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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Does anyone know what the current factory to dealer incentives/carryover allowances are in your region for the Maxima?

    I'm curious how some people on this forum have managed to get deals that are 1000 less than invoice without even counting the rebate.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    they arent doing employee pricing because they dont have to. people will buy nissans at the price they are at, why reduce it anyways? just doesnt make good business sense. honda toyota or any other foreign car manufacturers havent done it either, just the american ones...

    -thene :)
  • got a demo 2005 maxima SL for $26700 with 4800 miles on it (after $1500 rebate, excluded tax, title and destination charge). msrp $31880 that has Driver preferred Package, Traction control system, Vehicle dynamic control, power glass sunroof, and splash guards. Was it a good deal?

    - bobo
  • "I just took delivery of a brand new Onyx 05 SL with DPP, Mats, Splash guards, Sunroof and VDC, I got it all for $26,500 + taxes, tags, etc."

    thats a great price in my opinion...can you give me any more details on your deal so I can see what I can get in Cali? I was seeing around 29K so I am interested to know how you got it soo low.
  • Dealer in Orlando, Florida gave me a quote of $30, 711 on a 2005 Maxima SL with Sunroof, Drivers Prefered Package, NAV, Splash Guards and Mats. Good Offer or should I push a little more ?

  • Patriot

    You should be able to get an 05 Maxima at (or slightly below) invoice....then take either the better finance rate (currently 2% for 36mo or 4% for 48 or 60mo) OR an additional $1500 cash back. Assuming the sticker on the vehicle you described, above, is about $33,220 (includes destination, but not TTL, etc) - the invoice should be about $30,300.

    If you take the cash back (instead of the rate)...invoice is about $28,800.

    Good luck (the heated steering wheel is the best!!)
  • gspgsp Posts: 5
    Is this a good package deal for 2005 Maxima SL
    MSRP $32000
    Purchase price $27100 (2nd counter offer from them)
    But I am only getting $2400 for a 98 camry with 130k miles..I put $2200 early this year into it

    Any thoughts on how to get them down a bit more on the price?? or should I keep the camry for another year and deal for a 06 Maxima

    Is ther more room to neg down??
  • The purchase price on the car seems fair to me....about $500 below invoice after the $1500 rebate - but - I can't tell you about the trade (model? 4cyl vs. 6cyl, options, etc). The 2006 has Bluetooth capability, if that's important to you.

    You can work up a fair trade-in price for the camry at or similar website and judge for yourself. Personally, I'd rather drive a Maxima over a camry ANY day. ;)

    Good luck!

    - 4-time Maxima owner
  • gspgsp Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply

    My camry LE is 4cyl with cd player only option. I am going back and forth between the Avalon and Maxima. Which one would win the debate as to the mechanical problems and resale value...which one is better???

    Do you think there will be a greater rebate in Oct for the 05's ie around $1750 or $2000??
    Thanks for input!!!!
  • promikepromike Posts: 35
    Trying to decide between Maxima and Acura TL. Can buy '06 Maxima for invoice less $1000 rebate. Best deal on '06 Acura is about $1000 over invoice. Can't beleive that Nissan already has $1000 rebate on '06s. Is there something that I don't know?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Why not? Toyota's offering $1000 rebate on 2006 Camrys.
  • gtgraygtgray Posts: 22
    Has anyone added XM or Sirius to their Maxima after purchasing it? The 2004 -2006 radio is already set up for satellite radio control. I was wondering what people paid to add it. Thanks.
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Bought a brand shiny new 2006 Maxima SE last weekend for $1000 below factory invoice from Continental Nissan (Chicago suburbs).
    MSRP: $28,620
    Invoice: $26,173
    Paid: $25,173
    Excellent car!! :)
  • i just wanted to know what kind of end of year clearance deals are being given on the 05 maximas. is anyone getting invoice plus rebate off?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Good luck on finding any/many 2005 Maxs around. My local dealers only have 2006s.....
  • i just wanted to know what kind of end of year clearance deals are being given on the 05 maximas. is anyone getting invoice plus rebate off?

    Unfortunately, it appears that Nissan has currently ended their incentives on both 05 and 06 Maximas. During October they were offering a $1750 rebate on 05s and $1000 on 06s or low interest financing offers.

    There are still a few 05s around here (Puget Sound/Western WA), but they are definitely becoming fewer and farther in between.

    We purchased one of the last remaining 2 new 05s at a local dealer, a Liquid Silver SE with Driver Preferred Package, Sunroof, Floor/Trunk Mats, Splash Guards, and Chrome Wheels on 10/29.
    MSRP $34,290
    Invoice $30,900
    Dealer quoted $29,999 over the phone
    - $1750 facory rebate
    $28,249 + T&L
    $30,880 out the door.
  • Hi every one
    I'm new here, can any one tell me what the different between the SE & SL
    And any one out there have opion how much for 06'MAXIMA if I buy how much I will pay for that.
    the option (Liquid Silver SE with Driver Preferred Package, Sunroof, rear spoile, floor&Trunk Mats,splash Guards)The sticker price $32,565.00 in the dealer ( I live in PENNSYLVANIA)
  • Just leased a 2006 Nissan Maxima I'm having them install a remote starter. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it worth it?
  • is this a good deal

    2006 maxima sl
    ext. spirited bronze
    int. caffee lattee
    nissan navagational system
    power sunroof
    driver preffered package
    blue tooth hands free
    splash guards
    carpeted trunk and floor mats

    he said that with the rebate 30,800 and i was reasponsible for the title and tags. i just want to make sure my wife test drove it and fell in love im in iraq and not at home to deal so i have to take his word and make sure that my wife is not getting beaten. i dont really have a lot of time on the comp to look things up but i typed in the questioin and it sent me to this forum any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi, I'm driving a 2006 se right now and going back to the dealer tonight. The Se is a sport model 18" wheels really great a little rough ride, the Sl is a larger car 17" wheel smoth ride; it comes w/wood trim standard ugly. But they can get it w/crome. I'm having problems w/the dealer(sales) not Nissan this car I've been driving for a week; tire going flat will not give me a new tire.

    Good luck
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