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Mazda CX-5 FWD, AWD Question

cx52016cx52016 Posts: 1
edited July 17 in Mazda


I'm looking for a pre-owned Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring FWD. Quite hard to find. Am interested in FWD because my research and experience says that where I live, AWD isn't really necessary and just lowers gas mileage and eats tires.

Have spoken with several dealerships about this topic.

Finally, today this salesman tells me that the AWD feature on the CX-5 Grand Touring is "on demand", so most of the time the vehicle runs on FWD.

I asked him where I could find more info on this and he directed me to the Mazda web site and he suggested that I post the question on this site.

Therefore, I have two questions.

First, is what this guy telling me accurate? I haven't heard this from anyone else I've talked to.

Second question, is the "on demand" featured controlled by me, or does it come in automatically if the vehicle detects snow or ice or whatever?

Your thoughts and comments on this will be greatly greatly appreciated.



  • oldbearcatoldbearcat Posts: 170

    I just bought an AWD CX-5 Touring, and, what the guy told you, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate. If the Mazda detects loss of traction, it will automatically transfer, I believe, up to 50% of available power to the rear wheels. No driver input is required or even possible. I have owned 3 other AWD vehicles as well - 2 Jaguar X Types, and, currently, a Mercedes Benz GLK 350 4Matic. None of the three "ate" tires. The Mercedes currently has 44K miles on her original tires. From what I've read the fuel penalty on the Mazda with AWD is about 1 MPG. I live in the hills of WV, and, AWD comes in handy. The other thing about AWD cars I discovered - is that they're safer to drive in heavy rain too. With Mazda currently running 0% financing, you might consider looking at a 2015 - might be a better deal than buying pre-owned.

    Regards: Oldbearcat

  • jjohn5jjohn5 Posts: 1

    I'm not a CX5 owner but am looking at a FWD version too. What the previous poster said about it being in fwd mode until it detects slippage is probably true however there are a couple of other advantages to fwd. It lowers the weight of the vehicle by approx. 200lbs. This will make your CX5 more agile and a little quicker off the line plus with slightly better mpg. No AWD trans-axle to breakdown or service. A FWD version is about $1200 less. I would go for AWD in snowy and hilly regions but otherwise FWD should suffice especially these days with vehicles having stability control and ABS as standard equipment.

  • oldbearcatoldbearcat Posts: 170

    What you said is typically true. I felt as you did in 2010, when I bought a new Honda CRV LX 2wd. In spite of having traction control, ABS, and stability control, this Honda was the worst FWD car I ever had in rain and snow. Its traction control was virtually useless on snow - if I got stopped on the slightest incline, it didn't want to move. In heavy rain, I'd get wheel spin moving away from a stop, and, it was very prone to hydroplaning. I didn't even consider the FWD Mazda after my experience with the Honda. You might check some of the Mazda forums to find out how well the FWD models do in the weather you're likely to encounter. Anyway, I've gotten the Mazda broken in, and, even with AWD, Its far more athletic and is getting much better fuel economy than the Honda. I've taken 3 long trips in the Mazda so far, and, the mileage is running between 27.5 and 30 MPG - the low end being a 300 mile trip on the hilly interstates here with the cruise set on 73 mph and 2 adults aboard. I looked at the maintenance schedule for my Mazda, and service to the AWD system looks pretty minimal.

    Regards: Oldbearcat

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