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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 376
    How many miles were on your 2000 GLE when the brakes were serviced? If it was under 1 year or 12k that is a factory warranty item that any Nissan dealer can service. If it is beyond 1 year or 12k, what he told you is correct. You would have to take the car back to the dealer that performed the original brake service.
  • I have a friend who just recently purchased a 99 Maxima SE limited from Sloane Nissan (just outside Philly) and we thought that the salesperson and sales manager was really nice but the service department has a lot to be desired. My friend is the kind of person who will find the smallest noise and want to have it looked at. About a month ago, he was having a problem with a ticking/knocking sound from the left front when he was braking and decided to have Sloane look at it. Well, we found that every time they road tested it to duplicate the problem, they of course said " we cannot hear the sound you have described", and we knew they wouldn't have been able to hear it because they had the air conditioning on level 3 and the windows closed. He even paid another dealer around $100 to do a 120 point check up, and they couldn't find the problem.

    Finally he went to Thompson Nissan in Doylestown, PA and they were immediately able to find the problem, and they had to install some kind of brake kit which cost around $250. Anthony, my friend , decided to call Nissan Customer Service to complain
    about the inept service at the other dealerships and his waste of over $200 to do inspections that didn't find the problem. Nissan was nice enough to pay for the service at Thompson as a one time customer service gesture.

    I think that the quality of dealer service depends on the area and type of customers that normally purchase vehicles from the dealer. Thompson is located in an area with higher incomes and Thompson also has Toyota, BMW, and Lexus dealerships within the area, and they are more likely to be more understanding of customer complaints so they can get repeated, higher spending customers. They even have valet service and wash your car after every service. We have never seen that before.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I think most dealers are crooks...but that is just my opinion...Nissan needs to get on the dealers asses about improving service. They have been ranked poorly over the past couple of years according to JD shock to me. I keep hearing good things about Thompson Nissan in Doylestown...maybe worth the trip over there...

    So far here is my experience with dealers:

    Acme Nissan - NJ
    Sales - Salesman, Fred Nass, was great! I would trust him with my life. No BS and no run-arounds. The Sales Manager, forgot his name, was a slime ball. Had the nerve to tell me I HAD to pay for the window etching that I did not want. Told him to take it off the invoice or I walk, which he did. Then he tells me that if I buy LoJack that my insurance would go down. Since I had LoJack in my current car, I knew all about it, and it was a lie. Even after telling him that it was a lie...he kept on going. What a they think everyone is an idiot?

    So far, just oil changes....pleased with them.

    Peruzzi Nissan- PA
    Since I lived in PA I took it here for the first several years. If you like to be bent over...go visit the boys at Peruzzi. Their mechanics are a joke and their service manager stinks. Tells me that they design the car to ping. The gave the usual "can't find the problem" all the time. I even got my car back scratched and they wouldn't fix it. It was a nice big scratch and AFTER showing them the damage, the manager went to the back and brought out a "damage inspection" report showing the damage....yea...this guy should work for Enron. Had to replace all 4 wheels since their idiots don't know how to use an air wrench. They scratched the hell out of the lug wells. Don't let them touch your car!

    (non Nissan)
    Davis Pontiac - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! Car was a lemon....mechanics made it worse. They had the car for over 1 month and over $5000 in parts and still couldn't fix it...again, they treat you like you are an idiot.

    Norms Auto Glass - NJ
    Had my windshield replace on my Max...asked for a PPG window since that is the OEM. They did a nice job.

    Just my honest opinion....your results may vary...
  • like some others, I started taking my car to Thompson because the selling dealership (Montgomeryville) couldn't/wouldn't explain repairs and didn't perform needed repairs. All was going well until the repairs started to mount (all warranty) including one strut, steering rack (had to do it twice), ignition coils, etc.

    After a state inspection and tire rotation, the car started to pull hard to the right. I took the car back and the service manager told me that they were going to "cross rotate" the tires. The repair order stated this, as well. However, due to simply dumb luck on my part, I noticed that all that they did was "unrotate" the tires. The only explanation of the service manager was that he misunderstood what the tech told him (a flat out lie) and then took offense with me for questioning the work.

    Then, without looking at the tires, said that they would gladly sell me new tires; the current tires were one year old with 15K miles.

    So, don't be overly infatuated with Thompson. Also, they don't know how to handle coupons. Their definition of repair and service somehow differ.

    As a parting comment, if Nissan continues to make cars that need excessive repairs (at least mine has), the least that they could do is have some form of quality mechanics to fix them. I have heard too often now that they "could not replicate the problem". I think they issued a TSB on it.

  • I am shopping for a 2003 Nissan Maxima GLE. I am living in San Francisco Bay Area. Could any one please give me your newly purchased specs, price, dealer's name and the sale person's name?

  • I have not been thrilled at all with the two nissan dealerships that have performed service on my car. I am not surprised that the JD power surveys on nissan dealer service were bad.

    My 2002 SE Maxima was purchased at Quirk Nissan in MA. I moved to NY and took my car to Koeppel Nissan where I had the oil changed. After they changed the oil, I noticed that the car was leaking oil. I was back in MA for the holidays and took it to Quirk to have it looked at. They indicated that the Koeppel mechanic did not tighten the necessary pieces (where the oil is drained off) and that I could have done serious damage to my engine had I not brought the car to be looked at. Strike one.

    Prior to the repair, the Quirk Nissan consultant must have thought that I worked for him as well. He asked me to go outside to my car to put the repair tag # on my rearview mirror and report the mileage to him. Strike two.

    Quirk Nissan than convinced me that I needed some maintenance done (15,000 mi/1 year service), fuel injector cleaned, alignment and balance and an in cabin filter change. Cost me $500--all for a car that is less than a year old. (What can I say? I (did) like my car a lot.) They also gave me an unnecessary tire rotation (part of the 15k/1 yr service), even after I asked them to exclude that portion of the service. Koeppel Nissan had just rotated the tires when they performed the faulty oil change.

    After I picked up, my car from Quirk, I noticed that there was a plastic nut lying on my mat under the glove compartment. Probably from the in cabin filter change. I just shook my head. That's what $500 will get you these days. Strike three.

    I thought my car would be fine after that. Wrong. See Master Cylinder failure.

    To vent (which I am still doing if you could not tell) I decided to call Nissan to complain. In all fairness, they have promised that if I can show them the repair invoices they will reimburse me for the faulty oil change and unnecessary tire rotation. I recognize that Dealer Service is something they probably don't have a lot of control over.

    In summary, I think my relationship with Nissan cars will be very short lived.
  • tafizmetafizme Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    I'm just about to buy a used 96 SE manual for $6600. Its got the leather package and is in great condition. Dealer will let me take it to the local Nissan dealership for complete check.
    Current miles is 111,150. Still not sure if the price is right though both Edmund and suggest the retail to be higher. What d y'll think?
    Much appreciate.
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    Go to under "Buying" => "Dealer Locator" => enter just your home state.

    For example FL has 57 dealers, then select only those with the logo of "Nissan 2003 Owner First Award of Excellence".

    Click here for's "Dealer versus Aftermarket: The Service Arena

  • topcuttopcut Posts: 54
    Anyone thinking of purchasing this car,,,,Don;t until you check the Freshair vent...It blow hot air right off the engine that feels like you are in the desert....after several call to Nissan I was told that this was basically a design flaw and there is nothing they can do about it,,,Isn't that just great....NO MORE Nissans for me....!!!
  • I just picked up my new 2004 Maxima SE this evening and paid 308$ over invoice. Car included Power sunroof, premium audio, floor mats, splash guards and spoiler.
  • Got a quote and about to pick up a '04 SL with Driver preferred package, sunroof, mats, and VDC for $200 over invoice. Almost got them to go net, net, net (invoice price). My suggestion is to find a volume dealer (versus "regular" dealer) because a volume dealer works to get their holdback and not profit on the individual car.
  • ericuericu Posts: 16
    Believe it or not, last month I paid $625 UNDER invoice for a black on black maxima with rear spoiler, floor mats/trunk mat, and splash guards.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Wow! Nissan is already selling the brand new 04 Max for $625 below invoice... that is incredible. I remember the dealers wanted MSRP 6 months ago. That is a drop of $3500(?) in 6 months.
    Enjoy your new car and post your comments on the Max board, where all Max members meet.
  • ericuericu Posts: 16
    I just realized that I included the $540 destination charge in calculating the amount I paid below invoice. So I actually paid $1165 under invoice. (Invoice = 24734; paid = 23960). Maybe the key is buying from a volume dealer.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Thanks for the elaboration. FYI, most of the people on these boards understand that a price quote usually includes destination charges. The only items not included are taxes, registration fees and handling charges. It appears that you have bought a stock car off the dealer's lot, which usually gets you a better deal than ordering a tailor-made car.
  • champuchampu Posts: 2
    Planning to buy New 2004 Maxima SE in Minneapolis MN. Any idea of price being paid in MN and Any other piece of advice is greatly appreciated.
  • Planning to buy a new car and am wondering what is the actual dealer cost of the car with Automatic, std. skyview roof, leather package and destination charges. Canadian prices would be great but even US prices would be helpful if MSRLP quoted alongside to see what discounts are available.
  • We bought a 2004 Maxima SL in January 2004 on the St. Paul side of town for $28,800. MSRP was $31,400 including destination charge (common option selection).
    I think we could have done a little better if we played a couple of dealers off each other, but we liked the salesman. HOpe this helps.
  • Did anybody else (besides ericu) pay below invoice on their '04 Maxima?
  • Momzmax, Did you buy one from the Lot? I actually ordered one almost for the same price 2600 off MSRP.
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