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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought the last 2009 Maxima SV off the dealer in Sheffield,Oh $4,750 off sticker price + 0% apr for 60 mos.

    2009 Maxima SV- double moon roof, leather, heated seats, heated steering wheel, keyless entry, traction ctrl, bluetooth, boise system, 6 cd changer and much more.
  • Ask for 6-8K off the MSRP + 0% apr for 60 mos. This is a buyers market.
    SV is awesome with all the cool features.
  • shamcyshamcy Posts: 23
    I personally got the 09 SV premium for $29k + TTL. It had 6 miles so it was not a demo. This was back in July and it was a different market back then.
    My friend just got the SV premium for $32000 + TTL and it also is not a demo.
    Sticker on both is $38700, so $6k-$8k off sticker is a very reasonable offer to make.
  • 2010 Max SV with tech and nav and mats and splash guards. Illinois, Crystal Lake, M'Lady Nissan

    MSRP: $39,330
    Invoice: $35,782
    Incentives: $1750...bought on Nov.30th, 7:30pm/ 30 minutes left on incentives
    Invoice with Incentives: $34,032

    Bought at: $32,632 plus other fees!
    I think I did pretty good thanks to this forum.
  • What is a good price for the 7yr/100K Extended warranty ?
  • For all maxima lovers, here's a link for Passport Nissan MD. They have 2010 maxima S model for 25888. I think you can bring it down with some bargaining. Or maybe Get your dealership to beat this price. I hope this helps. 10015670a37353cb7.htm
  • 2010 Maxima SV- Dark Slate with Sport and Technology package, Splash, Mats, Trunk Organizer:

    MSRP- 38970
    Invoice- 35,xxx

    Closed on Friday for $32,800 with 0% for 60 months in St Louis, MO

    I absolutely love this car. I also have a 2001 20th Anniversary Edition with 187,000 miles on it, runs great and is my "road warrior" for work

    If my new Maxima last anywhere near the same amount of time Nissan will have a customer for life.
  • Just Purchased 2010 Black with Premium Package.
    MSRP 37480

    Closed 2 days ago for 31,700 Plus Tax/Tag. No Fees.
    Pretty Happy with the car.

    I did buy the Nissan Security Plus Extended Warranty (7 Year, 100K) for $1,800 but might cancel it. I see that the CVT has a 7 year warranty and think I can shop around to get the warranty cheaper.

    The car is great.
  • Hey..what dealership did you get this car from in St. Louis. What other fees did you pay?
  • Shopping for a loaded 2010 Maxima SV in Arizona. Last two deals posted could you please reveal the dealership. Maybe I can use as leverage for a better deal. I made a similar offer to two dealers and immediately rejected..any help!

    Thank you.
  • I just tried to purchase at the price listed on their web site, what they fail to tell you is that it does not include destination (when I said I wanted the total before driving 3+ hours the sales person said that oh that may not include destination...Oh well another dealer that has deceptive advertising
  • Hi friends,

    I'm getting an offer to buy a new 2009 Maxima S for $25k plus tax/tags. Good, ok or not good?

    Forgot to mention, dealer has 15 of these Max S with exact same configuration but different colors, 4 are in black which I'm looking for.

    here are the details:


    Color: SUPER BLACK

    Trim: CHARCOAL INTERIOR Model#: 08219

    MSRP: $31230.00





  • Just purchased a 2010 Maxima SV on 12/30 with:

    Dark Slate, Technology/Cold/Monitor Packages, HID lights, spoiler, splash guards, mats (MSRP $37,970/invoice $34,574).

    Bought at $33,000 ($500 cach back, 0% Financing for 60 months).

    Price does NOT include tax and fees (etch/tire/dmv/doc fees)
  • afaberafaber Posts: 2
    I thought I'd share my story of buying a 2010 Maxima SV about two weeks ago. I wanted to replace my 2002 Infiniti I35 with 135k miles. It is a great car, but Infiniti no longer sells a similar model (foolishly, in my opinion).
    The I35 was basically a warmed-over Maxima back then, so I thought I'd look at new Maximas. We had a 1985 Maxima wagon, but there have been a lot of changes since then!
    Anyway, I test drove a Maxima SV at a local dealer in San Jose, CA, and felt it was exactly right for me. I liked the styling and the features (including the heated steering wheel, which I had grown accustomed to in my I35!). I did try new Infinitis. The M35 seemed a bit big and overpriced and my wife already has a 2009 G37.
    The Nissan salesman immediately offered $6000 off MSRP verbally. I went to look at other cars, and called back the next day. The MSRP was $39,330 (SV with tech and premium packages). I said I'd buy it for $33,000 cash, plus tax and license. He called back later that day and said that was OK, and we made an appointment for me to come in the next day to pick it up. I asked him to email me an out-the-door price, so I could write a check.
    The email arrived, and it had a sales price of $33,330, not $33,000. I called and got a song and dance about the need to make a profit, "the air is pretty thin at that price", etc. I cancelled the appointment.
    That evening, using Edmunds' email service I emailed about 10 dealers in the SF Bay Area (not including the local one mentioned above), saying I'd buy a car right away for cash at $33,000. Four of the dealers called or emailed and said they'd make that deal. A couple of others tried to negotiate. Meanwhile, the salesman's boss at the local dealer emailed and eventually, but grudgingly, agreed to my requested price.
    To make a long story short, I bought the car from Dublin Nissan. They are about 40 miles away, but offered free delivery to my house! At the appointed time, two retired guys showed up with the car and paperwork.
    Ironically, they didn't have the exact color I wanted (ocean grey) in stock, so they had to do a dealer trade. Guess where they got it from? Right, the local dealer.
    Anyway that's the story. I love the car.
  • I don't think I got a particularly good deal, but since all of your prior reports were useful to me in my negotiation, I thought I would return the favor with a summary:

    Specs: 2010 Maxima SV with only splash guards and floor mats


    MSRP: 34,250
    Invoice: 31,376

    Negotiated: 31,200
    Rebate: -2,000

    Net price* 29,200

    *net price does not include TT&L plus "junk fees" that I accepted that are obviously worth at least $300 to the dealer.
  • rlwmjwrlwmjw Posts: 3
    Just purchased 2010 sv w/ premium, tech, spoiler. MSRP 39,700.
    Final deal 35074, plus $500 cash and 0% financing.
    Silver w/ charcoal. Great car and no interest!
  • Hi everyone - Thanks to all of you that post on this forum. Your advice and experiences have been very helpful. I would like to share my experience from a purchase yesterday, that I can still back out of.

    After several e-mail exchanges over the course of 3 weeks with the Internet Sales Manager at a MA Nissan dealership, I received a quote, in writng, for a 2010 Maxima S. The price that gave me was $26,899 (MSRP $31,530). I figure that's a pretty good deal. Mind you, all along I told the Internet Mgr. not to include the $1250 rebate, as I was taking the 0% financing. ANother key to this deal is what they gave me for my trade, a 2008 Honda Accord EX, 4cyl, with 27,800 miles.
    I went to the dealer yesterday, they appraised my car at $16,500. After much negotiation, they conceded to $17,000. But when I went to confirm the pricing for the 2010 Maximas, with my e-mails in hand, they stated that the person who gave me the quote, mistakenly put the $1250 rebate in my final price (I don't believe this for a second). We discussed this for several minutes, and the Sales Manager, said he will "honor" the price.
    Now, when getting the final paperork, with all the figures, the price for the Maxima is listed as $27,399. Then I noticed further down on the paperwork, they added in NMAC rebate of $500 (which in effect, got the Maxima down to the agreed upon $26,899).
    Now I feel like I have been misled. I feel the $500 should have been added in to reduce the final price from $26.899 to $26,399. I also believe they were being disingenuous when they said my Internet price quote "mistakenly" included the $1250 rebate, as I noticed other dealers in MA have advertised this same car for almost $1250 less than the $26,899 I was quoted.

    I would love to hear what some of you think about this deal, and whether I should go back to the dealer tonight or tomorrow to negotiate the price down further (up to $500 less).

    Please respond at your earliest opportunity, as I have only a few days to back out.

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi - May I ask how you got 0% financing and $500 cash? Did you negotiate that - I thought it was one or the other. I'm asking because I am in the middle of a purchase and have chosen 0%. When I inquired about the $500 rebate, they said that goes to the dealer.

    Thank you-
  • Just closed on a 2010 Armada last week. The $500 is cash back to the customer regardless of financing. This is for ALL Nissan products. The other rebates are either $1200 cash back or 0%.
    I took 0% and still got the $500 which I applied to the purchase price.

    Also purchased a 2010 Maxima yesterday for my wife and got the same deal.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the info. I ended up sending the dealership an e-mail, threatening to walk away from the deal. After a phone call, and some more haggling, they reluctantly agreed to re-direct the $500 rebate to me. I took delivery last nite. Love the 2010 Maxima, just wish some (most) of these dealerships weren't so shady....
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