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Oldsmobile Intrigue Accessories & Modifications



  • bigbuckeyebigbuckeye Posts: 4
    On an Olds Intrigue...Does anyone know the approximate length from the rear of the trunk lid to the holes where the spoiler screws go into ?? :confuse: Front and rear holes...
    Also does anyone know the approximate length from side of trunk lid to spoiler holes ?? :confuse:

    I went to pull-a-part,and and got a spoiler from another Olds Intrigue,and I didn't write down the measurements. :mad:

    I dont currently have a spoiler on the trunk lid and am adding one..I dont want to just guesstimate the measurements.
    And really dont want to drive back to pull-a-part to measure the holes considering its 25 mins away...

    If anyone can help,I'd appreciate it.
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