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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigtcbigtc Posts: 12
    edited April 2010
    From my experience most quotes sent from dealerships internet managers are including the $1250 rebate and not including the destination charge. Factor this in and the price goes up around $2,000.
    Most people will take the $500 rebate and 0% APR.
    I mentioned getting the $1250 rebate and 0% APR I was told it's not possible. The quotes I listed in my last post include the Destination Charges.
  • I'm in Chicago area as well. Is that 25% off MSRP promo for real? I've never heard anything good about the dealer that offers this. In my opinion, even with the incentives, the Maxima is overpriced by $2,500.
  • mvs828mvs828 Posts: 2
    Im getting quoted in NY the following:

    2010 Maxima SV Premium+Tech, Mud guards, mats, roof deflectors wheel locks $33,000.00 includes destination and 500 rebate.

    Is that good? Trying to get a better deal.
  • jones101jones101 Posts: 5
    My visit to Nissan... in FL

    2010 Maxima SV Premium+ Prim Tech Pkg
    MSRP price... $39580 + protection package ($995) + Spoiler ($370).
    -Total Sticker: $40945.
    -Internet price 33899 + Tax and Tag. (After rebate..)

    Final price after 1hr at dealer = $33,000 OTD. With 0% finance (I had $1500 trade for 1996 Maxima GXE). Also, I had to pick from their lot. They had only Black and Crimson Black with SV Premium+ Prim Tech Pkg which was not color of my choice.

    By the way he offered $34,000 OTD from other dealer’s inventory and can get the car in 24hrs... which will be choice of my color (Dark Slat). I said 33,000 OTD...we did not come to the deal then I walked away...

    (Additional Info... other dealer in area which I have not visited yet since they don't have my color... his internet price is $32700+ TTL for SV Sport package + Sport Tech Pkg. Constraint.. only one color... Tuscan Sun on his lot).

    Please share your opinion..
  • bigtcbigtc Posts: 12
    I live in Bucks County,PA. I went through the process of requesting quotes from about 6 dealers, not one dealership actually gave me a qoute, they all however send massive e-mails and leave numerous messages on my phone requesting for me to come in and take advantage of their great deals.

    Then when you actually get the quote, you get it without the destination charges included, but they make sure they include the $1250 rebate and don't mention you can't take the $1250 rebate combined with 0% APR.
    Too much Bulls*** with this process ...

    Yesterday I spent the day going to a few dealerships in my area.

    Colonial Nissan in Feasterville PA was about $1000 higher for the Maxima SV with Premium or the SV Sport Package than the other 2 dealers I went to, and Colonial Nissan offered me $3500 less for my trade than the other 2 dealers. Right now I'm working with the other 2 dealers to see which one will give me the best overall deal between the new car price and my trade in. They are both within $500 or so.

    Will post numbers and dealer info when the deal is done.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    Something’s never change...It's a horrible business. It's the bottom of the barrel when it comes to people and ethics. It's all about deception and lies. One of the worse profession out there...Just above Burglar’s and just below Airlines and Telemarketers. Sorry if I offended anyone but this has just been my experience over the last 20 years (full time business traveler and purchaser of about 15 cars). Use a car buying service. It's funny how it also says quick quote via internet and you never get a real price back.
  • volvownervolvowner Posts: 37
    I guess I'm lucky to have had a relatively good experience on my last two purchases...shopped Nissan, bought Honda entirely over the internet. The key was to separate the fast talkers unwilling to provide straightforward pricing very early in the discussion. Both times I ended up with an excellent price for exactly the car I wanted, and took less than a day.

    I believe the key was that I did lots of research up front (Edmunds is great for that), and knew exactly what I was after and what a good price was. Then I told the dealers I wouldn't be going back and forth between them, that if their first offer wasn't in the top two, they wouldn't hear back from me. That generated a couple of serious offers, and got rid of the idiots. From there it took ~1 more round of negotiation with my top choice to turn it into a great deal. It helped that one time I bought on the last day of the month, the other was a year-end deal.

    I know it's not a guaranteed system, but it's worked for me.
  • needashowerneedashower Posts: 39

    Any updates on your search? I keep thinking (and perhaps mistakenly so) that larger incentives are heading our way. The SV Max I'm interested in lists for $36K and can be had for $30K. This is not much less than an Infiniti G37. $30K for any Nissan is robbery given the luxury brands can be had for a few grand more.
  • jones101jones101 Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    After Several Phone Call and dealer visit. I have been getting the call from one dealership in FL. "They want to make me happy" I don't know they are agreeing on my price or not. I asked them "do you agree on my price (34K OTD)". Sales guy response.. I will call you back. I want to ask you guys... Is this good price to offer?

    2010 NEW: SV Premium+ Prim Tech Pkg (Nav) + Spoiler
    MSRP (Stiker) = 40K
    34000 OTD

  • $34k OTD? Or you mean $34k is their selling price of the car? If it's $34k just for the car, it's an awesome deal. If it's $34k OTD (which means their selling price is around $32k), then it's hell of a deal.

    I just signed a deal on the same exact model and options as yours. Premium, Premium Tech, and Rear Spoiler. My car price was $35,200 with the 0% APR financing offer. I went for the Winter Frost exterior with Charcoal interior. If I picked something from their lot, they said they'd knock down another grand.
  • all4yallall4yall Posts: 7
    I was quoted 28450 with $1250 rebate yesterday on a SV unit from a dealership in MD. Today I get a call from my local Dealer stating that they can now offer $1500 + 0%. I wonder if that means I have a chance to get the SV for 28200 and 0%; that sounds like an awesome deal! I just don't want to make that offer yet, because I can't decide If I would rather have the TL or G37. Actually, I want the TL for the price of the Maxima! The G37 I think is just too small for a family car with two kids? Any experience with this out there?
  • kfdmedkfdmed Posts: 130
    Looks like there is $1000 bonus cash that can be combined with the 0% 60 month financing and $500 bonus cash. So thats $1500 bonus cash plus 0%. Best incentive of the year. Good through Monday. See the Nissanusa.
  • aaa111aaa111 Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    You should be able to get 6 to 7K off MSRP on the 2010 Maxima. I have seen this offered at several different dealers in Central Florida. I just picked up a Sport / Tech ($39080 MSRP) on a lease deal. $0 out of pocket with tax included on a 39-month, 12K-per-year lease: $450 per month. I know I got an excellent deal because 3 other dealers in the area couldn't do it. Got the crimson black. It is sweet - looks like "black cherry" - appears black but is a deep red when sunlight shines on it. I love the car. I had the previous model and this car is a tremendous upgrade in every respect. The increase in power is substantial and the ride and operation are much smoother. Materials are of much better quality - especially the soft leather seats! The Nav and backup camera are awesome. This car is well worth the money especially if you get the deals that are currently being offered. Good luck!
  • richt5richt5 Posts: 43
    edited May 2010
    Went in to get a price on a 2010 Maxima sport at one of the dealers offering advertised great prices in central Florida. As advertised included me coming up with $2990.00 cash and did not include transport . They wanted to give me $5000.00 less on my trade than Edmunds pricing . A total waste on time. All totaled this dealer wanted to make about $10,000.00 gross on my deal. They did not want to know about Edmunds pricing (for new car and trade) plus got loss of memory on any incentives or monies being offered. They have a lot of cars , but dont seem to be interested in selling them. Then I went to another dealer about 50 miles south and they were about the same ($300.00 less) and this dealer had even more cars. Florida is tough to deal with , dealers prey on older folks without computers ,with little or no idea of pricing . SO THEY MUST SELL THEIR QUOTA TO THE UNINFORMED. Think I might have to go to another state to buy.Maybe FRITZ MALL. Cant find any dealers here that are serious about selling cars.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    We have a 2009 G37 (Got it for $12k off MSRP). We have 2 is small but not horrible. Maxima would give you more room and still looks great. Just depends if you try to keep up with Jones.
  • aaa111aaa111 Posts: 4
    I got a great deal at Reed Nissan on West Colonial after getting a bunch of BS from Bill Ray, Celebrity, and Universal. None of them could match the deal I got at Reed. Do what I did. Call and ask for a salesperson. Tell them exactly what you want and give them the price or payment you want. Right now you can get a very good deal with the extra $1K Nissan is throwing in for the tent event. Good luck!
  • bigtcbigtc Posts: 12
    How do these prices sound?

    Maxima SV Sport with Mats, Splash Guards
    MSRP - $36,530 Selling price = $30,300

    Maxima SV Premium with Mats, Splash Guards & Spoiler
    MSRP - $38,100 Selling Price $31,360

    Both prices include the $1000 + $500 incentive and 0% APR for 60 Months.

    There is a seperate $1250 rebate available but does not come with the 0% APR.

    I only add my local tax and a $120 Doc Fee. no other hidden cost.
  • Great. I also got the same car - Ocean Gray for selling price of 33,000. I didnt do the zero financing. Got 1.9%. The car is AWESOME.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    I'm still looking for deal on 2010 Maxima SV with Premium Pkg:
    Right now I'm at $32,770 (MSRP $40,090) or $7,320 off ($3,650 below invoice). The deal is available (I have confirmation email) at 3 Nissan Dealers in Atlanta.
    Total MSRP $40,090
    Base MSRP $34,150
    Super Black
    Premium Café Latte Leather
    Premium Package $3,230
    Premium Tech Package $1,850
    Splashguards $170
    Trunk Sub Floor Organizer with First Aid Kit $140
    Carpeted Floor and Trunk Mat $180
    Rear Decklid Spoiler $370
    Configured MSRP $40,090

    Selling Price $32,770 plus taxes/title

    I would like to get $30k or lower . Maybe when the 2011 come out soon? Anyone else got a better story? I'm in no hurry.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    I am wondering how people are getting prices this low below the invoice, even when you count the rebates and the dealer holdback, still it does not come to around $31500 for the SV with the premium.
    There has to be a dealer incentive from the Nissan that we dont know about.
    Any comments?
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