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Volvo 240 Wagons



  • two weeks ago, my '83 240 wagon completely cut out while driving 50 mph. no electrical or power at all and when tried to restart, absolutely no power to anything. had it towed to an electric specialist who jumped it, checked battery, alternator and complete electrical diagnostic and couldnt find anything wrong. drove fine for another 10 days and then the same thing just happened.
    any ideas? thanks!
  • will not shift into OD replaced trans solenoid and OD relay. OD switch appears to be working light goes on and off when pressed. can the kickdown cable have anything to do with the OD problem.180,000 miles on original trans . any thoughts would be helpful How much will the kickdown cable cost to replace Labor only
  • mrwrickmrwrick Posts: 6
    Had similar problem with 93 240 wagon trans, would not shift into O/D. Turned out it was the fuse for the O/D shifter, not solenoid or cable. Try it.
  • Just purchased a 86 DL 240 wagon. 214000 mileage on her now. Seems to be tip top
    but it doesn't like starting below half tank o' gas. I've got about a year to make this beauty worthy of a cross country trip. Any tips on where to start the revamping process.
  • geogeo Posts: 23
    Wagonrollin, If I recall these have two fuel pumps .... if the one in the gas tank has a hose come off or stops working then you need more fuel in the tank to get adequate pressure to run right. See this post for detailed info:

    George in Wisconsin
  • mrwrickmrwrick Posts: 6
    I have an intermittent starting problem in my 93 240 wagon, 138,000 miles ONLY. Sometimes, possibly after driving it and getting it hot, then after stopping, engine off, and getting back in to go somewhere else, when key is turned the dash lights all come on but NO sound or cranking from starter. Also, when this happens the shifter cannot be moved, even after pushing shift lock override button. Then, after sitting some time it will start, but this can take an hour, until it all cools down. I used to have this problem with a VW Bug starter, but that was a standard trans and it could be bump started, not so with this auto trans. What is it? How to fix? Thanks
  • I'm trying to install a new latch mechanism on the rear seat of my 91 240 wagon. It appears that I need to remove the rear seat back to access the assembly. The bottom of the rear seat itself is simple to remove but I'm unable to remove the seat back. Repair manuals are unclear on the specifics of replacing this mechanism. Can someone instruct me on how to unlatch and remove the seat back? I think I can deal with it from there. Thanks.
  • juttep1juttep1 Posts: 2
    I own a 1989 DL 240 wagon with 227,5xx miles on it. runs like a champ. idles quieter than some of my friends new cars. runs smooth at all RPMs and never has let me down. Doesn't burn any oil and even starts on cold winter morning. just thought i'd throw that out there.

    good luck with whatever you choose.

  • juttep1juttep1 Posts: 2
    1989 Volvo 240DL Wagon.
    2.3L I4.
    Runs great through all RPMs. Even idles really smooth.
    Only issue is sometimes it has difficulty starting; sometimes a lot of difficulty.
    Sometimes, more rarely, it back fires slightly.

    what it's not:

    its not the coil; had it checked.
    its not the battery; had it checked.
    it's not the spark plugs; they're new.

    maybe something with the timing? but i wouldn't think it would idle and run so well if so.

    maybe the starter is going out?? Can you get a starter tested?

    maybe a fuel pump? if it's a fuel pump i'd get an electric inline one and just mount a switch powering it on the dash b/c i don't think i'm qualified to drop the tank out and get a new one.

    qutie the perplexing car.

    Any help is appreciated greatty


    -Paul J
  • My 1993 240 Wagon has 330,000 miles on it and has been a great car...No plans of replacement with a newer one...Mechanics contend that the new ones will not last like the older models so if buying one, don't expect the high mileage and years of service that we have been experiencing...
  • freddirksefreddirkse Posts: 2
    edited June 2010
    I have a 1990 Volvo 240 DL Wagon. When it's cold, it loads up and floods really bad and won't start. I end up having to pull the connectors to the fuel injectors, crank it and it'll run for a few seconds as it burns the gas in the cylinders. I plug the connectors back in and try again and when it finally starts, I have to hold the accelerator to the floor and it chugs and chugs and will finally smooth out. If I don't hold it to the floor, it just dies. After it gets through the chugging and it starts to idol normal, it runs like a watch for the most part. If we stop it, it'll start again just fine as long as it's still warm. Just when it's cold, it does this flooding thing. Recently it's now started suddenly revving to 3-4K RPMS after starting without touching the accelerator. It'll be sitting there idling, then suddenly it's idling at 4K.
    Any help is appreciated!
  • leigh1975leigh1975 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 240 Volvo sedan. The brake lights do not come on when my headlights are on; though the tail light is light up. Is there something fairly simple that I can do at home to fix it? I don't have any experience working on cars but love my volvo and want to keep her on the road. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Hi. Trying to fix the same. Did you have success? Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I took mine in and the problem was that bulbs used were improper voltage (i.e. wrong bulb number?) and were installed incorrectly.

    Might need to get the actual volvo bulbs for the correct voltage otherwise it just causes problems. Paid $60 to diagnose that problem once.
  • at the rate i'm going, 138,000 miles seems like an eternity..the truth is, i live in nyc ( manhattan) where the subway is a favourite mode of transportation..about 13 yrs ago, i bought a 1993 volvo 240 sedan that had 25, 500 miles on it..guess what? it's now january , 2011 and i have only 46,000 miles on it...i hardly ever use my car BUT i hate to give it's a work of art..i love the boxy lines and aesthetics... during the years, pieces of molding were stolen from it and someone tried to pry off the grill ( inside the public garage).. other than fixing same & replacing the alternator, buying a new battery and changing the tires, i have had NO problems.. can't give any mechanical advice to anyone here as i'm not good at that..but i'll never sell this it's a welcome addition to my single family.. just wanted to share this story.... good luck everyone. :)
  • Did you ever figure out the problem? I have a 90 240 wagon with 208K miles and have the same problem-fuel pump relay has been replaced with no luck.
  • davez7davez7 Posts: 1
    I have a 1984 Vovlo 240 DL wagon that's been in a garage for several years. It was meticulously maintained until the original owner passed away about 9 years ago. Since the car was only used a few times and has sat in the garage for 4 or 5 years without any use. The tires are partially deflated and I have yet to attempt to turn it on because I do not want to cause any damage to the motor. The car has 113,000 MILES AND interior and exterior are really in excellent condition. I'm sure anyone who wants to use it will have to replace the tires and do the brakes + other things that come along with a car sitting without use for so long. It is hard to find a appraised value for this car online. Can anyone suggest what it might be worth, or give me their opinion whether or not it would be worth putting the money into getting it back on the road? Thanks - Dave
  • Hi Dave -
    If it was meticulously maintained, garaged most of it's life, has those low miles and the interior and exterior are truly in excellent condition, I would definitely try to resurrect the vehicle. I suggest changing the oil for sure before attempting to start it. If you are able you may want to drain the gas tank and replace the fuel filter(s) so you have a nice clean fuel supply and lines.
    Is it a stick or automatic?
    Are the tires cracked from sitting partially deflated? If it was inside and did not have the sun and other weather attacking it, they may be fine. Brakes will be fine after sitting - perhaps a little sticky at first and certainly rotor rust, but that'll fix itself quick enough.
    Sounds to me like a couple hours of love, and worst case $500-$600 of new tires and brakes, and you probably have a fine auto again. Depending on where you live and truly what condition it's in, you should be able to get anywhere from $2,000 - $4,000 out of it.
  • luilunluilun Posts: 1
    Theres a switch underneath the steering colum that controls the parking brake switch if both are out than it's that switch
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