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Mazda MX-5 Miata Accessories & Modifications



  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    How much is reasonable to pay for set of new brake pads (all 4)
    plus rotors (front set only)
    plus labor charge ????

    Have a '04 model
  • dugldugl Posts: 10
    Does anyone know a low cost source for the "MX-5" trunk/tailight badge on a 2006 or newer Miata ? The dealers are charging about $30 for the adhesive that the best deal available ? Any de-badgers out there with wares to sell ?
  • I am looking for a new rear finish panel... either red or unpainted. Where can I find one? Will be for a 1990 Miata convertible.
  • rpmrpm Posts: 9
    I'm debadged, and my MX5 badge is in perfect shape. Make me an offer!

    (reply to onerpm -at-
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