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Porsche Cayenne



  • We went to a local Porche dealer to check out the Cayenne and found to our surprise that this dealership dropped the franchise after 18 mos. Here is what has us very curious...the dealer claims that they dropped the franchise because they considered the Cay a piece of junk (always things breaking and in for repairs) and because they had nothing but problems getting parts for any model. They said that the Cay especially had so many problems that they no longer wanted to sell it to anyone (wonder if they believed it so much as to buy any back). Would any of you agree that this is accurate regarding the Cay? We were surprised to hear this and are wondering if it is true or if the dealer just wants to sell us a BMW or Lexus, which he also carries. Any comments welcome!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,972
    I always suspect that the manufacturer dropped the dealer when I read stories like that; if nothing else the dealer wouldn't want to lose the franchise to a competitor who would try to cut into its BMW and Lexus sales.

    Then again, Costly doesn't mean reliable. (USA Today)

    Steve, Host
  • drcjdrcj Posts: 7
    The note on "costly doesn't mean reliable" has certainly been true for my Cayenne S. It's been in the shop more than any car I've owned in the last 20 years but the dealer seems to care enough to make things work. When they have the parts they call me and I get in when I can. It has been inconvenient at times and mostly just a big disappointment. The car drives well, is comfortable enough and looks nice. With 10k on the speedo it seems broken in but the service visits have been so often it's silly, a huge waste of time. I do think Porsche makes an effort but I actually considered returning the car to the dealer more than once an they did little to agree to take it back. I am told that the problems I'm having are rare but that doesn't matter much to me at this point. So buyers be sure of your service dept and loaner car availability.
  • Thank you Steve for the great and informative links. That made for some interesting reading! We also strongly suspect that the dealership was dropped by Porsche as you mentioned (poor sales, we think) but, of course, they would never admit that.
    Mom & Dad
  • Hey "doc",
    Thanks for the low down on your personal experiences with your Cayenne S. We're sorry to hear that you have had such a bad run with your vehicle and we agree with you that at this point it doesn't much matter how rare the problems are with that particular vehicle 'cause the shine is off the penny so to speak. Hope you can resolve the issues once and for all and finally enjoy your toy for all the reasons that you bought it in the first place!
  • jimveejimvee Posts: 11
    That's interesting, we just got our S and we have two of the same issues: condensation in the headlights and broken sun glass holder (latch broke off first time I touched it!).

    Was the condensation issue a big deal and how did they fix it?

    Also, does anyone know if the regular headlinghts can be replaced with the Xenons?
  • bobp7bobp7 Posts: 41
    found a leftover '04 S in the mid 50's, list was 65. is the 05 so much more reliable than the '04 that it is worth the difference?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    evidently it was an issue, the condensation on headlights. but I personally have never experienced any . I recall that someone last year posted a way to remove the lights, and dry the dissecant, to solve the issue....maybe just have the dealer do it...

    headlights can be replaced with Xenons, I saw on the Porsche Excellence magazine that many dealers offer discounts on phone orders,,,,and include the xenon up[grade at discounted it may be better than your local dealer price.

    Unfortunately, many of the design problems seem to stem from the Volkswagon end of the manufacturing process, IMO..... So they may have to beef it up....and hope Porsche can let them know...

  • I am awaiting delivery of an 05 S, Titanium/Stone Gray. I took the plunge and got the SportDesign/Sport Exhaust. I got 9% off sticker though the car had expensive options like carbon fiber trim I wouldnt necessarily have picked out myself. From what I understand the many of the reliability issues should have been resolved for 05 but we shall see.
  • I took delivery of my Cayenne S on October 2nd. I special ordered it exactly as I wanted and they gave me $6000 off of MSRP. I ordered it June 25th. I got $14,600 worth of options including the sport exhaust pipes which really look awesome. Additionally I bought an extra set of wheels on ebay so I will have 18" Turbo wheels for "winter tires" and 19" Cayenne design for summer tires. Dont be fooled the all season continental tires aren't real good in real snow (TIRE RACK REVIEWS) and body repair is expensive. Oh well you only live once! Anyway I haven't had any problems yet, and the new DVD navigation system is far superior to the original CD one. Much faster and everything is on one disc that stays in the DVD unit under the pasenger seat.
    Oh and gas mileage, I dont know if they did anything about the engine/transmission programming, but I am getting close to between 17 & 18 MPG on the highway right off the dealer showroom. Naturally I am not driving it hard yet and I do notice if you get into it a little the MPG drops quickly, but thats why you bought it, not for good MPG's but for seat of the pants fun, right! Otherwise you dont need the V8.
    I have to say this is one sweet performance SUV. I have had many cars and SUV's including the LEXUS 470, and the Cayenne is way beyond anything I have ever owned.
    Truely incredible, quality you can see and feel, the execution is flawless. I recommend the smooth leather interior option and I believv it looks a lot more luxurious than the embossed standard leather. Thats just me though, the look and feel in the cockpit is a big deal to me.
    I considered the Turbo, but I did not want the maintence issues that go with turbos, and I felt the 340 HP performance was enough to satisify my desire to wear out tires prematurely. Tires are a big deal on this car, high performance tires are expensive to replace and are designed to pefrorm and by virtue of that design criteria they can't wear as long as the standard tire on the everyday Ford or Chevy. Silica tread compounds are used in many new high performance tires and while they enhance handling, these compounds wear out fastrer. The 19" Pirelli PZero Rosso tires cost around $ 1100 a set from the tire rack once you get them installed.
    I know I am rambling, but do your homework before you order one, and if you really want a Porsche, dont buy a Lexus or Infinity, in my book there is really no comparison. The Cayenne is KING in my book.
  • Congrats Dennis! Sounds like a sweet S. Cant wait for mine, any day now. You got an 04? Glad to hear you havent had any problems, that was my biggest concern. Does the sport exhaust make the car any noiser at idle or highway speeds?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    congratulations, madlaw....

    hope you have lots of fun....and let me know how you like the sport exhaust..I am thinking about changing mine too...
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    congrats to you too, dennis721.. !!

    seems like they upgraded the navigation unit...I think that it is great they did. I still have the CD based one,so it is a pain to have to pop it in once in a while....

    I also got the titanium grey color, and like it alot. But my two kid/sons both just saw the Cayenne video...( they sent this out in 2003 , before they released the car) , and in it they had the black cayenne, so both seemed to prefer the black.

    they were both amazed that the car could ford small streams....and I let them know that the car doors have special seals that prevent water from entering....but also that one should not ford a stream of unknown depth.

    Anyways, they liked the duality of the cayenne...

    I would say it is three faced:
    1- true can go 4 wheeling, in snow and mud and have the utility of a truck.
    2- true sports can go with the best of cars, even sports cars, on the roadways
    3- luxury can drive it up to a hotel or opera, and the valet will smile....

  • Thanks to all you guys too, this forum is really valuable. I been reading it for sometime and found it invaluable before I ordered my Cayenne.

    Also I sure do agree with you about the multi faceted character of the vehicle. Indeed it does all those things very well.

    I did depart a bit from the norm on color, I like red and so I got the red metalic with havana/sand beige interior.

    Also in response to your question on the sport exhaust, I can't say for sure, but I believe it does change the exhaust note more like the standard turbo four flute sound.I bought the option more for the look though, pictures dont do them justice.

    I got the winter wheels and tires on mine now with the Dunlop Grantreck WT M2 and they really add to an agressive look. I read a lot of reviews on the tire rack about the M2 and they say these really will get you thru deep snow and they are not noisy at all.

    thanks again to you highender and all for the valuable info that gets posted on here.

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    your welcome dennis...

    I will look into the Dunlop M2s also....since the 'Continentals are very good all weather, but probably do poorly in snow heavy situations....

    I have a set of spare 18 " wheels that have the continentals.., but they are nearly worn...

    thanks to you also, dennis....
  • Dennis, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your CS. I am still waiting for my C, with manual trans. I ordered it in early June.. ;-((
    Can you tell me your Porsche ref # (i.e 214xxxx), just out of curiosity, I want to try and figure out why mine is still on a boat ! Thanks.
  • It is easy to fix the condensation problem. New dehydration bags in the light do the trick. Now lets see if it stays fixed. The sunglass holder requires a new part but really doesn't work click that well.
  • Hi,
    I ordered on June 25th it was built on Sept 2nd, and delivered Oct 2nd.
    2146288. I suspect the manual transmission is delaying yours.
  • Your ref. number is about 600 higher than mine... at least I know my order went in before yours did. That helps. You are probably right, about the manual tranny.. Thanks for the info. I can't wait to get it !
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    what going on here ? been real busy of late but still in love
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