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BMW 5-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • I too have recently purchased a 525i and unfortunely they are not equipped with auto-dimming mirrors (on the 530 it is included in the prem package and it is on all of the 540s). I was suprised that there was no lever on the 525's mirror, therefore you have to manually adjust the mirror at night.

    I have not driven mine at night that much yet but it also seems the the headlights are adjusted a bit too low. I just figured this was to prevent the xenon lights from blinding oncoming drivers.
  • Sorry. I just reread your post and realized you have halogen headlights so just disregard my comment about the headlights.
  • Wow, that was an embarrassing oversight on my part. I was certain that I had read that the PP included the autodimming rear view mirror. When I got the car and didn't see the lever, it (incorrectly) confirmed for me that it was autodimming. Unfortunately, you are right, the 525 d/n come with the autodim.
  • spyderredspyderred Posts: 137
    You can Dim the rear view mirror by turning the clown nose (alarm light under the mirror) clockwise, it will flip up, then turn it back counterclockwise.

  • Who knew the clown nose was so versatile. Btw, if I remember correctly, you've got a great looking car. It seems deeper in color than imola red, but I'm not sure if I'm remembering it right. Congrats and nice ride.
  • I am happy to find out that there is a way to dim the mirror without having to manually adjust it. I guess I had not tweeked the clown nose yet and therefore had not discovered it's other function. Thanks!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    The headlamps can be adjusted; I think you need a Torx driver but it is a pretty simple procedure.
  • I appreciate the advice. I'm just graduating from auto-tard to auto-newbie, so I'll do some research to make sure I don't break anything (which is usually what I accomplish).

    Thanks again.
  • I had the same problem with door seal noise. Tried everything to no avail. Then I got a can of silicone spray from Pep Boys, sprayed it on both the door and the body frame at the top where the door closes. Noise gone.
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    I drove over to the dealer and bought a tube of Gummipfledge from the parts dept. This is a silicone based product that BMW sells for those of us that have creaky door seals. It costs about $8.00. I put it on the door in question and I have to say I didn't hear anything. I remain cautiously optimistic that this is the solution. I'll post my findings after a few weeks.
  • Little help? Just purchased a used 540i-- of course it's a pleasure to drive. Only thing is that I purchased it from a lexus dealer and I'm thinking that the oil service they conducted might not be everything a BMW mechanic would have done. In fact, I think it's likely.

    Does anyone know of a good garage in the western suburbs?

    Much obliged.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    kschaffs... What year is your 540i? a? or 6? Mileage?

    Have you considered having it worked on by your local BMW dealer?

    You should join BMW CCA. Their wonderful monthly publication, Roundel, has tons of ads, including from independent garages. Check out their web site.

    You should also check out Bimmer magazine. They, too, have zillions of ads.

    There is an association of independent BMW garages. They advertise. Thinking in both Roundel and Bimmer,

    Both publications have great Tech Q&A sections. Lots of good info on maintaining your car and things to be on the watch for.
  • No, I really haven't considered the dealership since everything I hear tells me to look for an independent.

    It's a '98 540i w/41K miles. My oil service "countdown" light isn't showing that I need attention, but I just want to do it right.

    Hey, saw that you and I have the same car. It's a nice vehicle, don't you think?

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    kschaffs... Bought my '98 540i6 11/01. She had about 52,000 miles. Bought her CPO from a BMW dealer in Wisconsin (Enterprise BMW, Appleton). She now has about 78,000 miles. Had only a few problems, but am glad she was CPO. Had to have the dash computer LCD replaced at about 58,000 miles. Would've cost me a small bundle if out of any warranty. Also had a passenger-side airbag sensor go faulty.

    Make sure you know the service history. Your's should be ready for an oil service. Normally goes oil service at 15K, Schedule 1 maintenance at 30K, another oil service at 45K, and Schedule 2 at 60K. Repeat cycle.

    Remember to change your brake fluid and coolant per the manual. Thinking 2 year and 3 years respectively, regardless of miles.

    What tires is your's riding? I had Yokohama AVS dbs. When they wore out (around 73K), I put a set of Continental ContiSportContact 2s on. Happy so far.

    She is a blast to drive. I get 26 mpg on highway cruising in 6th at 74 mph. Have had her up to over 140 mph a few times (indicated speedometer and BMWs are notoriously liberal, so really likely only around 130-135).

    Join BMW CCA. Get their magazine. I'd recommend you subscribe to Bimmer magazine, too. Lots of great info on maintaining our BMWs.
  • My new 540i showed a reading of 115 degrees in Burbank, CA today while the real temp was probably about 90. Is there a known problem with the outside temp indicator in the 5 series? Thanks.
  • Just to clarify -- in addition to the 15,000 mile interval for oil changes and service, don't go over one year either! if your Bimmer is fairly new and under warranty for regular maintenance, BMW dealers will honor the one year oil change.
  • This is something for your dealer to look at in your next service visit. Temp readings have been reliable and are constantly within a degree of temp reported on radio here in North Carolina, which can be very hot in Spring/ Summer ,and surprisingly frosty in winter. I would not make a special trip in to dealer unless this is related to some other problem with your car.
  • The temp sensor can pick up heat from the road so if you were moving slowly, stuck in traffic or stationary that would account for the high temp reading. If you were moving at normal speed for a while when you got the high reading then I'd have the dealer check it out.
  • Last Saturday I washed my new 530iA (1065 miles, 6 weeks new) and my wife's MB E320. As usual, I opened all 4 doors, trunk and hood of both cars and dried inside, then used my hand vacuum.

    Pulled both cars into the garage around noon. Drove the Benz on Sunday, and on Monday I tried to start the BMW. Nothing but "click, click, click" with battery too low even to turn over the engine.

    This morning BMW Roadside Assistance showed up 45 minutes after my call and jump-started the car. Took it to the dealer's -- battery checked ok, and they can find no problems thus far. If they can't ID the problem, they said they'd put a new battery in.

    Anyone else have any similar problem? I'll post tomorrow re final outcome.
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