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Porsche Cayenne



  • If the doors were not locked then likely the motion sensors were not on. Your vehicle may have been towed away and never started at all. Sorry to hear that you suffered the loss of the vehicle and I suspect that it will not re-surface if stolen by 'pros'.

  • I am coming to end of the two choices,

    Titanium Metalic/ black interior
    White/ black interior

    Titanium owners, or White owners please help with your input, if you are happy with color etc.

    I personally like white one better but since it comes with more options dealer trade etc, it will cost me $2000-5000 more.(for price detail, please look under porche Cay price paid forum)
    Titanium one, I can get it for under $44000.
  • I replaced my stock 18inch 4x4 Contact Sport Contis with 255/55HR/18 Michelin Energy MXV4 plus and have been very happy with the Michelins. At 8,000 miles the Contis were howling and at 11,000 has excessive wear so I replaced them then. The Michelins ride smoother, handle almost as well, make no noise, and obviously last much longer( I now have 27,000 miles on my CAY S). The load level is slightly below specs but I do not use my Cay to tow. The tires look great to. They do cost more but you get the money back in wear, and they are all season tires. I highly recomend them, especially if you like a littlew smoother ride on an already great SUV! :shades:
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    I am about to get 2, I will switch :)
  • I think you will like them :shades:
  • Titanium, hands down. Porsches are serious cars. Serious cars do not come in white. Have you ever seen a white MB, Jag, Audi, Volvo, Bentley, etc. that looked as good as a dark color? White cars are for people who don't want to wash them and don't want to fix minor dings. (Compare the image projected by the local PD who take a white Crown Vic and put on some decals with, say, the dark blue and grey two tone paint scheme of the Mass State Police or a similar dark scheme of the NY State Police. These guys know what they are doing when they choose a dark color. Its not random.)
  • The dealer where I picked up my 05 Cay supplies Raytel as their aftermarket bluetooth option. Raytel just started supporting the Treo 650, so I am looking to add this option. Is anyone familiar with Raytel? The dealer is charging $1,500 to install the system...
  • I think you should sell, I don’t volatility is good for your psyche

    I have 19" Conti Tires/Turbo wheels now. Tread worn quickly. I want to purchase something that does well in the rain (I live in South Florida). Which tire at any size is the best in the rain?

    Secondarily, I would like to fill up more of the wheel well and obtain a more low profile, wider tire.

    Are my two objectives contradictory/opposing/inconsistent?

    Has anyone "upgraded" from 19" to 22"?? Is there any improvement or degradation in performance?? handling, acceleration, mileage, braking??
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,969
    "Pumped up by sales of the Cayenne SUV and the redesigned 911, the German automaker doles out hefty bonuses to employees."

    Porsche Pays Bonuses for Sales Surge (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • hmmoonhmmoon Posts: 1
    Bigger rims like 22" would put pressure to your engine/gear regardless of what your dealer may tell you. You can feel uneasiness when you accelerate.
    In addition to that, you would need to have your tires contantly balanced perfectly as it tends to vibrate on high speed even if they are slightly off-balance.
    Ofcourse, all dealership would not agree, but thats what I could tell you from my experience.

    I chose 20" rims for my Cayenne S.
  • I am searching for any solutions to a hesitation or stuttering that has developed on my 03 turbo under hard acceleration or with acceleration on steep grades. It seems as though the hesitation develops once the boost needle is between 0.4-0.8 bar. Once it occurs the boost gauge will drop to its mid position and stay there and the top end acceleration will markedly drop off. It is very noticeable when pulling a boat up steep grades.

    Since it first developed 3 months ago I have had it in the shop 3 times, each time they have been unable to fix the problem since no warning lights or messages have ever appeared. Last visit they changed all plugs wondering if one was misfiring. The problem persists and I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen and if is so, how was it corrected.

    Again mine is an 03 Cayenne turbo with 32,000 miles.
  • Update to my recent post: The Cayenne T is in for its 4th visit for this problem. This time the diagnostic eval showed an error in the ignition coils. They have replace 3 coils and feel that the problem has been corrected. I will pick it up next week and see it that is indeed true. Anyone else had problems with malfunctioning coils, and if so was it a solitary problem or a manifestation of something larger?
  • My first winter with Cay.
    All years I only used studded tires for winter.
    My porche dealer have no studded tire for sale. All they have is Perill scrpion for my 17"(extra wheels I got on Ebay!)and it will be $750. My local tire shop "Less Shcwab" have Winter cat tires Studded for $587. At this point, price differrence is not much. But I still can't decide which way I should go...?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,969
    I can't tell from your other posts if you live near Bend or just got the Cayenne from a dealer there. After the big mess at Snoqualmie Pass this weekend closing the interstate, I might go with the studs (assuming you are near that area). I've used Les here in Boise and they seem to do a good job.

    Steve, Host
  • Well... yes I' do live in Bend. We did have a little snow (it's all gone now) this morning. Thanks for the advice Steve! I'll go to bed early tonight... to wake up at 4:00AM.
    I called "Les" ,they told me people were in line this morning 5:25am for 6:00am opening and they stopped taking cars at 8:00am!!
  • just make sure you buy winter tires that are reccomended
    by porsche. i was all set to get 4 nokians until i was told
    they could vibrate around 75 or so. i opted for the parelli
    ice & snows. believe dunlap was another 1 that fit porsche
  • Really? Well... my local tire place "Les Schwab" kind sell their own was OK for my Mercedes ML before.
    Does Dunlap or Parelli makes studded tires????.
  • I just checked tirerack site, seems like I can't find anything for cayenne with studd if I follow their recommendation of tires. Come to think of.....I reread your post, I never go over 60phm even in the summer on the dry pavement..... So , may be I'll be OK...?
  • studded tires appear to be a lost art. nokian makes a
    studded tire but again i'd call your parts dept to double
    check if it was me or you can call porsche north america
    customer service. actually, your parts dept will be able to
    read you the winter specs. better safe than sorry. your
    not driving just any vehicle, your driving a porsche & they
    are tempermental!
  • encinoomnia, i'd make sure your tires are mounted @ a shop
    that has a hunter variation balancer & a corghi touchless
    rim machine. the small shops wouldn't have it since the equipment
    is really expensive. i also have a set of brand
    new 18" rims for the snows & the above equipment could be found
    in only 2 shops in the greater boston area were i live.
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