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Mazda MX-5 Miata Owners - Meet the Members



  • My Girl Mia'
    Hey Felow Miaters,

    About 2 months ago I was looking for a daily driver because I race my SVT Contour every weekend. I almost bought a 98 Escort ZX2 for $3k. Then I did a search for my dream car and found Mia', my silver '91 for for $2800! she's high in mile (157k) but since I race, I have become a Mazda sponsored driver so if needed, I can get a new 1.6 for $1300! Not that I'll need it any time soon. She runs like a champ. I lost the motor in the Contour (pretty sure it was because a certain national chain forgot to put the oil in) so she is my only car now. Touch, because I am a musician and she is not known for her cargo capacity. My favorite thing to drive ever though! I have a Jackson Racing cat back exhaust, a drop in K&N filter, and a Racing Beat tubular front sway bar that I am removing today and reinstalling the stock as it PLOWS LIKE CRAZY!!! Why I thought I knew more than the engineers who designed this darn near perfect car, I'll never know! Basically, I looked up what was legal for E Stock in the SCCA rules and bought it without thinking what it really did. Oh, and BTW. Don't try to do fish tales in the rain! Wow she went around fast! Great to be here! If in CT and wanting to race (against the clock, one at a time in an open parking lot around cones LEGALLY) check out and Join us. It's amazing!
  • I drive a lot of miles taking my 6 year old daughter back and forth to school. I really want a fun little car to enjoy the miles (I drive about 60 miles daily, mostly country roads). According to GA law, she can now ride in the front seat (with airbag turned off). when a back seat is not available. Any advice/recommendations? Are the roll bars a must? I do have another car for family trips, so this would be a second car, mostly for me!
  • I have experience with:
    5-Big & Small Mercedes

    Don't let kids under 16 ride in Miata's.
    It's a 4 tire Motorcycle and in a major crash, you will not be happy with the results...
    Great Car for Gas, Freedom, Spinning and burning rubber, racing, etc. but not 4 kids!
  • Oh bummer! I have to wait another 10 years to get a Miata?! The only other convertibles that would seem to be safer are the Saab or Volvo. Any thoughts on those? Thanks for your advice.
  • xjayxxjayx Posts: 1
    I have info on a very clean almost new 08 mx5 with less than a thousand miles on it. It the sport touring with the hard top.
    I know there are many enthusiasts that would love to have some info on where they could purchase this vehicle but I dont know where to post it.
    Can you help me out? :)
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Hi, xjayx,

    Selling isn't allowed in our Forums, but you can list it on AutoTrader by going to the "Used Cars" section at



  • Just joined - don't even have the car in our possession. A Toyota Dealer here was selling a 2003 LS with 23,000 miles on it for 10,999 - couldn't pass it up for my wife. Her Birthday is Thursday. She won't know about it until I give her the Keys.

    Drives like a dream - first Convertable I have owned but then again, I guess she owns it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cool gift. Hope she loves it! :shades:
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