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Porsche Cayenne



  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Congrats! Heres to many hours of fun and enjoyment with your Cay!
    PS I think you've got the best color combo, enjoying my black/black as well. ;)
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Congrats!! I believe that most of us have experienced a minor problem or two but that is true of all vehicles. Relax and enjoy! ;)
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    I guess we are one of the lucky few with blackout trim! It does look awesome on black! Maybe we should start an accessories thread! On ebay you can get some excellent looking floor mats with Cayenne or Porsche embroidered across the middle. These are Lloyds' mats and far superior to the stock ones. I believe the company on ebay that has them is US Speed.
    I saw a painted 18" turbo wheel at the dealer, it looked good, it was not flat but shiny black. I asked the dealer if this was from Porsche and he said I can order it from Porsche but he just painted a stock turbo wheel for display and it looked really good. I think the flat would look dull or faded. I would go with the shiny if you are going to do it. I like the silver turbo wheels, I think now with the blackout trim, adding black wheels would make the car look too dark, but to each, his own.
    I had a 2004 911 Carrera for my loaner which turned out to be for 5 days! Although it was fast and great looking on the outside, I was disapointed with the interior. It had alot of plastic and looked like entry level after being in a Cayenne. Also was not as comfortable. Anyway Good luck and enjoy the trim! :)
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    I almost always wear my seat belt, but on occasion drive a few blocks without buckling. The seat belt ding is irritating. The dealer told me they have had a lot of complaints but don’t have a solution.

    Has anyone solved this “problem?” I guess my solution is to add another female part and stick a permanent metal clip and use the new part for my seat belt.

    Any other solutions??
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    As a little off-topic aside, it sounds like they've fixed the 911 Carrera 's interior, although I hope you don't have need of another loaner any time soon. (Inside Line)

    Bocabrian, you know we're all going to tell you to buckle up. :shades:

    Steve, Host

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  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17

    Thanks for the info on the 911, your sentiments match mine on the boxster. Maybe the 05 (997) have improved the interior and overall driving experience.

    Thanks for the input on the wheels, I know a guy that will do it shinny/gloss for $25 a wheel..I may try and if I dont like it, I can paint it again.
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reminder Steve (about buckle up) without your reminders I would surely forget....

    Seriously, I just dont care for the big brother attitude. I happen to wear my seat belt nearly 100% of the time, but sometimes for short rides to the end of block, etc.... you get the idea. This type of ding ding ding went out in the 70's ..I thought... .I have no idea why porsche/VW did it here. In fact I really dont care why they did it, I just wanna correct it.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    Well, because of liability issues and federal regulations, I doubt that you are going to find a dealer who will help you disable it. Who knows, maybe some one totaled their car pulling out of their driveway and won a suit against Porsche for not bugging them hard enough with an irritating dinger to buckle up.

    I don't think you are going to convince many people that disabling a safety feature is justifiable, especially when simply buckling in will turn the chimes off (but see the link below). Not to mention the stance your insurance company may take if you make a claim and their investigator discovers you've disabled the dinger.

    Here you go:

    Government should rethink seat belt regulations, report says (Naples Daily News)

    Steve, Host

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  • rkfrkf Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    Contemplating ordering an '06 S. Like the description of the "sport seat" option. However I cannot find a picture on the web or the dealer literature. Has anyone ever seen one or know what it looks like?

    Thanks for the help!
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    Hi again,
    It turns out the problem was a fuel tank vent valve, which probably explains why I had problems starting it immediately after filling up with gas. They also did the rear seat belt recall as well.

    Anyhow, all sorted out now, only issue is that after I arrived home, I discovered a 1 inch fine scratch on the top of the rear left door... it certainly wasn't there previously, but what can I do?.. I should have seen it whilst I was at the dealers.

  • rkfrkf Posts: 2
    Hi all,
    Contemplating ordering an 06 S. I am interested in the sport seat option but no one can show me a picture and I can't find one either. Has anyone ever seen one (in real life or a pic)?

  • racer_65racer_65 Posts: 43
    I frequently hear mentioning of very expensive oil changes for the Porsche Cayenne. I'm just wondering, is there any reason why one can't do it himself for, say $20? What can be so hard about draining the oil and refilling it?
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    Thanks for your link Steve..

    The report, written by a panel of 12 auto safety and engineering experts and sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said there is no scientific basis for the current regulation, which requires warning sounds to go on for no longer than eight seconds

    it appears that Porsche is violating a law.. or regulation...
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    Sounds like it; from other skimming on the net, it also sounds like the chimes in Europe don't go off. They just keep getting louder. So be thankful for small favors I guess!

    Seat Belt Reminder Technology

    Steve, Host

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  • billyg2billyg2 Posts: 30
    my 06 S order was placed yesterday. i ordered the all season tires but am thinking that maybe i'm better off with the performace tires with the intent on getting an extra set of rims along with winters since i live in ma where we get a lot of snow. how much would a nice set of inexpensive rims cost plus a set of 4 18" winters? is it worth it since each set would last longer before replacement. this is the only option i'm still debating along with questioning getting basalt black which might be tough to keep clean.
  • 20072007 Posts: 4
    I have an '05 Cayenne V-6 and have wanted to upgrade the options, i.e. panoramic roof, Bose surround, park assist & 6 CD changer in the same V-6 model. However, I have been told by a salesperson that the '07 Cayenne will be refreshed in April or May as a 2007 model. The early Panoramic roofs are S's and Turbos. The next batch will have V6's also. Also, the 07 is getting 280 HP in the 6 cyl (up from the current 247 HP).
    My question, does anyone know anything else about this "refresh"? Links to pics/styling (interior/exterior), performance, standard/optional equipment, pricing, etc.? I just don't want to upgrade my '05 and then be disappointed when the '07 comes out looking and performing a lot better?
    Thanks, 2007
    (I am a new member of this site and a 1st time Porsche owner)
  • billyg2billyg2 Posts: 30
    did some digging & found this outfit called wheel ehancement via the web. they claim to be 1 of the largest providers of porsche rims in the usa out of culver city, ca. i spoke to them & it was obvious that they know porsches. am i nuts to spend $1400 for a set of 18 in rims plus another 700 for a set of winter pirelli's since i live in new england? the rims are authentic porsche alloy rims with a 100 miles or less on them. they claim to buy & or swap tires from porsche dealers from all over.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi :

    I think you mean the monitors installed in the headrests, not the DVD player.

    there are 2 monitor covers (custom fiberglass) that I got from CEC in Los Angeles....and they obviate the need to cut into existiing rear headrests. But the price is steep just for the custom enclosures....but it was what I went for it. They were supposed to fit Alpine monitors...but I got some Soundstream monitors.

    My local electronics install guy gave me ,: 3 monitors, custom installation, including installing the jacks to connect the Xbox , inverter, and even a custom enclosure for the Xbox, for only $1400 . The third monitor is installed in the glove compartment.....

    I think cutting into the headrest is difficult, since they are rather small and narrow.

    But I had one quote of installation at $9000 , including cutting into the headrests, except they could not find headrests that were small enough to fit...

    Hope that you guys shop are bound to find a guy who loves working on cars and doesn't mind charging fairly for the work.

    good luck
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362

    I got the $200 oil change too....which included the oil filter,...

    but at the local oil changer store, they charged only $29.95 for oil changes and a complete hand car wash.... I just bring the synthetic oil from Costco or you can buy it from ..( you can get the oil filter there too). Then the price will be lower than $80 bucks...
  • Gentlemen,

    I purchased a 2004 Cayenne S, Titanium / Grey car two months ago and am wondering if any of you have the same problem that I do with my vehicle. First of all I noticed this same problem on the 2005 I test drove before I purchased the 2004 from the Porsche dealer but did not think it was anything at the time. I have noticed that from time to time while accelerating especially quickly after coming to a complete stop or turning a corner the car stalls for a brief second or two before accelerating. It is a helpless feeling as I do not know if the engine has stalled or the transmission cannot find the gear or a vapor lock. I usually have to work the throttle back for it to engage and accelerate again. If I do not do this the engine will engage after its delay at whatever foot throttle position I have so it can really get your attention when it does accelerate with a snapping engagement. I had it serviced for this but it is still there, not all the time but it definetly keeps me apprehensive about trying to cross a busy street where timing can be critical.

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    Rene' / speedshooter
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