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Don't Buy This Car!!!! 2014 Chevy Spark

retiredhappyretiredhappy Posts: 1
edited July 19 in Chevrolet

My 2014 Spark has 496 miles and is already in the service department at the dealership. Was having problems: Hesitation when accelerating into traffic or from a stop; (2) when coasting to a stop sign/light it feels like someone applied the brake and (3) altho an automatic often wouldn't shift into 2nd gear unless you took your foot off the gas and lastly sometimes when driving felt like there was a hesitation. Today was told that the factory installed the wrong pistons in "some" of the Sparks and they would have to completely rebuilt my brand new Spark. I will dump this POS as soon as possible and buy something from a reliable company. Chevrolet has lost my business FOREVER.

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