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Jeep Grand Cherokee starting problems - told it's the Fuel Pump Relay Circuit - wiring repair kit.

katjeep11katjeep11 Posts: 7
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I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with less than 35,000 miles on it. Last week my car decided not to start. The first (trusted) mechanic was 90% sure it was the TIPM but wanted me to take it to the dealership since it was such a new car and they weren't 100% sure. The dealership told me today that it's not the TIPM but a problem with the Fuel Pump Relay Circuit which I think they said communicates with the TIPM. There is a wiring repair kit that has come out to fix this and parts and labor will cost around $340.00.

Has anyone else had this issue and gone with the the wiring repair kit option? I know that if a recall comes out that it will be covered. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem and given this solution.


  • sbb3sbb3 Posts: 1

    our 11 does that in the morning or after sitting all day, i need sometimes to try and start it 4 or 5 times before it goes. it does crank normally

  • mattlapmattlap Posts: 1

    Had the same issue on my 2011 JGC Laredo about a month ago (and out of warranty)...told it was the Fuel Pump Relay Circuit. Dealer advised there was a workaround rather than replacing the whole motherboard (Roughly $1000 cost) by using a add on circuit...ended up being a $400 repair bill.

    Car would start to turnover and then stop and then also "cough" a few times...not a consistent problem at first, but rapidly became an issue.

  • awcarsawcars Posts: 2
    There are many complaints on Jeep forums about this. It is likely related to the TIPM which controls many items - specifically the fuel pump. I'll paste my forum response below which describes my experience. As I mention, there is a recall pending.
    I have a used 2011 JGC. I first noticed the hard start problem on Wed, 2 weeks ago (9/24/14). It progressed for 2 days before not starting at all. I was able to get the Jeep scheduled for repair the following Thursday.

    Prior to taking the Jeep in, I found the recall information on the NHTSA website and called Chrysler per the instructions. Beyond being a bit short and rude, the lady who answered said she knew nothing of the recall - could only find the info on the brake booster and visor issue. She did confirm that I would be reimbursed IF there was a recall and (clarified repeatedly) IF it was EXACTLY the same problem with EXACTLY the same parts, repair procedure, etc. (This is understandable, but she was obviously trying to avoid any legal issues with insinuating I may be covered.)

    I took the Jeep in and they fixed the problem by replacing the TIPM. My cost was approx. $1,200. They said they made copies of all the warranty documents I gave them and kept them on file for if/when it comes.

    The recall is supposed to begin on 10/24. Hopefully many people will get fixed or reimbursed. Fingers crossed.

    I did forget to mention also... One thing I noticed that helped me feel confident it was the TIPM... If I turned the car on, waited to hear the fuel pump, and then started the car, it would start and run for just a second. If I turned the car on and then started it immediately, it would never catch. I would assume that if there is any logic to it, it's turning off the fuel pump after the car is in the "starting" or "run" position. Once I realized that, I knew it was the fuel pump which I knew was a direct issue with the TIPM.
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