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Porsche Cayenne



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    A little 4 door aside:

    Four-Door Porsche Sedan Set for Frankfurt Debut (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • Hi All,

    Picked up 2005 Cayenne V6 last night. I want to change the tires. Any suggestions? I am not a fan of the Continentals that are on there. Thanks.
  • Went to my dealer to get trailer light plug installed. THey claimed to know nothing about it (my car has factory towing package). They sent me to a trailer place that apparently shorted some wiring trying to splice in a different style connector. Now my suspension height adjustment won't work and my Turbo has been in the shop at the dealer for over two weeks. Help anyone, please.
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    The dealer fixed this very quickly... replaced the micro switch on the rear outside window handle. Have had no problems with it since then.

  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    Hi guys,
    Further update on the blackbox instal that PCNA asked to install in my 05 Cayenne S.

    The dealer installed it yesterday - took about 5 minutes. It's about the size of a shoe box and made of black wood! It sits in the back area with velcro on the bottom to stop it sliding around. Conected to it is a cable which has a multi-pin adaptor that plugs into a socket underneath the dash near the steering wheel.

    From what I've been told, they are recording all the vehicle's parameters including g-force, rpm, speed, gear shifting points, basically anything that the cars ECU will experience. This trial will last 6 weeks and then they take the box out.

    I believe they have been seeing issues with the centre lock diff but am not really sure why they are collecting this 'real world' data. I asked if 997's and boxsters were being evaluated,... so far it seems only limited to Cayennes.

    Anyone else have more info on this?

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi Steve:

    I am interested in the results...but I am inclined to think they may be tempted to not tell you all they know...(not to say it is a corporate problem with Porsche only)

    Please keep us up to date on this .....thanks..
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    yikes...hope the dealer helps you they did for me when I stupidly slammed down the rear hatch onto an electrical plug that happened to be in the way of the latch. The dealer said owner errors or other events not under their control is NOT covered under warranty. however, they did fix it as a goodwill gesture....and I was not charged. Having other shops tamper with Porsche equipment is a sure way to endanger your warranty, but now I think they have to prove that the other shop actually did something to directly cause the problem.

    Does the trailer light connection come close or is it on the same circuit as the suspension ? If it is, then the dealer may not fix it...(not unless you ask for some goodwill favor) and it may be the responsibility of the trailer place.
  • I just bought four Pirelli PZero for my Turbo. It's not as high performing as the Continental but they are less expensive. They seem to be ok.

    Also, my local Porsche dealer now has nitrogen air which were used in my new tires. I'm not sure but I seem to be getting 1-2 miles per gallon better which is what nitrogen supposed to do.
  • Has anyone installed BlueTooth capability in their Cayenne? Please provide some info. I want to utilize my cell through the Cayenne's speaker/microphone.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I had a chance this weekend to drive a CAY V6 with the Bose system and it is night and day better than the standard sterio. Now, having learned my lesson, I'm wondering if I couldn't upgrade the existing base sterio by just having the Bose (or comparable) speakers installed in doors? I don't need anything else besides a better sound. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    My Cay came without the roof rails. While I'm not sure I would ever use them, I think they add a nice look to the car. Do they easily install?

  • svinaiksvinaik Posts: 84
    Yesterday my Cay S went dead. For some unknown reason, battery went completely dead. Dealer cannot find any fault. Possible explanation is that either the door may have been left open / lights left on etc. which I doubt but may be true. Vehicle has been driver regularly except for the last 2 days.

    After the jump start, battery has been charging upto 14 amp. So seems to be okay.

    Anyone else with similar experience?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi svinaik:

    I had the interior lights on all night, and the car started in the morning....

    find out if there is a short, or some other fault...
  • I had similar experience. Twice the car appeared dead, I unlocked the car manually moved the gearshift lever and then the car started right up. I believe it is a computer error that has to reset.

    good luck
  • zipsterzipster Posts: 1
    And it will be a celebration! After four new cars in four years (2 Audis, a Jeep and now the Cayenne S) I have a terrific ride I've no intention of dumping. It's two in May and the only problems have been minor and quickly corrected by a conscientous and customer-caring dealership. Great SUV! Lousy gas mileage, but that comes as no surprise. It's well worth the fuel charge premium. :shades:
  • dburke1dburke1 Posts: 1
    I just added a 2003 Cayenne to my small stable of cars, and although our gas in Canada is over $4/ gallon, the Cay does impress me in many ways. I'm looking to lower the car with springs, but from what I've seen available, the Eibach's don''t do the job, and the others from H & R and G & A only lower approx. 1.2" or so. My question is this....are there springs out there that will lower the vehicle 2 or more inches? Any help would be much appreciated...
  • novitonovito Posts: 2
    I have 12,000 miles on the stock 20" Michelin diamaris and they are toast. Mostly highway driving. Anyone have recommendations on another type or brand? P will only recommend Michelin.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    "P will only recommend Michelin". Gee, why then didn't mine come with Michelin?

    Would you consider giving up the 20's (what are they called in the 'hood, "dubs"?) and putting something more realistic on? Something more ride, weather, and wallet friendly?
  • novitonovito Posts: 2
    perhaps I wasn't clear, With the OEM 20" rims with the proper speed rating the Michelin Diamaris is the only tire P will recommend. I like the looks of the "dubs" cuz they fill up the wheel well a little more. But at $330 each i will consider anything.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362 will take it in, since it may be covered...

    all else is doing well with the car....
  • jmincojminco Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Cayenne S that I would like to lower and get new rims and tires I have lowered every other SUV I have owned without issue but I cannot get a straight answer on if I lower the car with (Champion Porsche Lowering Springs) will it void my Porsche new car warranty. Any help on this would be appriciated as I have already ordered my rims and they would be set-off better by lower the SUV by 1.5 to 2.0 inches.
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