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Porsche Cayenne



  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    They probably will not...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Hey folks, I am considering changing the 19" wheels on my 2005 Cayenne S to 20" or 22" wheels. I think this may improve stability, handling and driving experience. Advice appreciated.

    You might want to put gyf's response in context. He's in Hawaii and, according to a post in May, 2007, had just got the 12,000 mile service on his 2005 Cayenne (<6,000 miles/ year?).

    I started an Edmunds forum titled "Are larger wheels/tires a waste of money". Obviously, the answer is highly subjective, but the question came up when a friend of mine bought a 2007 E350 w/ Sport package and we did the calculations on his expected tire replacement costs over a projected 6-7 year/100k mile life of the car. It essentially went from $2,000 with the standard 17" wheels and rotateable V rated tires to $8,000+ with the 18" wheels and staggered size W rated tires. Considerably more than the additonal gas he would have spent, had he gone from the E350 to the E550.

    I haven't spent much seat time in the Cayenne S but, from my experiences, it already handles as good as or better than just about any SUV out there on the standard 19" wheels. I would simply advise that, before you jump up to 20/22" wheels and tires, you make sure you do the full cost benefit analysis. Including the higher frequency of tire replacement (softer compound, lower profile tires).

    And also consider that, if you don't happen to live in Hawaii or a similar climate, most "W" or "Y" compound tires will become harder in lower temperatures and will severely adversely affect your traction in snow or even cold rain. Not to mention, give you a rougher ride, NOT a smoother one. That has been my unfortunate experience with my Acura TL 6-speed with the "summer tire" package.

    I have a 911S, so I do appreciate handling and performance. We may also be trading our MDX for a 2008 Cayenne this fall. But as good as the Cayenne is, I won't forget which one is the sports car.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    A very well thought out reply habitat1.

    I own a Cayenne and ordered it with the factory 19's and bought a set of 17's 'take-off's' for the winter.

    I can say the difference in handling with the 19's is noticable over the 17's, but even with the 17's the Cayenne is a great handler given the size and weight. I just put a new set of 19's on and it's not cheap but not over the top either. However, the Cayenne has a limited range of Porsche N-spec tires that are OK to use on the Cayenne so the choices are limited. I went with Pirelli's for mine.

    I can't imagine the ride getting better with shorter side-walls on tires up to 22', in fact, I would expect it to degrade with perhaps minor handling improvements.

    One thing I can say for sure is that the Cayenne is hyper-sensitive to any imbalance in the wheels. Anyone buying tires for this should look for a shop with a Hunter Road-Force balance machine or they may be un-happy with the results no matter the tire size.

    Anyway, I find the 19's a good compromise between handling, cost and performance and having my 17's for the NY winters allows me to use the Cayenne year round.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Hey host, if you are looking, I tried to put my last post into 3-4 separate paragraphs, but they weren't accepted. Tried multiple times.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That's odd. I noticed that your message habitat1, "2008 Acura TL" #35, 21 Jul 2007 9:26 am was properly broken into paragraphs. What did you do differently?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kpeterskpeters Posts: 11
    hi there, dont do it! I mean get the x5, i got an 07 in January and just turned it in for a cayenne because its much much more detailed, beautiful, better performance etc.. x5 has too much platic around bumper
  • kpeterskpeters Posts: 11
    Hi there I have a new 08 cayenne is there a way to hook up an ipod? Any ideas much appreaciated// thanks!!
  • dubsterdubster Posts: 45
    I`ve had a major problem with water getting caught in the chassis of my 04 cayenne s then it comes up into the passenger footwell it got so bad that it affected the fuse box etc it would sound like I was literally driving in a bathtub--any others wit similar prob
  • db2008db2008 Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    Any views on this color? Do you think it would re-sell well?
  • osusosus Posts: 3
    My tiptronic switches on steering wheel do not work.Did anybody have this problem???
  • Nope. Hopefully your car is still under warranty. Both of them don't work? That kind of sucks but you still have the stick ot use to shift up and down. This is an odd one. Good luck!
  • I have a 2005 Cayenne Turbo with 33k miles and about 17 months left on the warranty (50k/4 years). Where would be the best place to buy a 2 year extension. Can you get this from Porsche? I have read their website and there's not a lot of info?? Thanks
  • Porsche does not offer an Extended Warranty...Only the Certified Pre-Owned Warranty...

    Try going on line...several available there...
  • Hi everyone. I just bought an 06 Cayenne base (with just about every option), but I'm new to the Porsche family so I had some questions:
    1. Are there any recurring issues with this vehicle that I should know?
    2. Does stability control, Electronic brakeforce disribution and 4 channel brakes come standard (I have the preferred package).
    3. Does the warranty cover wear & tear items or just the traditional bumper-to-bumper mechanical failures? I have the extended certifed pre-owned warranty.
    4. What maintenance is really required and how often should I expect to change the brakes/tires? Additionally, why $200 for an oil change?

    That's it for now. Any help I can get here is greatly appreciated. BTW, isn't really that good. Edmunds forums are very good and I owned several Acura's where acurazine was very good as well. Can anyone recommend a good Porsche forum other than edmunds?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    :D hey mudman

    yes....i am around,,,,but due to work, home , family, etc....i am here less....

    all is well with my cayenne....

    I also got the 100K warranty.

    one quick suggestion.....You can get cheap , inexpensive tires from internet , either on ebay or craigslist... for your cayennes.

    There is a set of 19" wheels and tires for only $300 in dublin, CA.

    I am sure happy that we only need oil changes every 15,000 miles....

    take care...and see you around.... :)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    1- there were some minor issues, but those have been worked out
    2- they should be in your owners manual. Some cars have different options than others. I am not sure about cayenne base.
    3- warranty does NOT cover wear and tear items.
    4- Engine should run with no problems , just simply follow maintenance schedule. You do not need a $200 oil change...
    I buy my oil at Autozone or costco, and go to the local oil changer...whom I know well and they change out everything for me..... I go to my trusted mechanic for some routine checks....and back to dealership for major checks....
  • Thanks Highender for the information. I was not aware that service could be done at places other than the dealer.

    Dows anyone know what can be used cheaply & easily to increase HP on the 06 Cayenne Base?
  • Hello all, new to the group and new to Porsche, need some help please. Just bought a 2004 Cayenne S (Semi Auto). When I start the engine after refilling the petrol, it sort of goes on igniting and then cuts off, it does not start up as normal, but it always starts up on the second try. Am I doing something wrong?? Not sure if warranty will cover.

    Live in England...... Many Thanks
  • tezzztezzz Posts: 15
    Well.. I really dont know what is so special about this car.. I got 06 Cayenne base(V6). I got 29600 mi and about to get 30K service done. One of my local porsche dealers told me it will cost me $1400. Is that sound right?? I dont know what kind of stuff they will do on my car.. but still 222222 much..
  • Just purchased this Porsche Cayenne Turbos S. It is a fantastic sport SUV. I have 2 issues...CD Player skips and emergency brake sticks. Does anyone know any other issues with the Turbo S ?

    Also want to install ipod & bluetooth....any suggestions ??

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