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VW New Beetle Problems

leptolepto Posts: 3
edited March 6 in Volkswagen
purchased June 1998 I/ $1500.oo Master Guard Platinum Plus warranty

at 23357mi :
1) stereo problems (they replaced it) warranty covered
2) engine hesitating at takeoff (replaced engine control unit due to ROM fault) warranty covered

at 40000mi :
1) the battery has died out on me twice (needed jump start) NO warranty cover
2) electrical rob. with door lock/arming system (currently replacing something in my driver door) warranty covered
3) driver window control switch sticks up and down position (replace under warranty)
4) check engine light (replace vacuum hoses) warranty covered

the dealer, McKenna in Hunting ton Beach, CA, told me that the vacuum hoses were cracked and broken causing my check engine light to come on. I asked if he thought that this was peculiar being the car is not very old at all and he said "Nope." just like that..

I told him I thought it was very strange.

also my battery needs to be replaced at my expense ($140) after only 3 years!!!!!! i asked him about it being related to the short with the door problem draining the battery and he said "Nope, it's just an old battery that needs replacing"

i told him that USUALLY batteries last 5 - 6 years minimum these days.. no response from him.

they've had my car 6 days now and i asked about getting a loner car because my warranty provides for one after the dealer keeps the car 24hrs.. he told me that they had no loners and that if i was told that by the sales person when i purchased the car, i was lied to..

he told me that "ALL salesmen LIE" those exact words came out of his mouth, i couldn't believe it!!!!

thanks VW of America!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. mine also burns approx. 1QT oil every 1000-1500mi


  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    i know for gm they are obligated to give you a loaner if your vehicle is in for warrenty work
  • fun2cfun2c Posts: 1
    I am wanting to get a Beetle, but have a young child and am worried about safety from the back seat. The child will be in a BOOSTER seat. I can't find any Safety info on crashes from the back. Any help???
  • bckermitbckermit Posts: 2
    I love my 2L Automatic GLS 2000 Beetle when it starts. The engine shutting down on startup is a problem that they can't seem to fix. The beetle's engine will turn over but not start. It is as if the beetle stalls (or shuts down) one second after starting. The problem is intermittent. They have replaced everything related to the imobilizer, ignition, control unit, and some sensors. All the service people at the dealer know me by name since I have been in so often. They are trying but they can't fix it.

    I would appreciate any hints at what is wrong and how to fix it as the warranty is expiring.
  • finisterefinistere Posts: 1
    I've had my beetle now for four months just thought i'd let you know the minor problems i've had with it so you can watch for them. the first is that the hose clamp from the powersteering resevoir was leaking, easy fix. the second, and i'm assuming will be, if it isn't already, a common one is that the power window stopped working, at first i thought that it had simply come off the track. After disassembly, however, i realized that 2 fairly high tension wire cables were held together with a piece of plastic. which, you can not buy seperatly, the whole assembly retails for $95.00. nice to your power windows!!!
  • eeeleeel Posts: 57
    well - it appears this car has many problems - autoweek just finished their long term test on the turbo - which performed as poorly as the long term test of the base model - both cars had clutch replacements in less than 25k - (not covered under warranty) - as well as a myriad of problems (trim falling off / smoking wires / elec. problems / battery failures etc.) - the first test rated the car lower than a yugo with the amount of problems they had - and after checking they found that this was similar to other owners/testers. and the maintenance costs were very high. saw 2 of them burning on i-95 in maryland when they first came out - mucho problems !!! - the other car mags long-term tests didn't fare too well either - seems to be a hands-off for this car- with all the known problems and the additonal problems of getting any warranty work done by vw - the cars mags seem to ignore it and have given vw a free ride
  • vickersnvickersn Posts: 2
    How about the 2001 Beetles. I'm looking at the 2 liter gas model, just your basic GL for highway commuting. I commute about 110 miles a day and would like something that would last 100,000. Since that's the power train warranty, I though this would be a good choice. Should I skip it and buy a Honda or something?
  • sdbauerssdbauers Posts: 1
    I also have had a rash of problems:
    1) The mud guard under the front bumper breaks apart easily. I was just driving on snowy roads, and the snow knocked them off - $200.
    2) Both headlights and the headlight switch burnt out. Original dealer mechanic said that the special connector to hold the right headlight housing was broken, so they would have to cut up and destroy the housing to get to the light bulb. Replacement was $336. Luckily, a second mechanic overheard, and said all you need to do is giggle it just right.
    On the light switch, that was $200 which luckily (and with some convincing) was covered by the Wynns Extended Warranty. Extended Warranties seem to make sense on this car.
    3) Just found out that both front and rear brake rotors need to be replaced - and oh by the way, rear rotors are on National back order - might be a couple weeks or a couple months.
    4) This car is also burning a quart of oil about every 2,000 miles.
  • talyatalya Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 beetle, absolutely the worst car I have ever had. I have leased two other cars in the past an acura integra and a sunfire. Never in my life have I spent soo much time in service.
    I am convinced that my car is lemon!!

    1. Listening to everyone complain about the power windows switch's yes I have had the driver's side windows switch fall out, this already seems a given.
    2. Try this one, last week, the passenger window came crashing down when rolling down the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. The week before that the temperature gage, was flashing on and off, vw dealer wanted to charge me a $45.00 diagnostic fee, I opened the manual in front of them and told them what it said, either to check the coolant level or that there was an electrical problem.
    4. This week's problem: The air bag indicator light is on constantly, meaning that the air bag is malfunctioning - and this is suppose to be a safe car!
    5. The fuses in my car have blown out 3 times already, and they keep replacing the cigarette lighter.
    6. the alarm on my remote stop working
    7. Oxygen sensor has been replaced already once before - that was another light that was flashing
    8. In February, the driver side headlight went out.
    9. Last week, the passenger side headlight went out.
    10. ABS and brake lights come out during the winter for no reason in park!

    Of course, my warranty is 40K and of course I am out of warranty 48K. All the major problems started happening right after the warranty ended.
    They've replaced my lighter 3 times to have the fuses fixed.

    Guess what the dealer told me to do - buy extended warranty!

    The car is a lemon!!
    If anyone is having similar concerns please email to discuss.
  • dbroschatdbroschat Posts: 1
    My 2000 NB also has an intermittant no start problem. My airbag light stays on after an episode of not starting. From what I can gather from other NB forums, it may be that the instrument cluster has a low voltage problem somewhere and needs to be replaced (seems to be a common problem). I have an appointment on 7/16/01 to get mine replaced under warranty. Hope it works!
  • thommasapthommasap Posts: 1
    I am the second owner of a 98 VW Beetle. Purchase my Beetle with 22k under original miles from original owner, included with an extended warranty. I notice that the oil was being consumed, complain to VW dealer, they monitored; I was told by service manager yes you are losing oil but there was no out exhaust signs. After a few qt refills by dealer they agreed but regional manager did not give OK> Had to go to nearest VW dealer next to where I live and start the check all over again. This service manager thought I was chasing a white ghost. I still persisted; following week I was complaining to someone else. This service manager agreed that car was consuming oil. I also complained to VW Consumer and they log it and followed it up with the dealer. Finally after five 1qt refills, with the mileage being recorded every time from 1k to less then 8 hundred miles per 1 qt check, the dealer got the approval to replace the piston rings. I asked around for advice about ring replacement, feedback was not good, suggestions were to get them to replace engine. Service manager listen to my concerns but told me that I would have to have rings replaced first. At this point my mileage was now approaching 43k. (second owner factory warranty runs out at 50k) Car was brought in for ring job. After engine was taken apart, engine block was examined noted scorch. Service manager told me that they would have to replace engine. Warranty now covers engine 1ys from replacement date. (2) My air conditioner burnt out, thank you God, previous owner purchase the best extended warranty. Its covers almost everything except regular maintenance items: brakes tune-ups etc... tap.
  • I have a 99 GLS with the 2.0L engine. Have had it since May 1999. During a severe cold snap last December my heated oxygen sensor conked out on me. It was replaced under warranty.

    That's it.
  • wayne2970wayne2970 Posts: 1
    I would have to fly a fair distance to I/u...
    appears to be clean only 25k
    alloys and spoiler with ad changer
    owner says she lost her job

    pinons wanted
  • 1badsidekick1badsidekick Posts: 135
    Hello. I know I probably shouldn't ask this here, but I can't find another conversation that I can ask it in. I have a '98 Suzuki, and want to trade it for a '99 VW New Beetle GLS 1.8 Turbo. The car has 21,400 miles on it, and looks and drives great! I fell in love with it as soon as I pulled out of the dealers lot and squalled tires (woops), of course, that was after spending 10 minutes trying to find reverse. If any of you have any feedback as to whether I should trade my Suzuki with a failing rear differential (only problem I've had with it) in on a '99 Bug, tell me if I'm making a mistake. I appreciate all advice!!!
  • jillorinjillorin Posts: 1
    My 2001 automatic New Beetle has just over 5000 miles and is not turbo. I've had a few episodes lately where it will be accelerating and then suddenly start decelerating. The more I push in the gas pedal, the more it decelerates. It seems to be downshifting itself instead of shifting up to the next gear. If I take my foot completely off the pedal and then step on it again, the car will commence accelerating. The dealership removed my aircleaner box and replaced the massair meter, but the car did it again less than three hours later. Any ideas?
  • chasmala1chasmala1 Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 Beetle that I like very much except for one problem. During the summer or warm weather there is a bad musty smell that comes out of the vents when I put the blower on. It's ever worse when I first turn on the AC. The dealer told me there was nothing they could do. They suggested I spray Lysol in the vents under the hood. I did that and it last for just that one trip. What makes it smell so bad and how can I get rid of it? Any suggestions?
  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    My 99' GLS NB (with only 14500 miles) passenger headlight just went out couple of days ago - I purchased one year of extended warranty when I bought it new in 09/99. So the basic warranty has not expired yet. I was told by the VW Service Dept. that the headlights are covered for only 12 months/12000 miles. But when I reviewed the owners' manual, it says ...light bulbs (except for halogen headlights & instrument panel lights) are covered for 12 months/12000 miles. So is my headlight covered for 2 years or just 1 year? Any thoughts?
    Also, I do feel that VW Service Centers don't really care about VW owners (this is my first VW). They act like they are doing me "favors" by taking my car in for service (either I pay or warranty covered). And I almost have to "BEG" them for a loaner for warranty works which never happened at my BMW & Acura dealers when I took my cars in for warranty works. Anybody has the same feeling or it is just my bad luck at VW dealers?
  • cbarber2cbarber2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 WV Bug, purchased new in November 1998. In the last 18 months have had several problems. Driver side electronic window control has been repaired twice. Both headlights have been replaced. Bug also uses oil like there is no tomorrow. Heated oxygen sensor is out, dealer tells me it's no longer under warranty ($500 plus to replace). Most recent, come out of store and car will not start at all, nothing!! Has been towed to dealership. Can't wait to find out what's wrong this time!!!!!
  • 1998 Beetle with 54,000 miles. Brought new off the lot.

    1) Uses oil
    2) Driver's power window switch fell out for the second time.
    3) Air Conditioning died (and the window doesn't work!)
    4) Can't change my own headlights, have to have a dealer replace them, so much for German engineering.
    5) Fog light lens broke, would cost $350 to replace cause have to pull grill apart. So much for German engineering. I left it broken.

    Going back to Toyotas.
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