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SVT Ford Focus vs. Subaru Impreza WRX



  • petedopetedo Posts: 27
    I'm more of a bang for the buck fan myself. I work hard at both my jobs and don't want to spend my money on things I don't need. AWD for example. I just don't think, even with inclimate weather here in New England , it's worth it. You have to put a huge turbo producing tons of power to get it to go fast. I wish they still sold FWD turbo talons. This is just my opinion and what would suit my needs. Others may need AWD
  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    Car and Driver had a one page article in their May edition. Basically, Subaru has been so impressed with the response of the WRX that they are planning to bring the WRX STi here in about a year and a half. It will come with the first new manual Subaru has designed in 20 years. A six speed of course. Turbo pressure is increased from 14.2 in normal WRX to 17.5 psi in STi. 276 hp and 275 pound-feet of torque. You really need to get the article and read it for yourself. It is pretty exciting!!

    I agree that not everyone needs AWD. I think it is important in cars like the WRX STi. Most people (myself included) are not used to 275 hp in such a small car. AWD gives that extra measure of security when driving at the limits. I think I would just get myself killed in something with that much power to the rear wheels alone. Besides, you get 4 doors which means lower insurance rates and you can actually get people into the back seats. Granted there is not allot of room back there.

    When I drove the WRX, I thought it was an excellent car. But I couldn't help thinking if only this thing had another 40 hp it would be devestating. Subaru must have read my mind!!! I love the fact that you can do some autocross on the weekends and drive it to work on Monday. The ultimate bang for the buck in my book.

    The WRX STi based on the new Subaru Impreza is already sold in Europe and Japan. By the time it comes here all the bugs (if there are any at all) should be worked out. Just in time for me to get in line at the Subaru dealer!
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    of safety regardless of the HP output in a vehicle or weather conditions. The question is whether or not the extra dollars are worth the extra measure of safety to someone. For me, the answering is a resounding "yes". This was the same for me when I bought my 00'OB Ltd last year as it was for my 02'WRX wagon this year.

  • ottosottos Posts: 80
    AWD is a different type of fun than RWD or FWD. With AWD, and it's easy to execute perfect powerslides (the ones that don't look like you're sliding at all). RWD requires a more deft hand to look just as good.

    Although AWD does provide extra cornering power, it has less potential for fun compared to RWD. I prefer RWD because it helps develop car control skill faster. Especially if you put practice in wet or snow (on deserted road of course) or on a race track. It's more satisfying to me to control the car rather than corner at tremendous speed. Losing the car while cornering at 25 mph is more appealing to me than at 40 mph. Good thing the WRX comes with crap tires, it makes it more fun. Along the same lines, I don't think I could have as much fun with a modern 911, because it has too much grip.
  • Ya know, I've been reading town hall boards for quite some time, lurking about, checkin what people have to say. Some well educated and knowledgable folks out here sometimes, but this isn't one of them. I am a true lover of most all automobiles, all in their own right. The WRX is certainly a great car no matter how you slice it, as is the focus, but these two cars are quite different from each other in their design and drivability. I like them both very much and would but either and be happy, but it is the SVT Focus that will get my nod. I'll save about 7 grand, which for me, is good. It all comes down to personal preferences, thats why they make so many different kinds of cars. So be happy for those that are passionate about their cars, support them, and ignore the narrow minded ones. I've owned all kinds, some better some worse, but all had endearing qualities of one kind or another. Hail Edmonds...Great idea.
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