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Oldsmobile Intrigue: Problems & Solutions



  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    You are not supposed to mix Dex Cool and regular coolant.. It can congele and turn into something way too thick. Should probably have the cooling system flushed and refilled to be safe.
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    I also had a problem with a clunking noise when I turned the steering wheel left or right on my 2000 Intrigue. My dealer replaced the power steering gear and the problem went away. The auto air conditioning was also not working properly in that it would show 4 -5 degrees celcius as an outside temp when it was actually around 30 degrees celcius therefore the system would not turn the A/c on. The dealer had to replace the outside air temp sensor and the entire HVAC control unit on the dash.
  • I recently had the windows tinted on my 2000 Intigue and the reception of AM on the radio about dropped in half. The tint place says its because of the new metalized film they use. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do to rectify it. I hate to drill a hole in the car for an external antenna.
  • I also recently had my windows retinted on my 2000 Intrigue using a 3M Film. I have had no problems with the radio reception. However, because they had so much difficulty in covering the antenna ceramic matrix for the rear window with the film (no uniform bonding), I then had them remove that portion of the film off the antenna. You may want to try that "removal solution" for your rear window too.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    How hard was it for them to remove the tint from the area where the silly dot matrix area? How does it look with it gone? My tint looks pretty bad up there though excellent everywhere else.
  • I still have a 98 Intrigue (first big mistake), and have had all the normal problems - clunking steering shaft, warped rotors - but I also had the water leak in the passenger compartment (also had failed CD player - $450 to replace). The first time it leaked, I had at least an inch of water in the floorboard, and after "bailing it out", I took it to the dealer (second big mistake) and showed them where the water was dripping from (below the A/C blower motor housing). When I went back to pick it up, they said, "We sprayed the water hose on it, and it wouldn't leak." As I drove away, you could still hear water sloshing inside the A/C blower. After about 6 months, all that water caused the blower bearings to rust, and whenever you turned on the A/C, it would squeal. I took it back to the dealer (third big mistake) and told them to fix it. This time, they replaced the blower motor, but did nothing about the leak, other than to make sure the drain wasn't blocked. Finally, a few months later, it continued to leak, and I was fed up with it. I took it back to the dealer and screamed and shouted. Finally, they took a small grill off just under the windshield where the air for the A/C comes into the car. They found a gasket that wasn't installed properly, and re-glued into place. It hasn't leaked since, but I can't help but wonder how much money GM wastes with dealers that won't properly diagnose a problem the first time.

    I now have developed an oil leak around the oil pan gasket. I've called several different places, but they all want $450 to replace the gasket. The only thing I can figure is that there is something in the way of the oil pan that they have to move. Otherwise it should take less than 30 minutes to change the gasket.

    Be thankful your car was totalled - it probably save you lots of headaches in the long run.
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    Ive noticed some other Intrigue owners have mentioned a rough idle at start up. My 2000 Intrigue just started having this problem @ 59,000 kms but only when the engine is cold. Any body else experiencing this problem?
  • Having the tinted film removed off the antenna portion of the back window looks better to me than leaving the film in place with that "rough, crappy, marginal bonding look". However, you will have about a 10 cm gap at the top of the window without the film. That section of film should be easy to remove unless it has been on the window for a long time. I would suggest having a "tinting professional" remove the film, so that you don't disturb the antenna and also to leave a straight uniform line across the window where the film will end. Good luck!
  • I recenty had lost battery power on my 2000 Intrigue and the radio's anti-theft system locked out my radio. I contacted the dealer and they of course told me to bring it in and it would take an hour for them to get me my code (probably charge me as well). I was wondering if anyone knew what the factory code is (if there is just one) or if there is some other way to reset it similar to the procedure for turning off the change oil light. Hope someone can help, thanks.
  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    I have a 2000 GL with 25k miles, and the same things occurs. The dealer said it seemd fine to them and did nothing. It has gotten worse and i really now feel it over some bimps thru the steering wheel and brake pedal. Let me know if this is gone after they lubed. Anyone know of a TSB and number on this????

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    #71 of 90 Intermediate Steering Shaft by likeswheni Jul 09, 2002 (02:37 pm)
    Just bought a 1999 Intrigue GLS a few weeks ago with the 3 month GM warranty. Within a few days I noticed what seemed to be something buckling or knocking around as if loose in what seemed to be the steering column, although i can also feel it in the break pedal. I just brought it to the dealer and they said they'd lube the intermediate steering shaft. I don't see how lubing something will stop whatever it is from moving around, but my question is, will the lube job just fix it long enough for the warranty to expire or is it a real repair? Thanks alot.
  • My problem seems fairly similar to that posted a earlier in the board. Our '98 Intrigue will run up to close to the 3/4 mark when it's warm out and I get stuck in traffic at all (i.e. no natural air flow over the radiator). The odd thing is that contrary to common sense this actually improves when I turn on the A/C and it goes back down to a normal level. Turns out the cooling fans are not coming on except when the A/C is turned on, no matter how hot the car gets. So it seems like maybe a problem with the fan temperature switch (supposed to turn on the fans when the coolant reaches a certain temp). Anyone have any idea where this is or had this problem resolved, I can't find this switch/sensor and based on my previous experience with GM mechanics it'll take them at least $500 to figure it out.
    Thanks for any help; also FYI, if anyone ever has a power window motor go south on them it's the easiest thing in the world to replace and can be done in about an hour max with a screw driver and a socket set and the motor for about $100 from the local parts store (dealer wanted close ~$500 to do it).
  • My 2000 Intrigue has 57k mi. on it and is experencing its second case of hard starting. The dealer replaced the crank sensor (factory manual says it has two of them) at 47k and fixed the problem. Now its doing it again but the dealer can't duplicate the problem now, although I can of course as soon as I got it home!! It acts like its been flooded when it finally does start because a small cloud of smoke comes out of the exhaust. Anyone else have this problem?
  • I had a similar but worse problem than you. My car would not start AT ALL. Ths happened after the engine got to operating temp and it was hot outside. If I turned off the car, then restarted it when it was still hot, it would not start. Only after it had cooled completely (hours later) it would start. After 5 trips to the dealer, they finally were able to reproduce it and found out it was the fuel pressure regulator. I still occasionally get the hard start (while the engine is warm, of course) but the engine does start.

    Apparently there isn't enough pressure in the fuel line and the regulator controls the pump. It's as if the pump is caught asleep at its post, and then it jumps up and groggily does its job.

    Ask them to check the fuel pressure regulator.
    (BTW, they replaced BOTH of my crank sensors before they found the real problem)

    Good luck!
  • I have a 98 Intrigue. Frustrated & very disappointed with ongoing repairs to solve clunking in front end and in brake pedal. My Intrigue has been serviced several times for the same ongoing clunking as well as having the driver & passenger doors realigned 3 times. Other less significant problems; squeeking in the front end caused by driving over a bump in the road. Squeeking is annoyingly loud and re-occurs. Sounds like I'm driving a 20 year old car! I purchased this car for high safety ratings & reliability. I unfortunately can't help feeling unsafe. The clunking in the brake pedal has again become so severe, & due in for service yet again next week. This time service is with another dealer in another town. I understand that other 98 owners have experienced these same problems. Has anyone had the clunking problems resolved?? GM doesn't understand that some of us folks just CAN'T sell their problem car and purchase another. Some of us purchase cars for long-term especially when spending $25,000+ on such a vehicle. I would expect these problems from lower end model cars and/or with older model vehicles not a 2-3-4 year old car. Look, style & comfort is A+. Looking for input on clunking problem. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Jan 98 and Ketch

    The GM solution for the clunking problem you are having in the steering column of your intrigue is to lubricate the intermediate steering shaft (or column?). Its a very common intrigue problem, but the lubrication seems to work. (you can do a search of this message board and find out more). Mine hasn't been a problem in the 3 months since it was fixed, although I am worried I may have to re-lubricate it every so often. I think it would have cost about $80 at the dealer, maybe more, but mine was fixed under warranty so I can't quite remember. Good luck. The link below has more.
  • see message 65, crank shaft sensor but same problem then they replaced the crank shaft sensor and the ignition switch and it has been ok ever since - go figure. jc
  • butltcbutltc Posts: 3
    I haven't seen any transmission postings here, so maybe this is the first.

    I have a 98 Intrigue GL that just clicked over 48,000 miles. As soon as that happened, the transmission began slipping terribly. It's sitting at the dealer now, who says that it's shot. That's a $2,400+ repair on a car whose blue book isn't even $7,000.

    No response yet from Oldsmobile as to whether they would like to participate in funding this repair.

    Any others with similar problems?

  • tandertander Posts: 21
    The OE Goodyear Eagles on my 99 GL 3.5 are about shot, cant decide on whether to get Michelin Pilot HGT or Michlin X1 (or XRadial at Sams Club). Dilemma is H tires are probable more fun, but S tires have 80,000 tread life. Finally, apart from price,is there any difference between michlin XOnes and the sams Club exclusive, Michelin Xradials
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    my bro in law's Intrigue had a similar problem with only 34K on it. Transmission completely shot and had to be replaced. This was on a 2001 GL. Luckily LUCKILY it was still under warranty.
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    My 2000 Intrigue with 64000 Km has developed a ticking sound when I start it cold. Sounds like lifters. I can also hear it when it warms up but not as bad. It may have always been there however I just noticed it the other day. Dealer says it is normal operating noise. Anybody else having the same symptoms?
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