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Porsche Cayenne



  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your comments. For the record I am extremely impressed with the Cayenne engine, brakes, turning/steering, balance and all the fundamentally important things. I am going to use a love analogy to describe more accurately how I feel about this car. It's really not about being positive or negative its about wanting something to be at its best. So, for me it's almost a love relationship with only a few relatively minor and tolerable faults. I tend to want perfection and my standards are very high since anything one buys or does reflects the quality and standards on "my" choices and "my" standards as a person. I want to be proud of my choices and for others to say "hey that guy has some class" or "that guy was very clever in that choice why didn't I do that" etc. Therefore I want the car to be the best it can be. Using another analogy I see these smaller issues and things I mention in a manner as relatively small "warts" on the face of an otherwise beautiful woman. The love and the "fun" is still there (and why I chose to stay with the car) but it is so close to being something ultra special that I want just a few things refined so it can rise to its full potential and "be all that it can be". Hopefully now you can discern a little more about how I think and understand it has nothing to do about concepts and philosophies relating to "positive" and "negatives" or optimism and pessimism. Though I can understand how it might be interpreted this way.

    So for the record I am very pleased with this car on a fundamental level. I just want a little less automation or for the ability for “me” to control things from the cockpit since “I” ultimately am responsible for driving this thing safely and being in the best control as possible. That all implies that the little bugs, ergonomic distractions and other little annoyances all contribute to defocus me from having the best driving experience and ability to safely get the car down the road. Relative to the older cars etc. it is still light years ahead of most anything anyone can recall. But the standards we judge by tend toward ever increasing higher expectations (unless we fundamentally change our own outlook and lower our own standards of self esteem). So think of my comments as a “conscience” or force for nudging the bar up a notch in the standards department more so than a complaining voice that wants to trash a very capable vehicle. I always state a problem with a possible solution. The truly negative among us just trash, tear down and say “buy something else” or “take what you get”. Ending on a positive note I am optimistic that Porsche will listen to valid ideas for improvemenst on the car since the evolutionary process requires that end-users get to have a voice in its design.

  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17

    I agree with you. There is alittle too much "big brother" in this car. I also agree with you, the car is great.

    My car 05 S is different than yours. When I leave the car in the ignition the door does not lock, and the radio and interior lights stay on. I accidently did this at night and the security guy in our subdivision woke us up at 12:00 to tell us about. Also my remote unlocks all doors with one click. Maybe there is a way to change the programing.

    As far as the remotes, they are awful, I think there has been two recalls. Both times the dealer replaced at no charge. But they are still awful. But if I understand one of your questions, there is a way to "reset" the remotes w/o waiting 30 seconds. I have found that by pressing the "key" or the lock button three times (slowly) the remote resets and the doors can be unlocked.

    So maybe you can help me. Have you figured out a way to eliminate the ding ding ding ding to remind the driver to buckle up (big brother again). I dont need/want the ding ding ding... its driving me crazy...

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,941
    Maybe some more digging will yield something. You can turn the chimes off in the Outback and new Tribeca, reportedly:

    kmartin, "Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)" #3861, 25 Jun 2005 2:29 pm

    I am a bit surprised that the NHTSA doesn't ding the manufacturers for letting this back door exist.

    Steve, Host
  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    My situation I described was the car's auto-lock feature - which is also programmably enabled as a user convenience/comfort option. It locks the doors when it motion automatically. I now can't recall the exact situation I was in before or if the key was in the ignition or was pulled out and tossed on the console as the door was closed. But it did not perform as I wanted it to or expected it to and it somehow automatically locked by design or by error/malfunction.

    You are also correct about the doors unlocking being programmable for singe door, single side or all doors. It was the defaults that I was not happy with since the new car came to me defaulted to only open the driver's door. That resulted in my passengers getting rained on when I panicked trying to unlock my door with the remote then pressed it multiple times more intuitively thinking it would open the other doors (causing the security reset timer to engage and have to count down) but only relocking the driver's door. After 3-4 resets and about 30-40 seconds of delay in the pouring rain (before I was even able to get the thing home and read the manual) I was soaked to the bone and in no mood for porsche's door lock/unlock "automation" theories. This was further confounded by having an intermittent failure on the front passengers side door lock (after I managed to reprogram it to unlock all doors) that always seemed to manifest itself at the worst possible times (e.g. bad weather, a lady waiting patiently for her gentleman to open her door and embarrassing the hell out of me etc.).

    As for the remotes, they are a total blunder in human factors engineering. All they had to do was keep it simple and have a seperate lock and unlock button rather than one single "toggle" and not be paranoid about the security delay timers. The security reset timers require you to wait for along time for the silly thing to time out and re-enable itself presumably as a precaution against people trying to hack the digital security key with a flood of digital patterns. I mean, my gosh, do they think people are honestly going to invent some super digital scanner and try to perform a hack attack on the electronic key?! I can see maybe locking it out after maybe 10 false attempts or so but why after the first failed attempt? I am more afraid of not being able to get into the car due to a mugger/thief approaching me and then panicking and fumbling the key fob and being caught outside the car waiting for the thing to let me get safely inside and locked again. This was totally anally retentive engineering by some greenie nerd that had no business ever being in the automotive design business if you ask me.

    I wish I could help you on the ding-ding-ding issue. I am a fanatic personally about wearing seatbelts so I do not have this problem personally. However, its like pulling teeth to get clients to wear them - especially heavy or over weight ones that don't like to deal with that belt and shoulder harness. It's everything I can do to get them to buckle up and I often fib and say "insurance regulations require me to have you buckle up and this car's computer will not let me engage the drive until you do". Haha a little white lie and using the computer as a scape goat is kind of diabolical and a natural justice since after all its the computer that will not let you turn off the chime. But if I know software/firmware nerds like I think I do (I use to be one) I betcha there is a super double secret keypad sequence that requires all 10 fingers to press a special sequence that will disable that thing. We just need to go to Germany and find the lead software guy, get him drunk off his keister, and have him tell us all the secret key sequences (then kick the sauerkraut out of him for being such a nerd haha). I think someone else on here was talking about a way to defeat this system too so you might try scanning the archives. Unfortunately the brute approach of disconnecting the speakers would be unacceptable since it would kill the superb bose sound system. But then again , the potent growl of the engine (V8 version) is music to my ears. Good Luck.

  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    thanks Jim

    Just so the record is clear, I almost wear my seat belts also, and am not weight challenged. I am 6'2" 200 lbs. :-) I just want the option to be mine (re seat belts).

  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    manuals need to be read and not thrown in a drawer. :mad:
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    06 model has 3 buttons
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    digging deep here to maintain self control.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I am not sure if the V6 gets the drysump may not need it, due to the fact that the oil pump may have to work less hard in the V6.....

    don't know if VW charges $200....but I know that one can buy the parts for cayenne for about $70 , and pay up to $30 for someone to do it....
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    digging deep here to maintain self control.

    LOL..... ;)

    Hiya, Mudman : how goes it ?

    Well, I expected this sort thing....

    I remember one person complaining about the relatively stiff ride a while back....
    this in a Porsche....

    kinda like complaining about speed in a Ferrari..... and Ferrari's don't have cup holders either...

    take care....

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    HI Jim:

    good analogies.....funny and entertaining too...

    I am glad that you can see and appreciate the good points about the vehicle...

    but please bear in mind that no pretty woman is perfect...there will always be some flaw....visible or not....nothing is perfect....

    With that in mind, I agree with that there are small niggles that perhaps can make the usage of the vehicle more convenient or ' JIM- friendly'

    I have not taken the cayenne in, due to many commitments...but will let you know what the mechanic said ....

    best regards.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    I hear the Cay has two independent sets of breaks -- one for the back and one for the front, which is cool. What other neat stuff does the Cay have?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,941
    hmmm, Highlander and I had this conversation a few months ago. I just thought all cars had dual master cylinders for the brakes as a redundant safety factor.

    You need to figure this out, High. Disneyland can wait. :-)

    Steve, Host
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    sorry....but the cayenne book is packed in one of the still have to look for it....

    I remember reading that the cayenne has a 2 completely independent brake circuits....but again, I need to verify this ....

    will get back to you guys....

    Mickey can't wait.....he needs us to dump dollars and keep the dream alive..( as well as the stock prices)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    What other neat stuff does the Cay have?

    well, there are some neat stuff...some rather interesting, and some that makes me scratch my head.

    1- the glove compartment has a cooling you can put your candy bars there on hot days

    2- the V8 engines have not one, but two timing that they will last the life of the car...

    3- it has hill descent and hill climb controls....

    4- lots of plug in sockets for electrical devices...

    5- nice cargo net/ divider

    6- speed reminder function....for the teens or for those who get lots of tickets....

    7- not enough controls in the computer to customize /adjust the warning bells, driver specific functions...etc...

    8- the stereo has custom Bose features , including where you want the sound sweet spot to be....we sometimes adjust it to the center.. .. but when the kids are asleep, we adjust it towards the front, to maximize surround sound stereo...
  • I must admit is is annoying and after hearing the explanation from this group that it is normal I must agree that I cannot believe Porsche does not have the technology to make an automatic transmission that shifts smoothly and correctly the way my Land Cruiser and Yukon XL did in the past. I complained and had it serviced to try and have it corrected but after numerous calls to the dealer and service department they finally admitted that it was a normal characteristic performance of the cars which of course they did not inform me about until weeks after I purchased the vehicle. I bought the Cayenne because I have a C4S 993 and thought it would be the ultimate to have a Cayenne S as my daily driver and the Carrera for the weekend.

    I do not regret buying the Cayenne as I have always loved my Porsches in the past and am learning to drive it differently from any automatic I have had in the past and to remember to rely on the tiptronic to cross a busy intersection but with training I will get the hang of it but I sure hope Porsche corrects this annoying characteristic of the transmission and smoothness of the drive in the future. It just accelerates irratically at times which a luxury SUV like this should not have.
  • 20072007 Posts: 4
    What's going to be, options, performance??? Anyone seen any pics?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    the transmission was built by Aisin ...which is in Japan, and builds many trannys for many diff vehicles...including toyota and others....
  • I have the running board installed by a dealer afterwards. You are right, they are a bit narrow versus my Lexus 470, however, it is still very useful for my 5 year and 2 year olds. It is wort getting.

    Cayenne facelift for 2007....

    I would really like to see an extended version (i.e. Q7) with two small jump seats added...
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