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2006 Honda Odyssey sounds

angeldoveangeldove Posts: 1
edited July 4 in Honda

I would like your thoughts regarding some "sounds" that I am hearing coming from our 2006 Honda Odyssey. We had to have a new transmission put in recently so I don't know if this first sound I will describe has anything to do with that or not. Sometimes (but, not always) when you back the car up, there is a noticeable "pop" sound. Any thoughts?

Also another thing I notice is that when the car has been parked for a little while like over nite and you crank the car, it sounds like there is a lot of under hood noise for a few minutes and then it quiets down.

We also are having paint issues with this model and the left passenger left side door at times won't slide open automatically.

Another issue is putting in gas. The gas nozzles keep shutting off, so you have to have a feather lite touch when you try to put in the gas.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  • hotrimzhotrimz Posts: 2
    On my 2007 honda Odyssey, I have noticed the sound coming from the engine during cold engine starts. After the engine is at its operating temperature, it goes back to normal. About the "pop" sound, it may be when shifting the gear out of park. When the car has been parked overnight possibly on an inclined road or driveway, I had noticed that happening.
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