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BMW Owners Meet the Members



  • tisrandeetisrandee Posts: 18
    I know you posted the url to your pics and can't find it. Which board are they in or just post again. Thanks..
  • cars21cars21 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my new 539i that I ordered in
    February and built on April 3rd. Sport Package, 5
    Speed, leather, lumbar support, in-dash CD.
    I had ordered the Xenon lights and they were on the bulid sheet but where not installed. My cost
    was reduced by the amount of the option and the dealer through in a BMW CD changer and no cost.
    It's Orient Blue and the with the sport package wheels and gray leather interior it looks great!
    I have received many compliments. My friends wife
    who I wouldn't consider attuned to cars fell in love with it! I special ordered the vehicle
    with the convenience package without having
    to order the moonroof. It took some doing,but
    in the end I got what I wanted. I payed $2400 less
    than the MSRP. The dealer, Northwest BMW of
    Owings Mills, Maryland was super and I would recommend them.
    Where can one order the Eurpoean Armrest from,
    as I don't particularly care for the slot either?
  • jeffxjetjeffxjet Posts: 8
    I don't rmember where I put the link but I'll repost it here:

    See my photos of Jeff's BMW 330Cic at PhotoPoint

    Stacy- I'm not sure exactly when the get together is but I'll post more info as I get it.

    Randy- You need to repost your pics to or let us link to them again also, in fact everyone post some pics:)
  • tisrandeetisrandee Posts: 18
    Lee-- In response to post on the other board, definitely look into Valencia too cause they're small and may deal a little. I would definitely go for the convertible if you can pull it off. Driving a 3er BMW is fun but a convertible BMW is a whole lot funner. :-). Besides, it's like having 2 cars in one if you get the hard top. The lines of the car are far sexier and more elegant looking than the sedan too. ;-) . I have the 325 and I can assure you it's got plenty of zip and pep so if you wanted to save a few bucks there too you could. Still not cheap though at 46,700 out the door and that's without the sport package which I definitely didn't want. Sport seats would have been nice, but didn't want the sport package with stiffer harder ride. I really think more people should test both and get a feel for what works for them. I debated manual vs automatic and although I think stick gives a sportier feel, again, this car has zero hesitation with my acceleration so I can't complain about the automatic transmission....ESPECIALLY in stop and go beach traffic. As for the leather color, I don't care what anyone else says about leather being leather and the it's all the same temp...Black is hotter than gray and since you are in LA and it's very hot now, go do a blind feel test at the dealership with the cars that have tops down, and baking in the sun. Guaranteed you'll know the black when you touch it. They both look nice though. And as far as the back seat and passengers, really, no one complains so don't worry about it. :-).

    Jeff--will post pics again. Just in the process of changing accts at photopoint.
  • lrawles2lrawles2 Posts: 16
    I think tonight I finally reached a conclusion -- I am going for the cic: probably steel grey/black/black.

    Black Leather Heat -- (sounds like the name of a movie) -- I park in a garage at home and underground at work, so I can probably make do with a sunshade and top up when I need to park outside.

    I was really hesitating betweent the 330i and the 330cic, in part because of the price. I have found dealers willing to go x amount above invoice for the 330i, but no deals on the cic. But it looks like from the bmwusa web site that the price of the cic (as I configure it) dropped by about $700 when they added the HK to base (or something else). I think I can justify to myself the 7k difference between the cic and the i. After all, I'm single and always wanted a convertible. My older brother totalled my Dad's red MG before I was old enough to drive and I have "had issues" ever since. ;)

    In any case, this is my current layout: please feel free to comment:

    330cic (steel grey/black/black), manual
    sport pack, premium pack, cold weather pack, xenon, and in dash CD.

    I am thinking about the parking control feature, but think that is a bit of overkill in a cic. Thoughts?

    Also, I'd purchase a windscreen and possibly the bmw car phone (although I'd only be getting it for its integration into the car (and hands free feature)) -- is it worth it in a covertible? Anybody?

    Sorry for the long message, but I am so happy that I reached this conclusion that I just had to share and the members are the unexpected beneficiaries. Thanks again. I'd be interested in comments.
  • julia12julia12 Posts: 10
    Definitely get the parking control--that's my biggest regret (I didn't know it existed). The visibility is very, very bad with the top up and you just have no idea what the distance is. I personally find the regular lamps more than super-bright, and think you probably don't need the xenons, FWIW...
    Good luck!
  • lrawles2lrawles2 Posts: 16
    Thanks for the word, I will add that to the list. Anybody have any advice regarding the bmw car phone? Thanks.
  • jeffxjetjeffxjet Posts: 8
    I too regret not getting PDC, even with the top down I ran over a stupid curb in reverse in a parking garage(long story)...short story: it was a no parking spot and I was backing up to turn around and the [non-permissible content removed] of this car is so big you can't see the ground very well and it was a single spot cement curb with parking spots on each side so I thought it was clear...nope. I don't know if PDC would have prevented this problem cause it was a low curb but I still regret not getting it.

    The xenons are worth it if it's not a deal breaker, get them if you can afford it, otherwise the halogens are pretty good.

    When I asked about the cell phone feature they told me it was $1800.00 WAY too crazy for a dumb cell phone. Get a $100 phone at Best Buy and buy yourself the $30 handsfree set. Thay way you can carry the phone around also. With the windows up and the radio down my handsfree set works fine. The radio drowns me out when I talk to people and the wind is a little much with the windows down.

  • williamshimwilliamshim Posts: 40
    Hummm, since there is no Z3 topic here, I guess I'll post it here. I have a 2001 Z3 3.0i. T. Silver exterior, red with black trim interior. No mods yet, but as more stuff for this car comes out, I'll keep looking.....
  • lrawles2lrawles2 Posts: 16
    Thanks, I had heard that the phone was around 800 or so but I guess that doesn't include installation, etc. You're right it does sound like a rip. I have added the PDC to the list -- it sounds like a wise investment and my test drive of the cic definitely demonstrated the poor visibility with the top up.
  • tisrandeetisrandee Posts: 18
    On the BMW Cell Phone
    CONS: Very Expensive. A regular cell phone fits nicely in the sun glass compartment and the hands free headset with voice activation cost a whole lot less and work just fine.
    PROS: Works with steering wheel controls. (Love those steering wheel controls for the radio and CD!!!)

    Speaking of controls, the automatic garage door button under the mirror is pretty cool. Easy to do.

    Parking Sensors: They're annoying (my brother has em in his X5) and once you get a feel for your car and judging distance (like hitting a curb or two) you'll probably turn it off. My sensing distance in this car was more about the front than the back so wouldn't help me anyhow. What this car really needs is a long antenna that projects out in a parking lot when you're backing out of a parking space and you can't see a damn thing coming because of that lovely big blind spot when the top is up. No sensor for that one. :-).

    Xenons: Have em. Talked into them. Think they are very over rated in my opinion and would probably not get em again unless they included or thrown in.

    Regrets: Not getting the seat warmer.

    Lee, As I've said before, I think that everything you select on your car is such a personal choice from the exterior color to the sport package and if there's one thing I would suggest that would be to test drive a car for longer than 10 minutes, even if it's not exactly your model but has similar features as in parking sensors etc, and see how it works for you. If you're thinking about xenons, go test a bimmer at night. Do a comparison of visibility with the xenons and one with the standard high quality BMW lights. Who cares if someone else thinks they're cool. See if you like driving with them. If you want to compare sound systems, bring a CD and don't sit in a parked car and listen to it. Take it out for a drive with the top down and the music on. See if you can hear the difference or if it makes a difference. Good luck and just know that whatever you end up choosing....this is a fun car to drive!

  • newbloodnewblood Posts: 8
    In these 100 degrees weather? I've been a hardcore top downer since I've taken delivery of this car.. everytime the temp breaks 60, top is down, but with the scorching heat... I admit defeat and for the first time (today) I drove home with the top up because the sun burns my legs through my black/dark slacks. A/C does not seem to help enough... maybe I'll stay at the office later just to drive home in cooler weather... tomorrow, I'm staying until 8. Ken
  • tisrandeetisrandee Posts: 18
    Ken--If you went to the gym after work, you'd change out of those black slacks and get into workout clothes, yes? So maybe you should bring your duffle bag to work with your fun-in-the-sun clothes for your drive home in the heat. Think of it as being at the beach without the sand. Don't forget the sunscreen. ;-)

    Temp hit 97 yesterday and it was fine as long as the car was moving, but the stop lights were a killer with the heat rising from the road and sun beating down on the top. Biggest complaint.... I think the cup holder should have a cool coil built in so the dang water bottle doesn't cook.
  • lrawles2lrawles2 Posts: 16
    You guys are the best. I really appreciate all of your comments. Now I just have to get out of work before midnight so that I can stop by the dealership and take care of business. By the time that occurs, the '02s may be available for order.....Arrrggghhh!

    Thanks again for all of your help.
  • 9186089991860899 Posts: 3
    I am not quite sure if this is the right place, but I am wondering what would be a fair price to ask for our 2001 330cic? It has less than 6,000 miles on it, and has a sticker price of appx $49,000. Is $44,000 a fair price to start? or am I asking too much?

    oh, our car has sportspremium package, parktronic, xenon, steptronic auto, the upgraded stereo, heated seats.

    Thanks for your input.

    by the way, I am in Southern California.
  • brian525brian525 Posts: 21
    Hello cars21,

    Check out message #12 above...

    Pacific BMW ( is a good place to order it, as the post in the link suggests...

    Just make sure you get the correct color to match your interior.. give them a call, and they can set you up right! And installation is a snap.. just follow "Agent99's" very detailed instructions...

    Good luck
  • tisrandeetisrandee Posts: 18
    You might want to post on the E46 convertible forum. :-)
  • newbloodnewblood Posts: 8
    You are right, when the car is moving, the temp is tolerable... even tolerable without the A/C on. However, in the traffic I literally sit in... I just sit and broil. Traffic moves at about 5mph in some pockets... Even if I was wearing only a speedo and suntan lotion.. I'm afraid I'd still faint sitting for an hour in 100 degrees heat. I still concede... but good try
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    williamshim May 8, 2001 11:25am

    We are in the process of getting one going here in the BMW Owner's Club. If you know other Z3 owners interested, please let me know!

    Owner's Clubs

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • MarkinAtlantaMarkinAtlanta Posts: 194
    Karen, why not just import the already active Z3 topic from the sports car conference. It has about 750 posts.
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