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BMW 5-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Take it to Autozone and let them read out the fault codes. MAF sensors don't fail very often, though an over-oiled reusable filter such as a K&N can hasten their demise. A used or remanufactured MAF will cost about $200-if you can find one; a new BMW unit will run you around $500. The good news is that it is a fairly easy DIY job.
  • mastorasmastoras Posts: 3
    Just bought a 97 528I w/5spd.When I parked it last night I noticed a very faint buzzing sound (like an electrical motor still running) coming from the center console (climate control panel) even though car was off key out of ignition,everything off.This morning the car started with no apparent loss of battery power but now a day latter the sound is still there.What is it,is there something that can be on with the ignition off?The sound is so faint you really have to listen for it.I've only had this car a couple of days so I still do not understand many of the controls,perhaps something is left on.
    Thanks in advance.
  • adareadare Posts: 6
    Greetings all, have tried to search engine on the above and no joy. Shock horror recently when I returned to my new purchase to discover considerable moisture build up inside rear window and a rear passenger quarter window - at its base. This clearly means water source inside car!!! Car had been closed up in warm sun. The car had been hand washed 24 hrs before. (Rear floor mats seem dry so no moisture source there - I remember posts warning about a poss prob).
    I would be grateful to hear of any thoughts re a common problem / fix, thanks.
  • phampham Posts: 6
    Does any body know if I need to rotate the tires? my car is 18,000miles.
    Does the warranty cover it? Please advise. Thanks.
  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    A neighbor of mine may soon try to sell her 1998 528i, which has less than 2000 miles on it. She bought it new, and it's been in an indoor, heated parking facility, undriven in recent years.
    I'm not sure what the pitfalls of purchase might be, but my own car is nearing the end of its useful life, and I'm wondering about buying the BMW.
    I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions anyone might care to share, regarding the things to worry about, such as what problems age can cause, even though the car has been sitting idle.
    Sincere thanks.
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    Tire rotation is not covered by BMW's "free" maintenance. Check your tire wear. I use a penny or dime and check several spots on each tire. If wear appears even, I'd leave them alone. If uneven, rotate front to back or side to side to wear even over the life of your tires. Also check your tires before rotating to see if they have to be mounted to rotate in one direction or to have a specific side on the outside.
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    Having stored BMW's for winters I can say that the two things to accept as you go into this purchase include rusted and pitted brake rotors, and, the need to reset all the electronics if the battery drain has caused a loss of memory. Neither situation will be covered by warranty at this point.
    I purchased 2 of the BMW power systems that keep all the electronics in proper order for storage and they work fine. However, if my brother cannot take the vehicles out for exercise the brake rotors can get far out of spec.

    All else should be fine assuming proper synthetic spec oil has been regularly changed.
    A minor issue can appear if the speed rated tires are not left over inflated. Flat spotting can be an issue with some of the tires.
  • freddybbfreddybb Posts: 95
    I picked up my brand new 530xi last weekend, only to have to take it back to the shop where it has been for the past three days! I was so excited to get this car, but this experience has numbed my excitement and left me afraid about what reliability problems are to come.
    Apparently there is some kind of electrical malfunction that is causing the iDrive screen to be so dim that it cannot be seen, and the "High Battery Drain" warning message comes on intermittently. Has anybody else experienced this problem? The dealership does not seem to know what is going on and is working with BMW to resolve it.
    They first gave me a Neon to drive, but are switching me to an X3 -- but all is want is for the 5 to be fixed.
    Beautiful car, but I wish it worked out of the gate. Now I have friends sticking posters on my office window at work saying "My other car is a new BMW, but at least my Neon gets me to work!" -- how cruel they can be :-)

    Oh well, all the waiting and then this -- I hope I get it back soon.
  • abmwguyabmwguy Posts: 15
    I have an 06 530i and had the same problem with the high battery drain car was at the dealer for two weeks. The dealer hooked the car up to BMW so the BMW engineers could see what was going on with the computer.

    BMW NA is familiar with the problem. My invoice says they found a fault 2DED in DME and replaced the ISB. They gave it a PUMA case number of 4859917.

    The car has been working ok for the past 3 weeks.

    When I pick-up the car, I was told BMW just put out a service bulletin that day not to replace any parts becasue BMW was working on a fix.

    Like you I was crushed. I have had my new 06 back 4 times in less than 2 months. The other day I got a low oil light........I called BMW customer service and they said the dealer failed to do a proper inspection before they delivered the car. I added one quart of then I checked the anit-freeze to find it was at the minumun level...I filled it up.

    This is my first BMW.....I am not impressed.

    Hope this helps.
  • beamingbeaming Posts: 40
    Sorry to hear of your troubles --- good luck with getting them resolved. Let me know what happens........
  • djocksdjocks Posts: 124
    1. For the 525i owners (especially 6-speed M) do you feel the lack of power and wish you had gotten the 530i? Or with the new HP in the 06's is it still a rewarding drive?

    2. For all 5-series owners in the northeast. Do all of you change to snows in the winter, or did some of you brave it with the non-sport package all season tires? And how did you do.

    3. Finally, do the 06's have the aux input like the 3-series for i-pods and or mp3 players?

  • freddybbfreddybb Posts: 95
    Thanks for the details. Here's how it worked out for me. The dealership ran extensive tests on the battery only to find that there was no real high drain as the error message said. So the opened a case with BMW and were advised to replace the iDrive screen. They had to overnight this and once they replaced it things seem to be OK. So they had the car for four days during my first week of ownership and I just got it back today. Is the same as the ISB you mention (I don't know what ISB stands for)? I am skeptical that this fixes the problem (I am an engineer and typically replacing the light bulb does not solve the wiring problem underneath!), but I am very happy to have the car back.

    Other than this sad start, I absolutely LOVE the car. Great driving, I have no issues with iDrive (I work with computers all the time), and LOVE the Heads-Up Display (thought it would be a gimmick but it is actually VERY useful and strikes me as being a real safety feature).
  • I have the same problem with satellite radio. I actually ordered it from the factory with satellite built in, but it came without it. Also, the RDS is not working. Any help from you guys? I am really annoyed that after getting a car with all the options and cost, you can't even see what song is playing!
    I can go on with the small problems and annoyances of this car, but it's really frustrating! Next entry will be about the sport tire and rim packages (now that I've had to replace three rims after only 12K miles! They also tried to get me on the car not 'aligning properly' for another $700!
  • My BMW has high mileage (175k) but looks and runs great. Only problem is that when the A/C is on, while it works the heating system does not seem to turn off and there is a constant oozing of super heated air coming in on my feet. The A/C can not overcome this additional heat source. The local mechanics simply turn on the A/C and see that it works, tell me the car is fine. Anyone else have a similar problem or can suggest a solution? Thanks.
  • drm4152drm4152 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to get under the hood when the secondary latch mechanism does not completely disengage? The inside latch appears to work fine, but the latch release located on the passenger side of the grill will not release the hood. Thanks.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Nothing is wrong with your car. The noise that you are hearing is a tiny fan that draws interior air across a temperature sensor to provide data to the HVAC system. Some fans are noisier than others. The fan begins running whenever a door is opened. The various and sundry computers of your 5er don't go into sleep mode until @15 minutes after the engine is turned off, which explains why you continue to hear the fan.
  • rahulkrahulk Posts: 1

    I took delivery of a New 525 XI and the second day I got the "High Battery Drain" warning message and thought that I did not lock the door overnight, not sure what the problem is again this msg. seems to appear almost everyday. I plan to take it to the dealership to get this rectified. Any input will be appreciated.


    ??Is this the Ultimate driving machine??
  • freddybbfreddybb Posts: 95

    Can you see your iDrive screen? That's what they replaced in my 530xi and things seem to be ok now. I say "seem to be OK" because the High Drain error still shows up once in a while and then goes away. I am an engineer and I don't believe BMW or the dealership really knows what is going on here -- they are probably (hopefully) trying to find a permanent cure for this right now while they replace whatever they have to replace to get these new cars on the road.
  • freddybbfreddybb Posts: 95
    BTW, Rahul, YES it is the ultimate driving machine -- just NOT the ultimate electronic machine! I love the way it drives and I have no regrets (just a bad initial experience), but I wish BMW would simply source their electronics (eg, Navi) from the same supplier that provides it for my flawless (electronically) Honda Odyssey!!
  • I purchased a 2001 540i, 4.4 282 hp, 61,000 miles 9 months ago and love driving my 'new' BMW. Yesterday my wife was driving the car and the air shut down completely only to come on later that day. The temp outside was mid 90's, any suggestions on why this would happen? Is this the sign of a potential larger problem coming my way? Since this only happened once I don't plan on taking the vehicle in to get looked at so I thought I would summon your advice on this forum.
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