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Best Hot Hatch - SVT, Civic Si, GTI, RSX, Mini, Beetle...



  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    What a cool-looking car....!!!
  • dasteph94dasteph94 Posts: 20
    Oh no! It looks like a Honda Coupe forced to mate with a FOCUS!!!
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    Once again -- ain't no accountin' fer taste, but I love it AND the Focus.
  • maniar98maniar98 Posts: 2
    For the love of god, please Ford or Subaru make the above mentioned models available in the U.S.

    I want American big cars like the Mustang Cobra to eat my dust, with me in the P1. /bringlite/news/focus/rs001.htm /bringlite/news/ImprezaWRX/index.htm

  • four pics of CTR

    Looks much better than RSX-S, will American Honda import it?

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    "We should clarify that while the title of this test is 'Sport Coupe', most of the vehicles are actually hatchback designs."

    Here's the full story from Edmund's Reviews section: 2001-2002 Sport Coupe Comparison Test. What do you think? ;-)

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  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    The '02 Si doesn't look bad but I like this one a lot better:


    the '02 RSX Type-R!
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    I thought you said EK hatches were your favorite hatchbacks...that's why I bought one ;)
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    as far as Civics go :)
    But when you 're talkign non-Civics, nothing comes close to the Type-R's fun-to-drive factor..

    BTW, why do they call g6 Civics EK? I thought the E stood for 5th gen.. (I 've been away from H-T & H/A for a while, can't you tell?)
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    EG (92-95)
    EK (96-00)

    Harry, when is the RSX-R supposed to come out anyway?
  • shov6shov6 Posts: 177
    Well at least two of the top auto magazines have put forward THEIR answer for the best of the hot hatches, and the answer is...

    The Ford Focus SVT.

    Car and Driver put the SVT first when comparing it to the GTI and the Civic Si, and put the car on its' Top Ten list. Again.

    Automobile Magazine compared the same cars as above, and threw in the MP3 and the Sentra SE-R Spec V, and again the SVT came out on top. The Focus also has the distinction of having been on their All-Stars list for both the regular Focus AND the SVT model individually.

    Perhaps this helps.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Here's a direct link to Edmunds' Spin Around Town: 2002 Acura RSX, by Phillip Reed.


    Thanks for your comments. Happy Motoring.

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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    "The V6 and transmission combination gives the Tiburon a real advantage over other more expensive sport coupes like the Acura RSX (no V6), Toyota Celica (no V6) and Mitsubishi Eclipse (no six-speed)."

    Read the full story here: First Drive: 2003 Hyundai Tiburon, John Pearley Huffman. And let us know what you think.

    Also, for more discussion on the Hyundai Tiburon (both 2003 and previous generation models), join us in 2003 Hyundai Tiburon - What do you think? and Hyundai Tiburon, Owner Experiences & News. Thanks for your participation.

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    Now this is a "hot" hatch. Should be coming to the US as the Driver's Edition with only slight changes.

  • that civic looks like a mini van. But if it is that fast I could learn to love it.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I want to see hyundai come out with an AWD WRC inspired version of the accent hatch. This would be perfect to capitalize on their WRC investment and with rally products gaining popularity here in the US it could be a good move to sell here to jump in this niche before everyone else.

    I am not sure how they would position it with the tiburon. I think they would have to sell a warm version right under the base tiburon and a mad hardcore spec model in the 23-25k range. This would be a full on AWD turbo charged beast. They would have to sell the mad version in really small numbers, so as not to eat away at tiburon sales, since they probably wouldn't make money on this model anyway. The warm version would be what most people got and it would need to be comparable in performance to the civic si and focus svt for less money. The mad version is just to up the brand name and for bragging rights. Hyundai needs to focus on young people now so they can have a bright future.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Celica GT-S
    Top motor in both US & Japan is the 2ZZ-GE, with is a DOHC 1.8L with VVTL-i (L for lift control). The Japanese version gets more power from using higher octane gas (the ECU is recalibrated for the US)

    The 160 bhp motor in the Altezza (Japan and Europe IS200) is a 1G-FE 2.0L straight-6 with VVT-i (I believe it's VVT-i). The Altezza in Japan (at one time called the AS200) has a 210 (6-speed manual) or 200 (automatic) bhp 2.0L 3S-GE Dual VVT-i motor. With the introduction of the SportCross this year, the 2JZ-GE (IS300) motor has been added. The 2JZ-GE motor was an US exclusive, until 2002.

    The Vibe GT at the autoshows had the 2ZZ-GE motor, not a V6. Ditto for the Matrix XRS
  • toyotas1toyotas1 Posts: 134
    the SVT against the Si/GTI/SpecV and whupped 'em. I used to sell 'em, so I wasn't surprised. It is the BEST value in this market. If it wasn't so ugly...... I like the RSX better, but with the necessary add-ons it's $27k!!!!
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I want to see a Focus Cosworth brought to the states after we find out if the EVO 7 and WRX STi will be popular. I think SCCA pro-rally might have gained a bigger audience by then and ford should play up on the AWD rally car niche and bring this beast here as an entry in to the sport and as a consumer car. Keep it in the 23-25k range, about the same as the regular WRX.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    hasn't the Cosworth Focus been pushed back to 2004?
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