
  • So - does SE have incentives for December 09 for Sequoia Ltd? I was offerred only 3.9% last week...excellent credit score -
  • aujimaujim Posts: 4
    Yes, they still have 0% for 36 mos. and 1.9% for 48 or 60 mos.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    The incentives offered on the Sequoia are a disappointment when compared to other companies like Nissan or GM. I was expecting Toyota to be competive but so far they have not been serious. Toyota should offer some cash incentives on this model if they want to move the inventory.
  • I traded a '01 Expedition for a new one....put 113,000 miles on the '01, other than tires,brakes, fluids and filters no problems

    Wonder what those '00-'03 Tundra owners whose spare tires are falling out because of frame rust have to say about Toyota quality
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I have owned two fords bought brand new and they were a lot of problems.

    The E150 conversion van was a constant source of problems from the ac leaking freon to the windows jamming, ac fan switch burning out several times .The alternator also caught on fire while I was driving to work.
    The Grand Marquis torque convertor failed at 60,000 miles along with the jamming windows. I have two relatives who also bought the car new all different model years and they had the exact same problems. I still get notices from ford warning me of electrical problems that can cause the vehicle to catch on fire. My relatives now buy Toyota or Honda and would never consider ford

    One of my neighbors ford F150 burned to the ground while it was parked in front of his house. One of my co-wokers was able to experience the same joy of watching her mustang burn up in front of her house.
    My employment also gave me the opportunity to see a town car that caught on fire while parked in the owners garage causing extensive damage to his house.

    Wonder what all those owners of ford products think about when thier cars, trucks and vans catch on fire.I donot think fords motto of quality is job one comes to thier mind.
  • It is based on 100% depreciation, 35%, I just used this calculator:

    May not be right on, but there is enough to justify.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    we recently got a recall notice for our 1999 E-150 cargo van. Some speed control module needs to be replce due to the risk of fire. They advice not to park close to buildings when shut off.

    It's good that recall is available. But, why would it take 10 years for Ford to realize the recall???
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    We can only speculate as to why ford does not fix reoccuring problems that are reproduced each year in the same models. Perhaps they want to use up the parts in stock to save money or they just dont care.
    The Grand Marquis I once owned had transmission problems that continued for several years into each newer model year.
    The vehicle also had window motors that had to be replaced more than once which was also a reoccuring problem from one model year to the next.
    The E150 van was just a complete nightmare with several electrical problems from the alternator, to switches, window motors, and even gears in the window motors going bad. The windows jammed at least 12 to 15 times each before I sold the
    vehicle. The air-condition system was worked on several times but continued to leak at the fittings used to connect the refrigerant lines. Gm used a screw on type fitting that was on my Oldsmobile and I never had a problem with the ac. The alternator on the 5.0 engine was also a reoccuring problem as they had a tendency to start fires. The speed control module is another reoccuring problem that continued for years in several models. The problems listed above would lead one to think that ford knew about the problems but they continued to use the same design and parts in each suceeding model year.

    The vehicles made by Toyota are not perfect but they fix problems once they are aware of the problem.

    I will never buy another ford product based opon personal experience on just how poor a vehicle can be made and designed.
  • Is anyone seeing more than a handful of 09 Sequoia's on the lots? They aren't going to have to put out "decent" incentives until a bunch of these start sitting on the lots for awhile will they?
  • Was the credit for opening a line of credit, or simply putting in business name. If the latter, what is the program name?
  • Just left the lot and purchased a 2010 Sequoia Platinum. Paid $1,000 over invoice ($55,300) and got the 0% financing for 36 months. Also got a 7yr/100k extended warranty for $1,800. I feel like i got a good deal but let me know what you think. Don't forget that if you buy by year-end, sales tax is tax-deductible under Obama's stimulus plan.
  • Keep in mind that this year sales tax is a deduction, not a credit. That means you will only get a % of the sales tax returned to you based on your tax bracket. If you're in the 15% tax bracket, you will only receive 15% of the sales tax back when you file your 2009 taxes. So if you bought here in TX, you would only get $518 back from the $3,456 you paid in sales tax. Better than nothing, but not as stimulating as it would be as a credit instead of a deduction.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I think that is a great price when you consider Toyota is not offering any cash incentives.
    I ordered one a couple of months ago at $732.00 over invoice or about $3,200 off sticker. The dealer called me last week and expects the vehicle to come in some time in January
    The extended warranty how does that work? Is the warranty from Toyota,or the dealer? Can a Toyota dealer out of state service the warranty?
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    Has anyone purchased Tire Chains for their Sequoia? If so, where did you get them and would you recommend the brand?
  • nomznomz Posts: 7
    Just picked one up. 2010, LTD, 4WD, Navi with rear seat DVD.
    MSRP: $55945
    Price paid: $50,333
    5year/100k warranty: $1100
    + TTL.
    There is extra $500 off if you put it under your company's name but the company must have established line of credit with Toyota Credit. I was told that this requires last 2 years of returns and an extensive review which is not really worth the $500 you can save.
  • I placed it in my company's name, utilized 0% for 36M, and signed on as a I did not have to give 2 years, they just went on my credit score. I would much rather do that than supply tax returns.
  • Just an FYI for those considering warranties after purchase. If you do you should get a toyota backed plan and check out Littleton Toyota out of Massachusets. I bought my 5yr/80K Platinum (same as new car bumper to bumper) for $699. Google them, you can get a no pressure quote online, unlike many others that require you to put in your info and then have a salesman call you.
  • nomznomz Posts: 7
    I did the same but was told that its not possible. I will call Toyota Financial to discuss this. Will update as soon as I get some resolution. It's a good price but why not fight for another $500.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    I also think that sounds like a good price. There are very few Sequoias on any of the dealer lots in the mid-atlantic. Based on the scarcity, I am not expecting incentives to come soon, so I decided to see what initial price I would be offered here on December 30th. For a Platinum with 60,073 MSRP, I was just offered tonight 56,170 + tax/title/tags. That seems to be a fair price for today's supply/demand situation, but probably not the price that would get me to buy tomorrow.

    It's almost like this situation with Toyota has reached a stalemate for me.
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