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Problems with my 98 Isuzu Hombre

jimfrancesjimfrances Posts: 2
edited July 17 in Isuzu

98 Isuzu Hombre, manual, shortbed, 105,000. Recently just started stalling, nothing strange happening at all just stalls. Give it about 10 minutes, starts up, runs for a bit, same thing happens. 3 different mechanics have no clue, no engine computer codes show. Finally the gentleman at Tuffy suggested one of 3 possibilities. Crankshaft and/or Cam sensor, or the vehicle computer. The symptoms I told him suggested to him that it was the Cam Sensor. Just stalls, no warning except RPM and Speedometer needles go crazy then die as vehicle stalls, sits for a bit, restarts. I don't know what else to try.


  • jimfrancesjimfrances Posts: 2

    Its a second vehicle, but I've had it forever and don't want to give it up, but can't keep putting out $200 here, $300 here on guesses on a fix. Frustrated.

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