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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am in chicago. wont the prices differ between states? May be, in TN, you get lower, but in chicago, we end up paying higher for everything.
    How much lower from Invoice can we go, to make a smart deal, for a 2008 Nissan MAxima SL with Plat pref Pkg. Any idea?

    Thanks for the reply though :-)
  • Hi,

    I'm in the market for a 2007 Maxima SE with variable options. Has anyone bought an 07 Maxima recently? What did you pay for it before tax and title? The 08's are out and I'm looking to buy a leftover.
  • hey,

    Buying a 07 is no more a smart deal. Buy a 08 Maxima before Dec 3 2007 and get 3000 less than the INVOICE. With 07 there is no rebates and you end up paying more. I was in your shoes, but am looking for 08 now.
    Hope this helps.
    I was quoted for 07 SL 26948 OTD ( 5000 miles). but with 08, you can get 28360 OTD. with 1412. After dec 3, your price for 08 goes to 30360 OTD.
    Good luck, and let me know what you decided.
  • Thanks king james..

    Well the reason why I was going with the 07 was because I didn't want to spend that much (high 20s low 30s). I was hoping to get a good deal on any leftovers available...
  • Then it should be 2006 SE used with atleast 36000 miles. SL will simply add 1000/- bucks.
    I tried looking for 07 Certified cars, but its damn costly and come in mid 20s.
    Leftovers never come less than 26 man. Depends on what you need though. I finished the purchase today and am happy with the decision.

    King James
  • If you were to use those same#'s-same deal but turn it into a lease instead of a buy,with only the required fees and 1st month up front no further cap.reduction ,do you have an idea what the monthly should be? these are the #'s I'm trying to get.
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    We just bought a 2008 Nissan Maxima Se with every possible option even navigation for 31,000 otd. We got the presion gray color and black leather we love everything about it.. We love what Nissan is doing they make cars that young people like us want to have I m 26 and I also drive 2007 Nissan Titan Se that we love my wife is 24 and she loves the max let us know if we got a good deal..
  • newmaxnewmax Posts: 2
    I bought 2008 Maxima SE w/o options ( comes with floor mats, mud guards),
    paid $25600 OTD ( 7% tax ). I planned to but Accord but bought the Maxima
    because of the price. When test drive, I had very positive feeling about the
    engine and the CVT. One thing I didn't notice is the big turning circle until I drove
    back home. Other than this, I am pretty happy with the car.
  • newmax,

    In what city/state did you purchase this car? When you said OTD did it include the 7% tax?
  • newmaxnewmax Posts: 2

    At Atlanta. Everything included $25600. Could do better because I saw
    newspaper AD after new year like $23300 w. aftermarket leather. Mine
    has no leather.
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  • Can anyone let me know what they paid for a 2008 Maxima SL in MA. What would be a good deal today.

  • I just signed on a 2008 Maxima SL with Platinum and Navigation..
    I don't have the paperwork in front of me but these are about the numbers..

    $35,1xx MSRP
    $32,xxx invoice

    $14.6 for my Fit sport in trade (I think $1k more than it's worth so you can factor that in)

    So I am getting, in my estimation, a price at $4k below invoice. It was an easy negotiation so I feel like I may have left some money on the table.
  • Err.....changed my deal ...and picked it up yesterday. So far I'm loving this car.

    2008 SE with Platinum/Sensory/Moonroof+guard/Mudflaps/Floormats (black on black)

    $32358 Invoice
    $326 fees
    -$3000 Rebate
    -$14,850 for 2007 Fit sport Auto (KBB shows trade value between $11 and $13.5k)

    = $14384 + Taxes/Title

    Bought from Team Nissan in Manchester NH. Very easy experience.

    I think I got a good deal.
  • lars1281lars1281 Posts: 14
    No action on this message board for more than a month. Just wanted to let everyone know the deal I just got for my daughter here in suburban Philadelphia (Montgomery County).

    2008 sL Precision Gray and Charcoal Leather interior

    Splash Guards front and rear
    floor maps /trunk mat
    platinum edition pkg
    rear spolier

    msrp = $33695
    paid = $31009 ($109 over invoice)
    OTD price (6% sales tax) = $29842

    nice deal... $2500 rebate...
  • I was recently offered a 2008 SE Maxima with sensory and platinum package and whatever else that would bring MSRP to $33725. Offered for $28,700. However, this dealership emailed me 1000 under invoice plus rebates on most new stock Nissans (excluding 09 Murano, Altima coupe, etc). So that should bring it down to 27000 or so.
  • mcg0125mcg0125 Posts: 3
    Texas Nissan (VanTuyl) has 08 Maxima SE that I may possibly try to snag today after I view it.

    MSRP: $29,075
    "Texas Big Discount": $6167
    Price: $22,908

    This is the last weekend of the month, so do I have any chance of knocking that price off more than that? Edmunds has the invoice on this thing roughly at $26,000.

    Finally, what should be my starting offer? If I can get that in the $21k range, I'm more than likely going to get it.

    I wasn't planning on getting a Maxima, but the price caught my attention when I was looking at the Sentra SER. They have several SERs for $17,8ish.
  • dfridfri Posts: 5
    08 Maxima SE. Platinum package with sensory and Navagation. MSRP $36,125

    39 month lease, 25,000 miles. First month down. $487 per mo. lease (total)

    Good deal?????
  • pinknesspinkness Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 2007 nissan maxima sl but after hearing about the rebates I almost want to buy a 2008 I wont be able to get one for another 6 mon. When is the best time to purchase one after that. Or will 2009 alredy be out and they sold all the 2008 at good prices. Also this is my first time buying a car from a actual dealership and I want to try to get a good deal. Does anyone have any input on negotiating with car dealers.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
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