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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I shopped several dealers. Found a dealer that would give invoice plus cash back and 0 financing. Several wanted to play games, but the one I purchased from was great.
  • vinnievinnie Posts: 10
    ALL ads state that tax, title, reg and destination are not included in the prices. If not on the ad itself it's typically in another place on the page....And what are we talking about - $400?
  • vinnievinnie Posts: 10
    I got my 09 S back in Oct. of 08....Paid $1600 below invoice and 2.5% financing....Couldn't complain...At the time no other dealer I went to would go more than $500 off list....
  • Purchased a 2010 Maxima SV with premium pkg and teck pkg...MSRP $39,300.....OTD $31,000 +ttl after rebates..took the 1250 cash in lieu of financing deal, plus $500, plus $1000 holiday cash.....I was going to lease but at that price had to buy, couldn't walk from opportunity....of course next week someone will get it for $29,000 OTD...calcilated depreciation cost $283/mo @ 39 months whereas lease would have been @$420/mo
  • 9210192101 Posts: 4
    All I want to know is how to get 31K OTD on this combo. Sounds like a fantastic price for a 35K invoice car. What's the secret?
  • I wish I could say it's due to my strong negotiating skills but it was rather very simple....I researched the car on and filled in the contact screen for quotes from multiple dealers...also searched inventory for the exact color combo/options I wanted and sent email directly to those dealers, told them I would be buying immediately...a couple of dealers emailed me their best numbers...I too was amazed that I could get it that low...I really wasn't 100% set on buying but I just couldn't pass up that deal...I enjoyed not having any car payments...because of all the snow here(Philly) I haven't been driving it so I can't report on that aspect...when you really think about it $39k is a bit rediculous for a Maxima that's pretty much a tweaked Altima, even if it is top-of-the line...I had also considered the Accord Crossover and not sure if I had made the right choice(had a price for a EX 2wd w/leather & Nav for $32k)
  • Can you tell me what dealer you bought from? My best price so far is $32.1K for the 2010 SV with a MSRP of $39.7K.
  • Just follow the same process I described that I did and let us know how you make out....more than 1 dealer made the same basic offer...remember there was a $1000 President's Day bonus that I got that may not be available now
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    MSRP 38970 SV w/sports and tech package, mats etc
    39 mth lease, 15k miles
    390 mth

    1000 total at signing (taxes and title stuff included in that 1k)
  • goldy3goldy3 Posts: 1
    I think my deal was ok.

    2010 Nissan Maxima SV MSRP 38662
    [All options except the spoiler and nav/dvd system]

    I got it down to 33k. I also had a trade in which brought it down to 30500. After taxes, titles and fees total was 33k, which was the top end of my budget for a new car.
  • pjkopppjkopp Posts: 6
    Bought a 2010 Maxima SV with Sport pkg, floor mats and splash guards on 3/25/10. MSRP was 36330 and invoice of 33187. Took financing and traded a 2006 Maxima SL with 76000 miles and a transmission problem. KBB trade in on 2006 is $10850 in good condition and $9300 in fair condition. Retail is 16500 (we saw several similar 2006 Maximas on lots between 15900 and 18000). Dealer gave us $16,750 for the 2006 and we purchased 2010 at MSRP. I took 0%/60 mo financing

    We were prepared to take 10,500 on the 2006 and pay 500 (cash to dealer rebate) under invoice for the 2010. With this formula they gave us 14143 for the 2006. I had an offer from another dealer for 400 under invoice and 9500 for the 2006. The 14143 is a very high number for a car with high miles and a transmission problem..oh and they ate the 350 bill to change fluids, do a large service and check out the transmission that was slipping/revving uncontrollably. Some of that money really came from discounting the 2010 lower than 500 under invoice.

    So, for those of you shopping now, I think there is room beyond the 500 under invoice (we did not get 1250 rebate as we opted for financing as it is worth more than 1250). A trade in muddies the waters to know exactly what was paid for the 2010, but this may help someone. Purchase was in Reading PA area - Eisenhauer Nissan
  • thor18thor18 Posts: 1
    Thought I did good the other day, but not sure now after reading some previous post, but Im still very happy with the dealership and love the car. Picked up a 2010 Maxima-S off a lost leader ad with an MSRP of $31530 for $25,777 plus tax and Lic in Los Angeles, Ca which brought it to $28742 O.T.D (in L.A you add about 11% to the selling price to get your out the door price, tax, lic and fees.
    I took the 0% for 5 years instead of the $2000 cash back because it saves me $800 over the term at what would have been a 3.99 % loan rate. Im guessing the less loaded the car, the less room they have to bargain so maybe I did not do so bad. Still worked out to $5753 off of sticker. Hope this helps someone and not depress others
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    What did you end up paying? I have them $7k off $39,840. Maxima SV with everything I just feel I can still do better. 2011 coming out in a few months (August). Should we wait? Love to have $8k -$10k off. We have a new Infiniti G37 that we received $11k off MSRP a few months ago. But we waited right before 2010 came out in February.
  • tedmictedmic Posts: 3
    Paid $31K + TTL for 2010 Maxima SV with MSRP of $39.7K.

    Used Nissan vpp pricing (friends & family) which was 4.3% off the Invoice cost.
    Received $1,250 Nissan rebate plus $1,000 for being a Toyota owner.

    vpp pricing = $34,553
    rebate ($1,250)
    Toyota owner($1,000)
    Total $32,300

    I then told the sales mgr I was still shopping his price. He asked what I wanted to pay to get the business. I told him $31K and he agreed.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited April 2010
    Where did you get that deal? I'm in Atlanta. Gwinnett Place Nissan is at $33k ($39,840 sticker).
    I will buy from anywhere in country and have it shipped.
    I'm going to also get them to throw in Sport Wheels (19") They don't like to do that, but they have so many Maxima Sport sitting out there with 19". No one wants the Sport package because you lose some nice options (i.e. dual moonroof, wood trim, rear controls)
  • tedmictedmic Posts: 3
    All-Star Nissan in Devon, PA
  • raven65raven65 Posts: 2
    Saw a car that fit 95% of what I wanted, (the color was not my desired choice). It was a 2004 Nissan Maxima sl with 125000 miles on it. I made an offer 200.00 below the TMV, which was 2500.00 below the dealers asking price. The sales rep. told be they could drop off 500.00 and their price was firm... I thanked the salesman for his time and walked out the dealership... before I could get to my car, he offered to take another 500.00 off.... I told him it was a cash deal and gave him my final offer, the TMV value... The sales manager came out and laughed saying no deal... I gave them my card and said thank you again and drove off... this car has sat at their site for over a 6 weeks.. My father said,"if they don't sell it in the next 3 to 5 days, they will car and make another offer to me... Of course, I am still shopping confident that I will get the right car for MY
  • bigtcbigtc Posts: 12
    2010 Maxima SV Premium with spoiler (Non Tech Pack)
    MSRP $37,850 Price is $32,365


    2010 Maxima SV Sport Non Tech Pack.
    MSRP $36,280 Price is $31,030

    Both prices include $500 rebate and 0% APR
    These numbers are before tax & title.

  • fiecafieca Posts: 7
    I live in IL NW burbs; here is what I am getting from multiple dealers in the Area.

    MSRP $39,330 - EPrice: $32,562 * e-Price includes premium package, tech package, splash guards, floor and trunk mats. I am not sure if this includes $1250 which I am really presing hard on negotiating with 0% APR for 60 months. Either $1250 or 0 for 60 months; but $500 is there with either case.

    Another Dealer:MSRP $38,970 - *Internet Price: $31,518.00 (Options: Monitor Package, Sport Package, Sport Technology Package, Splash Guards, Floor Mats, Trunk Sub Floor Organizer).

    Now here is this special from dealer in prime suburb: 25%OFF MSRP

    I am still shopping!
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