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BMW 5-Series Accessories and Modifications



  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Would sideview mirrors from an 01 and up M3 fit on an E39 1997-2003? I have priced 01 M5 mirrors and they are about 1200 for both sides as opposed to 500 for 01 M3 mirrors.Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • Any recommendation for an aftermarket cup holder that can hold a 16.9 fl oz water bottle for the 2003 5 series? How about cup holders for the rear passengers?
  • or are two possiblities. If anyone has tried these, I would appreciate any feedback. For myself,I use a Migo cup in current holder, but I drink only coffee, nothing big.I have not researched any cupholder for back seat.
  • Just purchased 2003 530; want to get rubber mats for the winter; any recommendations? BMWs mats are $50 for the front set, weathertechs are the same price (either thru or bavauto), and bavarian auto has a full set of 4 for $50. The weathertechs appear to require some "trimming" to get them to fit. Does anyone have any experience or can you recommend another place to look?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I'd go with the BMW mats; they're available from Pacific BMW(and others) for @$59+shipping front AND rear: =E39 .
     The Weathertechs are well made-I'm quite pleased with the full set in my TJ-but I simply can't see buying anything but the BMW set when the price is so reasonable. The fit will be perfect with NO trimming.
  • Are you a BMWCCA member? Did you get your first Roundel magazine yet? They have plenty of ads for this kinda stuff. Many give BMWCCA members discounts (even dealerships on BMW merchandise.)
  • I want to get the rear windows tinted on my new 525i.

    Any good vendor recommendations? I live in the East bay in the SF bay area. I was told to call Rocky mountain tinting in Livermore.

    Does tinitng affect the rear defrost or radio reception?
  • dds540dds540 Posts: 5
    I just bought a 1999 540i and would like to add a factory CD changer in the trunk. What's involved and who has the best prices for the BMW CD changers?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    dds540... You should join BMW CCA just to get the subscription to Roundel magazine. You should also subscribe to Bimmer magazine. Both have a ton of ads from reputable suppliers.

    Passport BMW (888-344-4383) advertizes "6-Disc Cd Changers (1996 and newer)" for $379.00, plus shipping.

    Pacific BMW (800-909-PARTS) sells same for $392.99, advertizing "CD & Install Kits ship Free".

    Bavarian Autosport also a great source for tons of aftermarket parts and accessories.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Does anyone know if the Dinan cold air intake and chip for the 03 530i will fit the 04 530i since the engine is a carryover but the 6 speed transmissions are not?
  • dv8eddv8ed Posts: 17
    According to BMW NA November BMW 5 Series (E60) productions will have a NAV retrofit prewire system... once the NAV is available it can be purchased and installed by dealer. Can anyone confirm this?

    That sucks that I'm going to get my car Nov. 12th but won't have that option since it was made before Nov.
  • dohc97dohc97 Posts: 20
    I just installed a BMW cd changer in my 2003 540 3 days ago. It is so easy that I did it on my lunch break. I bought mine from for 349(free shipping). The bracket cost me an extra 20. Some Alpine model will work but an adapter is needed. Some people are saying that the adapter degrades the sound, so I went with the oem changer which is also built by alpine.
  • panoapanoa Posts: 1
    Anyone using the bluetooth phone option? Have you tried to use it with non-bluetooth phones and the headset option from Jabra or Plantronics? Do
  • Anyone knows a good tint shop in the San Gabriel Valley area (California)? I want to have black tints on my 2003 525iA. Also, can anyone recommend specific tint brands? Thanks.
  • I purchased my BMW CD changer from $395. complete with installation kit and free shipping.

    Do it yourself installation is easy because it's plug and play. I had 1 problem though which turned a 45 minute install procedure into an hour and 15 minutes.
    The supplied installation instructions indicate connecting 2 pre-wired cable connectors to the changer. After making these 2 connections and securing the changer to the mounting bracket, I started the car up and turned on the audio system. The changer functioned in all operating modes but no music could be heard.
    Puzzled, I un-mounted the changer and re-checked my attachments of the 2 pre-wired connecters to the changer. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a 3rd cable poking out from behind the "module box" the changer mounts in front of. This un-mentioned 3rd cable has a small, thin RCA-type connector at it's end and apparently connects to the "audio-out" on the changer.
    It was only after connecting this 3rd cable to the changer, that music could be heard.
    My BMW is a E39 series 1999 540i without a Nav system. Maybe the CD changers all require 3 cables, rather than just the 2 cables, be attached to the changer in order for the CD changer to play music.
    Steve at is a great person to do business with. He shipped out the CD changer promptly. I received my CD changer in just a few days and highly recommend them.
  • If you are still in the market for a cupholder that will hold a 16.9 oz water bottle, try Bavarian Autosport's website ( I bought model # BAS CH2. It's pricey, but works pretty well.
  • Getting a great deal on a 525ia automatic with cold/weather and premium for $30K even. Car only has 24K on it. Problem is that I really want the power of a 530. I'm in Atlanta, Ga.. Does anybody know who and how much it costs (or even possible) to upgrade with a Dinan chip or other method to increase horsepower? Is it worth the money based on associated power increase? Please reply.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    If you want the HP/Torque of a 530i I suggest that you save up for a while longer and buy the real thing. There is simply no way you can bump the power of the 2.5 up to the level of the 3.0 short of going to forced induction-which will more than erase the price difference of the two cars(not to mention the resale value).
  • jmtljmtl Posts: 1
    Hello, everyone. Any suggestions regarding what compatible winter wiper blades for the BMW 2003 530i are available and where can they be purchased?
  • I have a 2001 530i, manual 5 speed with 42,000 miles. I bought it new in July of 2001. It came with Continental ContiTouringContact 225/55 R16 tires. Does anyone know what the mileage rating is on these tires?

    Also, I would also like to replace them sometime next year and am looking for higher performance (and better traction) tires. I tend to drive aggressively (i.e. fast acceleration, pusing speed limits, etc.), put about 15000 miles per year on the car, and drive in conditions that can include snow (although it doesn't last long in Cincinnati, Ohio, there are a lot of hills here) and sleet in the winter, and lots of rain in spring.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!
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