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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You did pretty good, I got an 11 Maxima Premium Crimson Black MSRP 41k on lease for $350 a month with $1500 down for 39 months 12k miles year. Buy out is $22,400 but I paid a little more upfront with less miles allowance for the lower payment. About the same overall cost as you.
  • I forgot to mention I got the tech package also. I've been pretty happy with the deal. A guy in my work was paying $472 for an 09 base SV. Thats $4,758 more and didnt get the car fully loaded. oof.
  • simmersimmer Posts: 10
    Good for you. I am glad you got justice here. The sales manager was out of line. (good guy bad guy routine? we wont really know) They would have taken your money had you not pushed. Many, many people will not. Its a numbers game for sales people. They get ahead by making thier numbers and get rewarded for breaking thier numbers. Cars, appliences, most any item that has a sales force tends to follow the same rules. Saturn used to be the one who broke that trend (or were much publicised for doing it, I have no experience with them personally)
    In a case such as yours, the Internet is your tool.
    As much as I do love my Maxima, the Acura was my next choice. Personally I am not a follower, so no Toyotas or Iphones for me :D
  • The lowest the dealership is willing to go on the 3.5S with LE package is $26,900. This price includes the Nissan rebate of $4K. The Sticker price is $34,435. Doing the math, they are discounting this vehicle $7,535 off sticker price. The dealership is located in the Boston, MA area.

    Is this a reasonable price to pay? Any responses are greatly appreciated!
  • simmersimmer Posts: 10
    That sounds like a good deal depending on the options. I did not research, what does the LE come with? Leather? sport wheels? etc? Im from Ma. myself and did a lot of research last year at this time. Have a good handle on the non sport max. there were a few reasons I didnt buy the S but price wise, the S is much less money. lists 2012 max_S at around 30-32K so it sounds like a very good price. If you decide to buy, def check it out with a mechanic before you buy. A lot of cars get purchased at auction and therefore dealers can still make a tidy profit from a ar similar to yours. You have to make sure its not been hit and repaired, and if so, was it repaired right (as in minor hit) it may still be worth pursueing regarless IF it was an auction car. Car fax will help but not always do they get reported. Thats where a good mechanic can look it over and find things you dont see. Which dealer is this? I have had some experience with several in MA all the way into Boston too. My mechanic would look a car like this over for no cost. You may get a $25-30 charge to have someone do this but its well worth it. Never ever trust a dealer. ;)
  • Thanks alot for the response. It is appreciated. Never trust the dealers-I def hear you. As for your questions....The car is brand new 2012 with just 50 miles on it. The Limited edition package only stickers for an additional $710 so it doesn't include much more than the regular (S) model. The seats are cloth. The LE package includes dark hyper silver wheels,smoked headlights and dark finish sports grille, HID xenon lights, fog lights, outside mirrors with led turn signal, rear spoiler, digital compass in rear view mirror and metallic trim inside the car.

    The car comes with 3 other small options..... mats,splash guards and trunk organizer.

    Thanks again
  • I purchased a new 2011 maxima from quirk so you may want to check them out as always end of month is best and they sell on volume
    Straight forward but don't buy any maint. Plan or extras
  • Currently the Bankston Dealers around me are offering the car with te Rear Spoiler and Nav and the Surrounding Lighting for $32744 +TTL. Anyone in Dallas found anything better? Which dealership and how much?

    Thanks all! :shades:
  • Anyone?!?!?! :surprise:
  • simmersimmer Posts: 10
    :) Dont know dallas area, I am in New England, but when I was looking at a 2012 last October, I was unablel to get them down to 30K. I could have gotten one for 32-33K new with Nav and tech. The surround lighting, is a little bit of a letdown, unless there is something new, its just interior lighting off the doors? or in the foot wells.

    I would think you can do much much better. After all its now almost 2013. The one I looked at for 32-33 a year ago loaded the same? Seems to me they are still a few grand high. Best bet, go out and get competing prices. Ive done this with my Pathfinder in Jan 2004 was a 2003LE with leather in my color. Got one guy to go down to 30, got the dealer I bought at to match it.
    Find another car with nearly the same options (I say nearly meaning same options but maybe different color) tell THEM you have a deal for 32K will they do 31K ? If they say yes, go right back to first dealer and tell him you have a deal for 31 will they go 30 or 30.5K I think you can do better than that deal, I really do but the area of the country does make a difference. Check out the pricing thru Edmunds, and, compare what they value the car with same options, take that sheet with you, dont sign anything, be prepared to walk. Do NOT let them see you interested or they will walk all over you. Have to be strong. ! Good luck, play them against themselves, end of the month etc. make a difference!
  • I finally got a dealer to get me the following package in $34,600 OTD.

    Premium Pkg
    Premium Tech Pkg,
    Cold Pkg.
    Surround Exterior Security Lighting,
    Window Tints,
    Wheel Locks, Pin Striping

    Colors: Black Exterior/Charcoal Interior
  • Looking for a '12 last year would have been like looking for a new one. Here I'm looking year end and loaded. I am fairly confident I did well as the MSRP was around $42k. There were $4k Nissan Manufacturer Rebates, $500 NMAC and More than $5k Dealer incentives to go with this.
  • It doesn't sound like "deceitful business practices" to me.

    It sounds like you had buyer's remorse and decided that you no longer wanted the deal you lawfully agreed to.

    Even if your "back injury" claim is true - the dealership did nothing unethical selling you that vehicle.

    The only person in the wrong here is you for failing to exercise proper due-diligence before buying a car and then libeling the dealer afterward on here.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010

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