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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rpexrpex Posts: 1
    Just came back from a dealer in Manassas, VA on this SUV.
    MSRP 44,486
    Cap Cost 41460
    36-month/15k lease

    Residual: 21,715
    money factor: .00235

    The residual and money factor are way off from what I was expecting (23,725 and .0018) based on internet research.

    The price is good but they would not move on residual or money factor. They showed me various documents from Toyota that these are standard and immutable numbers.

    Why should I believe these dealer documents? There seems not to be any accurate site where a consumer can look these numbers up.
  • That is Wack!

    You could lease an X5 or Mercedes GL for that much.
  • for some reason the reply i posted earlier did not come up..
    going through the costco auto buying program, one of the dealers offered me an sr5 4x4 for 39600. i was told that price was $1000. under invoice and almost 5k below msrp. . i offered 39000. but the dealer said no.. i dont know if he was telling me the truth but he said there are certain guidelines from toyota that they (the dealer) must follow when dealing with costco customers.. so i told him i would meet him at 39300 and it was not accepted....
    its funny how things happen.. the day after i got the sr5 4x2, the salesman calls me up and said he can make the deal at 39300.
    i told him sorry but too late...
  • best place to buy sequioa in Houston
  • why is houston the best? thats a bland statement.. i posted my buying expierience (just like the board states) ist your turn to post yours..
  • I am looking to get the SR5 with leather in the Houston area, I was wondering if anyone is dealing or has dealt with a dealership/sales person that they highly recommend.

  • We purchased a Certified 2010 Sequoia Limited yesterday from Don McGill. We went through the Internet department and dealt with Kris Tate. Overall it was a very easy experience compared to any others we've had in the non-luxury car segment. I was pleasantly surprised. Kris was very straight foward on the deal and didn't play games. There wasn't any real haggling or back and forth to the manager's office. They gave us a realistic price for our trade immediately- and he had the car ready for us to demo upon our arrival at the dealership. They let us take it home over Sunday with no pressure at all. The price came down slightly (few hundred dollars) from the posted price on the web. We had them add a remote starter in that price and the deal was done.

    I will say that the finance office gave us some questionable moments. There was a spiel about how Toyota's warranty after the first 12 months only covers "defects" but if something can't be proven as defective that it would not be covered. It honestly pissed me off that they basically said Toyota would not stand behind its vehicle and made it sound that we would be in a semantics battle over every repair. It was almost enough to make me walk from the deal and go find another SUV. My husband however, saw it as a scare tactic to press the extended warranty rather than a true stance from Toyota and so we proceded with the purchase. We also had to double check the numbers several times because we couldn't quite get things to match up. So, we brought the deal to a halt while we calculated everything ourselves. After several revisions and reprints, we finally signed and were on our way. Overall I would say we had a good buying experience with Don McGill. Just be cautious in Finance (as is the case in any dealership).

    We also obtained quotes on new Sequoias from several other internet managers, and I will say all in all that it's definitley the way to go. There doesn't seem to be the game playing and you save yourself a lot of time and frustration doing the bulk of the search online once you decide what model you want. All of the internet sales people I dealt with were extremely pleasant and prompt in responding.
  • I hope you're as happy with your Sequoia as I am with mine. Over the last 8 months I've put a little over 32000 miles on it. I didn't have any problems with the dealer when I bought my Sequoia but last month I bought my wife a Highlander and the dealer started playing games with the extended warranty. I told the dealer that if I did buy an extended warranty it would only be one offered by Toyota and not a third party. At the very end when I was signing the papers I notice that he had the paperwork on a third party warranty. I had to force the issue to get the Toyota warranty instead.

    Overall the Sequoia is a GREAT car! It does like fuel though, so if your tight on money, this might not be the right vehicle. I've had mine in the snow as well as rain and it always handles predictably in every situation. Great brakes, plenty of power, tight turning and luxurious.

    This was my first Toyota because I've always been a GM man. But i was so impressed with Toyota that as I said earlier I just bought another one. So far over the last 8 months I've spent 100k with these folks and I'm very happy
  • It's great to hear you're still happy after 8 months. We're used to the gas mileage because we had a 4x4 Crew Cab that the Sequoia replaced. I think their gas mileage will be right about the same. This is my first Toyota, so hopefully our experience is as good as yours.
  • cpsc32cpsc32 Posts: 1
    Have owned Toyota's in the past but never long enough to hit 200,000. Looked at a 2001 Sequoia Limited with 200,000 miles tonight and wondering people thoughts on that. Is that a bad purchase with that mileage or do you current Sequoia owners think it has another 100k in it? Thoughts? Vehicle seems to be well maintained.

  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I sold my 2001 Sequoia with 98,000 miles on it in 2009 after special ordering a new 2010 4x4 Sequoia.

    Toyota puts a a great product but a 10 year old vehicle with 200,000 miles has seen its better days.
  • Thank you Edmunds Forums for all your past help with vehicle information and its now time to contribute. Was originally going to go with the Costco Auto Buying Program for simplicity, but went on for kicks and giggles. You basically input what car you want with options. Got these price quote certificates followed up with some quick telephone calls from local SoCal dealers as well as a few email msgs. With the options above, the average price was $51,500, which was basically invoice. I asked one dealer if they would sell it for below $50K and to my surprise they said yes. So, went there and sure enough, tried to do the bait and switch with a similar car (everything but without the remote start). Dealer said they "just sold" the one with the remote start option. I started to walk out the door and told the "closer guy" that this he was the pure definition of why people hate going to the dealers and talking with a typical car salesman. Bottom line, after a few hours of insisting that a verbal agreement over the telephone should be honored, I got the car.

    2012 Limited, Silver Sky Metallic, 4x2 with NAV, DVD, Remote Start and Pref Pkg (carpetted floor mats, cargo net, etc.) = $49995 plus T/L/Docs
  • Just adding my two cents....after calling a few dealerships in Orange County, pretty much every dealer could be talked into selling at invoice. We bought a 2012 SR5 with leather/lux package for $500 below invoice at Irvine Toyota. Important to note is that every dealer tried to sneak in the"TDA", or Toyota Dealer Advertising for $649, which has nothing to do with the invoice. Several dealers would not budge on that BS charge....we negotiated it out of the deal completely. MSRPof $46,255, price paid was $41,500.
  • I went to a local Toyota dealership (Towne Toyota, Ledgewood , NJ) to get a monthly lease quote on 2012 SR5 (no other options added). It came out to be $599/month + NJ tax (7%) which was rounded off at $640/month. This is with $2000 down + $500 toyota incentive running promo until April of this year and standard 12, 000 miles/year for 36 months. All the formulas that I know of- when plugging in the selling price ($41, 268) and residual value ($26, 181 instead of $24, 181 that they quoted) point to a payment of $500/month including tax. Where am I getting screwed in this equation??? Shouldn't a residual cost for 2012 Sequoia be more than 52% of the MSRP ($44, 780)? What's the lowest I can go on the final price of this SUV? Thank you all in advance for your posts.
  • lsuz20lsuz20 Posts: 3
    Just bought it through Sewell Lexus in Fort Worth. I worked with Christina Brown, and she was great to deal with. I am actually working in Brazil at this time, and had no issues with the purchase. I actually had my brother who lives in the Fort Worth area go and test drive it for me. He was very impressed with it, and said that it was in excellent condition.
    The only issue now is going to pick it up. I don't get home until the 25th of April. So I am flying my wife, mother, and son to Fort Worth, they will get to visit my brother in the process, and it is cheaper doing it this way than driving. You gotta love frequent flyer miles. :)
  • usa_bigsusa_bigs Posts: 1
    Anyone have any recent success stories with a Sequoia purchase? Limited or Plat. 4wd.

  • I just purchased a 4WD platinum for $4,800 off sticker which turned out to be about $200 less than Edmund's TMV price. Still it was more over invoice than I wanted to pay. I tried the e-mail method of sending requests to multiple dealers looking for best prices. Very few want to budge on price and no one gets near invoice unless the vehicle is a demo with lots of miles. The offers that came back made me laugh ($1,500 - $2,000 off sticker). One dealer offered me a 2012 demo Platinum with 11,000 miles for $59,000 and wouldn't budge on the price. I quickly found out that buying a Sequoia is nothing like buying a mainstream high volume vehicle like a Camry. The volume is low so basic supply and demand allows them to still sell for a premium. Ultimately I found a dealer that had about 20 in stock which is very rare. I knew exactly what I wanted so went there with checkbook in hand and got the deal done in about 20 minutes. Good luck.
  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    I have been looking for a new Limited with 2nd row captain chairs and after talking to several dealers, determined that a factory order was the only way to get what I want. Can't get leather in an SR5 with 2nd row captain chairs. I have been offered an invoice deal. It is close to the end of the production year, but the offer seems decent given the need to order. In So Cal area. Thoughts?
  • yipeokia1yipeokia1 Posts: 1
    I'm actually a 2012 Tundra owner visiting ; just purchased my vehicle with the SR 5 package- didn't have leather either- but for $ 2000, I had the TRW leather installed, with the brushed aluminum running boards, and heated seats. If I had waited for a limited - I would have spent like 6 k more.

    You shouldn't have a problem doing a similar deal.

    Pays to think outside of the box.
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