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Porsche Cayenne



  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi aaaedgarpoe:


    what happened to allen ? :-)


    I agree, Cayenne is not a is more than is a vehicle that can go off road, then to the race track and go 150 mph plus safely, then take you to the opera or Ritz in style.....


    that said, I think Porsche let VW do a little too much work....and VW is about economy , thus the less than luxurious seating....


    I like the volvo S60 R seats the best....just pure glove like cushion, but with side supports that gently hold you....pure heaven compared to BMW, mercedes, porsche, caddy, etc....


    try it at your local dealer if you get the chance.


    If I were Porsche, I would take apart a S60R seat, re-engineer it, and put it in all cayennes....comfort with lateral support....and it would be in tune with what cayenne is all about.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I understand Volvo and its reputation for safe cars....


    but I think Cayenne has the same number of air bags....


    and cayenne super strength steel cage is nothing to sneeze at...though one must put the 2 cars side to side in a battery of tests to see which is safer...


    I think the Porsche Stability system is better than the Volvo markets its stability system loudly...together with its air bags....calling it the only antiroll-over system on the market...


    Porsche has all of the above, and integrated with the traction control system . Cayenne has a few gyroscopes of its own , to detect yaw, pitch and roll, and all systems are integrated into one complete overall system....


    With a cayenne with air suspension, then even that is linked to the overall anti-roll over has a self leveling feature that automatically adjusts air pressure in the shocks on the side that it senses is tipping over....a real anti tip over compensator. Volvo does NOT have this. It only has a stability system coupled with side airbags.


    IMO, Porsche, due to the need for the cayenne to be a sports car , has done more to prevent rollover, and more to increase stability and on road capability, than Volvo. and the numbers speak for them selves...


    At the famed Nurbringen track...the Cayenne turned in lap times better than the 2003 boxster and on par with the BMW M3.....going that fast around the laps would leave the Volvo crashed and out of the track, IMO.
  • actually knows something about the safety cage of the Cay and T-reg! The safety cages are the same.


    And boy did that take digging. If you call VW, all they do is read press releases to you.


    Now if the T-reg just had a carbon filter for cabin air as the Cay has as an option.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    T-reg , IMO, already has a nice interior...some say the 2nd best, after Range Rover....


    I like the neatness and less buttons layout of the cayenne.


    didn't know that the t-reg did not have a carbon air filter....


    did you know that the cayenne has TWO separate hydraulic brake systems...(probably one for front, one for back, but I am not sure how) !!


    So that when one system fails, the other will still work ? cool.... :-)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Most cars have a dual circuit brake system so that two wheels will brake if one of the brake lines fail. Maybe the Cay has a redundant four wheel system?


    btw High, you need to see this off-topic pic. <g>


    Steve, Host
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi Steve :


    thanks for info on the brakes....seems like a good idea to have dual circuits. According to Porsche , it is a redundant dual circuit.

  pic !! seems like a great way to deliver KKs to sails.... ;-) <g>


    talk about overkill.... :-)


    well, to each his own, I guess....
  • Highender and others, while we know that the V6 engine is shared to some extent with VW, does the VW also have a dry sump? The same loooong oil change intervals? The same Mobil 1 recommendation? The same difficulty in changing the oil? Should I volunteer to the board to buy and compare prices and internal construction (by cutting them open) of the VW and Porche oil filter?


    Wouldn't it be interesting if the local VW guy would do the Porche $200 oil change for a VW like price, say $50? Wouldn't you pop for one every 5 to 6K as with other cars, say like those made in Munich?
  • Not really considering you are looking at a 20,000 mile oil change interval, using a dry sump system requiring 9 or 10 quarts of Mobil 1 at a cost of around $5 to $6 per quart and a $12 to $15 filter ($75 for oil and filter alone). Plus the check up they do at the oil change includes more then just changing the oil, its a full inspection of all fluid levels, drive belts, cv joint boots, ect......! And its only necessary every 2 years unless you drive more than the 20,000 miles. I agree it sounds expensive till you know what all is involved! Probably should be closer to $140 or so, but Porsche technicians make more then the Cheverolet garage mechanics.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi blckislandguy:


    I am not sure, but I think the V6 engine does not have a dry sump for lubrication...I know that both V8 engines have this feature.


    I think the V8 engines are different for VW and Porsche...


    don't know if the filter is exchangeable between the two...but I think you can get any oil change place to change to oil for $20 , if you provide the 10 quarts of Mobil 1 syn and the oil filter.


    I get all the factory recommended oil changes done at the dealer, but in between, I get just the oil changed (not the oil filter) at a local shop .
  • So I'm down to the following, with safety my main concern:


    First Choice:Cay.

    Second:new 2006 m-class benz due out in mid-April

    Third:Volvo XC90 due with BLIS in August.

    Forth:Lexus R330 (or R400H).

    Fifth:VW T-reg.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Here's everything you ever wanted to know about dry sump and more! :-)


    tidester, host
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    Hi guys, I'm about to purchase a Toureg this weekend. 2005 Toureg V6 w/ Package #4 @ $40.5K (exclucing tax & license). And my research shows that I might be able to get the Cayenne for a few grand more just with the Convenience and Touring package. Am I completely wrong, would it be much higher?


    If the difference is withing $3K, will it be worth going for the Cayenne instead?
  • Regrettably, there is no genlemanly way to put this: I think that you are stark, raving mad. Check out the accompanying board (Infiniti FX35 vs. VW T Reg vs. BMW X5 vs. Cay vs. Caddy SRX etc.) for several comparisons of T Reg vs. Cay. These comparisons center on CAY's 20 more HP, significantly more power directed to the rear wheels, better customer service, nicer interior, etc.


    Without repeting any of the arguments advanced on that board, which car will be more fun to drive, own, and in 5 years sell for a higher percentage of your buy price?
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    The base Cayenne V6 has 247 horses compared to 240 on the Toureg (is this wrong info?). I'm not planning on buying with the intention of selling it. Plus, one would hope that when you pay more for a vehicle and more on maintaining the car that it would have a better resell value.


    Anyhow, my estimates were wrong. To get a comparable vehicle with equivalent features as the Toureg, the Cayenne would cost approximately $48.5K. That's a price difference of $8K. Will the price jump be well worth it?
  • atranatran Posts: 3
    I've got a 05V6 with sunroof, memory seat, heated seat, auto climate,6CDs changer, rear window screens, compass - listed 48830, bought at 44800. I tested drive the V6Toureg; it was not even close to the Cay. I'm not sure how much the Toureg costs with the same options.
  • atran, you are a ferocious negotiator. That's a great price. I paid a little less but didn't get the 6CD changer, auto climate, or memory seats. (I can easily rationalize their absence though: my Cay is a one driver car tuned to rightwing talk radio or country exclusively, and like 99% of all Americans I compulsively fiddle with the HVAC settings anyway.)


    IMHO Porsche is making a big mistake in not taking dead aim at the X5 3.0 crowd with good leases. The car is much better than the VW and significantly better than the X5. Ownership experience: Do you think they will remember your name at the high volume VW store or the "we sell all we can bring in at list price to these foolish yuppies" BMW store?
  • atranatran Posts: 3
    After 2 hours, they asked 48, let me walked at 44. I called in later to accept that offer. They have to get this color from San Diego port. My wife only accepts white, it's her car :-)

    It's such a solid car - it feels so much better than X5 and VW.
  • atranatran Posts: 3
    I'm sorry. I meant that they asked for 44800.
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