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Kia Rio5



  • We took our new Cinco on the road over the St. Patricks Weekend. Omaha to Scottsbluff via I-80 {mostly}, 1100 ft elevation to 4100 ft. Played tourist, came home on side roads through to Sandhills.
    30.2 MPG out & 32.3 mpg back.

    It was happy doing 75 on the Interstate, but wanted to do it on the side roads too. It handled passing on the side roads pretty well. I hit 90 passing 2 semi's on a down slope.

    For 2 "empty nesters" and a 64 lb Boxer,this is all the car we need for trips.

    Sue loved the way it handles curves in Nebraska's Sandhills.

    Once we added pillows in the rear leg wells, our Pooch was Happy with the back seat.
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    An article in the web page announced that Kia had taken off the wraps on the 2003 Rio Sedan and Cinco Wagon. It sure will be interesting to see what they've done with the car.
  • dogangeldogangel Posts: 3
    Changes will include redesigned front grill, standard power windows, center console, 10 percent increase in horsepower, and optional spoiler. All good!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Here's some information from Edmunds' coverage of the 2002 New York Auto Show: 2003 Kia Rio, by John DiPietro. Thanks for your comments.

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  • very cool looking car,better looking than the last model.i hope the prices stay the same.
  • how fast can the Kia Rio go can it get up to
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    about various Kia models? Are you Mr. Nascar or do you just love to race on taxpayer-supported streets?!

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  • why would you want to go that fast?
  • How can I find out what company actually manufactures the engines and auto-transaxles in the 2002 Rio Cinco? Or to rephrase can anyone here tell me who manufatures the above, Sephias and others are not a Kia product is what many have told me .I came to ask that question but now I see the 03 will be a 1.6 litre engine? So the 2002 Cinco is a one year only engine? Who manufactures the newest 1.6 that will be in the 2003's?
  • atlankokeatlankoke Posts: 8
    The engines in th'02 are Mazda Based lic products.
    The engines in the '03 are the same that are used in Hyundai accents-Mists lic.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Actually, the 1.5 liter engine is a Kia-made engine. It is their own design. The new 1.6 liter in the 03 models is Hyundai's Alpha engine. This engine is Hyundai's own design. Kia does not use Mazda-designed engines in their cars anymore (I'm not totally sure where the Sportage's 4-cylinder comes from) and hasn't used them since 1997. Hyundai no longer uses Mitsubishi-designed engines. They stopped using them with the redesign of the Sonata in 99.
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    IS still a Mazda engine. It's a FE3 Block, with a head of Kia's own design. This engine was used in the Mazda Truck, The B2000, if I'm not mistaken.
  • aut2noaut2no Posts: 3
    Right now I'm looking for a new car and it looks like it's going to be a Rio RX-V (Cinco).
    I'm having problems deciding between a 2002 or a 2003 (so far it looks like the later), and finding add ons and upgrade parts for it on the net.

    Can any one out there help me?
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    Well, if you want a lower price, go for the 2002. The 2003's will have I believe a 8% increase in price.

    If you want looks, and power, go for the 2003. It's got the new redesign, and a new Engine with a 10% increase in power.
  • Thanks for the advise but I've already got the 2002. It was C$2000 less and it was on the lot with in 3 days.
    The more power would be nice, and as far as I can tell it may be a better engine (Hyundai used it for years). I am happy with the zip that it does have however. To be honest... I like the looks of the 2002 better.
    Even thogh comparitevly the 2003 is superior I am quit happy with my car.
    But once again, thanks.
  • Hey everyone, I'm considering buying a new 2003 Kia Rio RX-V conv. package (different from the 2002 models). Looks like a good deal at $16,150 CDN (5 sp., a/c, pw, pdl, pm, cd, alloys, roof rack), and Kia of Burnaby (Vancouver Metro area)is throwing in 5 years scheduled maintenance (oil changes, brakes, exhaust, tune-ups, even wiper blades) to match the warranty. I'm jumping from a 2001 Volvo S60 (lost it - and lots more - in the divorce...) Should I jump?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    For more feedback, you should also post (copy/paste) your question in our Help me select a Wagon discussion. Good luck. ;-)


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  • it bigmusclepaul! Question: is this a Rio wagon(Rio Cinco) or a version of the Rio sedan? A sedan with several new options included as part of the package?

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  • In the US it's called the Cinco, in Canada it's simply the RX-V. However, equipment levels are different in Canada, and the 2003 RX-V conv. pkg includes alloy rims, roof rack, fog lights, power windows, mirrors and door locks, cd player and keyless entry
  • ggrioggrio Posts: 1
    First let me say that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Rio Cinco! We bought her at the end of June '02 and I've never been happier. I have had a couple minor trim issues but now it's got a new trick. It's stalled out twice on me. Both times at or near a stop (crawling on LA fwy & at a stop sign). I have never ever had a new car and this scares me. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had or heard of this happening. 'She' has an appointment on Monday.
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