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2000 GMC Yukon XL Noises

code3rulz67code3rulz67 Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in GMC
I have a 2000 Yukon XL, and really like it. We just started having problems, and now are hearing a noise that sounds like a flat tire, but it will disappear when I accelerate, and start when I let off the gas. I have check.the bearings, and there was no movement, and have check the drive shaft. I am at a complete loss on what is going wrong, So any help would be great thank you


  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120

    sounds like you checked same things i would have recommended. by bearings i think you meant U-joints for the driveshaft. when you decel and hear the noise, will the noise disappear when you shift transmission to neutral? I bet you tried that already. If noise doesn't disappear, look at wheel/tire/brake. If noise does disappear, it's driveshaft/u-joints, or transmission. one thing to consider is that there may be a bad tire which has a loose belt inside it. how old are the tires? does rotating them front to back change the weird sound at all?

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