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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    Hi, c550:

    Forgot one thing, do you mind telling which dealership you bought your car?

  • c550c550 Posts: 3
    I got it at Gullo Toyota. I dealt with the salesman who does fleet sales and USAA sales. He was very good to work with, I would recomend him.
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    Hi, c550:

    Thanks for the post. In fact went to a local dealer and took the print out of posts here with me. To my surprise, this time the print-out did not work at all. They only gave $1800 discount. When I showed the sale person your post, he said you bought 2009 year model. Left without agrument. Clearly told the sale person I would not come if there was no $4000 discount.

    Would you please give me the contact information of your sale person to me: yu101us at
    I will certainly contact the sale person for information.

    I am not in despair to buy a car now, but would buy if there is a good discount. You really had a great deal.

  • jlewistxjlewistx Posts: 7
    Whatever dealership you went to, never go back. They did not really make a 2009 sequoia. There might have been a few that hit the streets, but Toyota really scaled back when the economy tanked. To sanity check the 2009 sequoia issue, do a national search for a used 2009 and see what you come up with. I neglected to post this on my Original post but sticker on the one I bought was 41,600. I got less of a discount on mine due to the scarcity of the 5.7 engine with the sr5 package. Toyota had the upper hand on the supply/demand on my deal. I think if you hold out a bit, you can get a good deal. Are you looking for a 5.7 or 4.6? Also, the dealer I worked with said he has delivered to Houston on occasion.
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    Thanks, jlewistx.

    In fact I am not in a hurry to buy the car and can wait until the end of the year. SR5 4.6 will be fine. I went over your post and also checked website of Cavender Toyota at San Antonia. Did not find the color my children like (black). Without Incentive or rebate, I think most dealers would only give around $2000 discount for a SR5 basic model. So probably the best time is to wait until Toyota has incentive or rebate.
  • pfessorpfessor Posts: 7
    Good luck on the incentive or rebate.
    I've been waiting for a year for some kind of break. Nothing so far has been offered on the Sequoias but the Tundra is being pushed in our area (NC) with low or no interest.
  • david2613david2613 Posts: 1
    Looking for a 2010 Sequoia, just test drove a base model with leather interior sr5 and large v8. they gave me a price at 42k. I am looking for a base around 36k. Is this achievable? Let me know how to find the best deal at internet sale dept. thanks
  • nyatinyati Posts: 1
    Just paid $37,800 for a 2wd SR5 with 5.7l and carpeted floor mats. I was very happy with the price since my dealer had to have it shipped from Fl to North Augusta, SC (had to have white with gray cloth). I also got full Kelley Blue Book trade in value on my old car.
  • Just picked up our 2011 4x4 sr5 from Right Toyota in Scottsdale, AZ for $500 over invoice. It was about 41,600 (not including TTL) and they included the floormats and paid for delivery from a dealer about 2 hours away. I could have got the vehicle for 500 under invoice at another dealer, but I got more for my trade-in and the whole transaction took about 30 minutes. 2 years free maintenance was an added bonus.
  • seq_4rseq_4r Posts: 1
    When you mentioned invoice, did you mean the base invoice (w/o holdback, destination charge, ads. fee), or invoice with any/all of those? I'm a newbie here, and a little confused with the term. Thanks.
  • 36500 is the number
  • Looking at 2011 Sequoia (or Nissan Armada). Sticker on Sequoia Limited is $54K. (Gray w/gray leather, NAV, Heated front seats, Rear DVD system, auto lift gate, plus the basics) .

    Wondering if anyone can offer a starting point for negotiations or have an idea what I might be able to get it for. I definitely need it to be under $50K. Any advice or help would be appreciated! 10 yrs. since purchased last car, so kind of out of car buying loop.
  • jose263jose263 Posts: 10
    generic4 -
    find the fleet mgr or internet sales person-stay away from the floor sales staff- ask for a copy of the invoice, which BTW already has reasonable profit (markups) built into the price.
    with a $54k sticker you should be able to get it well below $50k
  • first post here.. so please bare with me..
    im in so cal and i got an on line quote for a 2011 sr5 with the 5.7l engine with an msrp of 41180 for 39997. so then i went to another dealer and i got quoted 37813 for the same sequoia (they checked the local dealer inventory for me and found the one i got the first quote for me). the same dealer that quoted me the 37813 also quoted me a limited with a msrp of 50981 for 46348. i also got an extended warrantee quoted for the sr5 for 7yrs 100k miles for 1200 (bumper to bumper).. anyone find anything better?
  • which dealer in socal gave you that quote for limited? im in the market for one... not sure if limited is worth the extra cost... do you get power lift w some limited?
  • its the toyota dealer in the 90650 zip code..
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2010 Limited w/nav and DVD systems in the NY/NJ/CT area? If so, what was your out the door price? Thanks!
  • just gonna post a little about my "buying experience" in the southern california looking for the 4X2 sr5 model and they are no where to be found. but, if you go to a dealer and tell them what you want, they are all trying to get you into the limited or platinum. then, once you tell them what you want (again), they say they can get it for you by night time or the next day.... but there are really none on the lot.. REALLY! as for your choice of colors, it seems that you have only three colors (if you are lucky) to choose from. that would be the dark gray metallic, white and black (in that order of availability). the best price that i have been able to find so far is through the costco auto buying program at $500. under invoice. comes out to be 37313.
  • what dealer was this that you were able to get the quote from with the extended service contract?
  • ok.. here i go. we pulled the trigger last night as we went for the one that was able to get our first choice of color..(my wife finally decided on the white). i had two dealers quote me 37313. i ended up finding one on line myself but one of the dealers didn't want to drive 80-90 miles to go get it and the other one did. turned out the one i saw on line was already sold but the color of choice was available 100 miles the opposite way in the san diego area.. toyota place in garden grove was where we made the deal. the 37313 price i got was going through the costco auto program as it was the best price i found regardless if it was through the internet or fleet dept.. it put the sequoia 500 under invoice. turns out, its the same thing other dealers quoted me going through costco... and we still got the 2yr oil thing that toyota has going on.
    as for the dealer that quoted me for the extended warranty, it was norwalk toyota. but i did not get the full details as far as what the deductible would be if service was needed.
    toyota place quoted me for a 7yr 100k mile warrantee with no deductible for 1500. toyota place made this purchase very easy for me. they gave me no pressure whats so ever ...and I actually apologized to them because i felt i put pressure on them. speak to thai in the internet dept. he made this happen.. and it was easy... and if you are a member of costco, use the costco program. but shop around because other dealers will only go 500 above invoice... looking for a black sr5? let me know.. i know where they are getting one on dec. 5.
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