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Audi TT



  • tntt2tntt2 Posts: 6
    I am nearly two years into my TT driving experience and this is still a very impressive car to drive. I have a 2000 180 coupe with quattro and a APR chip. Clearly this car is not the fastest car on the road, but it really has a sporty feel. The turbo is what really does it for me. When the shifting is right it is not too slow off the line, and there is a nice kick in power at almost any speed just keep the rpm's over 2500. And let's not forget the style. The TT has always been about style. Two years later and for me there is still not a better looking car on the road. You have to go way up in price before anything is even close IMHO.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Just curious about the TT coupe vs. roadster - is there much difference in handling, from those who have driven both. My neighbor is looking into getting a roadster - very much likes my S2000, but his wife doesn't drive a manual. We have a mutual friend who has a TT coupe, and he claims the roadster doesn't feel nearly as "tight" as the coupe. Is he right, or just prejudiced? I didn't drive a TT roadster extensively enough when I was shopping to have an educated opinion.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • tntt2tntt2 Posts: 6
    I have driven both, but as previously stated, I drive a coupe. I believe they handle about the same. Obviously the roadster is heavier. Starting with the 2001 models, Audi made the suspension slightly more forgiving and added the spoiler to amend a problem in handling the TT was having at excessively high speed on the German Autobahn. Since the roadster did not come out until 2001 perhaps this is the difference your friend is referring to. BTW, the original suspension is much sought after by fans of the TT and many think the car looks better without the spoiler.
  • ejhunterejhunter Posts: 4
    Hello all. I'm new to the board and my reason for being here is that I'm seriously considering the TT as my next vehicle. I currently own a 99 BMW M-Coupe, so I know a bit about high performance. My decision to go with the TT is not all about maximum performance, but what seems to be an ideal mix of performance and style. The only other option would be the BMW 330Ci, however the interior styling does nothing for me. The TT however, is a work of art inside and out.

    Anyway, does anyone know what changes are planned for 2003. Is it worth waiting for the new model of should I buy one now. Also, what are the opinions of the 180 hp version vs. the 225. Quattro, or not. I live in the Southeast and I don't plan on driving in snow too often at all. Thanks for any comments.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    EJ: I've got a 2001 225 quattro roadster and love it. However, coming out of an M3, you'll probably want to get a "Stage 1" mod performed on your car. My dealer did such a mod which includes chipping the ECU, cold air intake, thermostat and some other mods. The tech claims an extra 40 hp and 35 ft/lbs torque. These numbers seem optimistic to me, but there is an obvious difference. Because my dealer performed the mods, I have no problems with getting the vehicle serviced under warranty.

    As far as the quattro 225 vs. the 180 fwd, there's no comparison. Besides the obvious power differential, the usability of the power is much greater in the quattro. Wet or dry the quattro hangs on tenaciously. I lived in FL for 5 years myself and wish that I'd had my quattro on the rain-slicked, seashell-encrusted tarmac. Forget snow--drive them back to back in the rain and see the difference...
  • You're lucky will not only let you do mods but actually make them for you!

    Have you visited AudiWorld's TT forum?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Papa: I responded to you earlier, but my post hasn't shown up. Anyway, my dealer was more than happy to sell me the performance package. In fact, he let me drive two different examples of the modified car--a "stage one" roadster and a 'stage two' coupe. I drove my car unmodified for about two months and then took it in. The difference in performance is remarkable and my fuel economy is about the same.

    I can't give up the dealer's name because I don't want Audi investigating the situation--can't afford to lose that warranty!
  • tntt2tntt2 Posts: 6
    Had an opportunity to drive a 2000 180quattro coupe without the spoiler. Silver. What a statement of auto design. Literally takes my breath away. I may have to remove my spoiler.

    Also, I hate to bring up this ancient post that I remember reading here over two years ago, but probably the fastest TT is the 180 fwd coupe. This is because of it being a little over 300 pounds lighter than the 225 coupe with quattro. Add an APR chip and another 35hp and you have a really fast sporty TT. Needless to say the roadster is heavier still. And while my car has quattro and I love it, the fwd TT coupe handles extremely well.
    As far as changes for 2003, the only thing I have heard is there will be an automatic transmission in some TT's this time around.

    Lastly, for those looking to buy a TT, I would seriously look into the used market. I have just recently come across several used TT's with less than 25k miles that are selling for less than $25,000.
  • combysescombyses Posts: 1
    Does anyone have experience with the Audi Navi system? I have a 2001 TT Roadster. Frankly, the Navi system sucks. It is inaccurate and often gives bad directions. One time it just died on me and the dealer replaced it with a new unit.

    I have complained to dealer a number times and they don't seem to find a problem. I think it is their Blaupunkt system. It is the pits. Alpine, which is used by Acura, is way better.

    Any input?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Regarding your statement; "probably the fastest TT is the 180 fwd coupe. This is because of it being a little over 300 pounds lighter than the 225 coupe with quattro", you might want to do a little more research.

    According to Audi's TT brochure, (and verified by Car&driver, Road&Track and Motor Trend magazines tests), the 225 TT is both quicker and faster than the 180hp version. While it's true that the 225 Quattro Roadster outweighs the 180 FWD Coupe by 552 lbs, it still has a superior horsepower to weight ratio (16.23 lbs/hp vs. 15.44 for the Roadster). Add in the Quattro's ability to put all that additional power to the ground and you end up with a serious performance advantage:

    180 FWD Coupe 0-60= 7.6 seconds top speed 130*
    225 Q Roadster 0-60= 6.7 seconds: top speed 143*

    *Top speeds mechanically limited on both cars, but given two cars with virtually identical Cd and similar gearing, top speed is limited primarily by horsepower.

    Only the 225 Coupe is quicker than the 225 Roadster and only marginally so: 6.3 secs 0-60.

    I won't even begin to get into a discussion of the handling advantages of Quattro versus FWD! What it comes down to is that if you want the quickest, fastest, best-handling TT available, the 225 Q Coupe is the obvious choice. Make it a Roadster and you'll get to enjoy the wind in your hair too.
  • tntt2tntt2 Posts: 6
    I think I got caught using a little hyperbole. You are right that all the car magazines show speed advantages to the 225 quattro. And when one uses a term like "fastest", as I did, one usually thinks in terms of 0-60 times.

    My main disagreement with you is in vastness of the superiority between the 225cq and the 180c fwd. Keep in mind I own a 2000 180 coupe with quattro.

    Let us say as an example, a car traveling at a certain speed has to brake, or slow down to enter a turn and accelerate as it leaves the turn. A car that is 300 plus pounds lighter than another car, all other things being equal, will be able to apply his brakes later into the turn and will be able to start speeding up sooner on its way out of the same turn. Also it should have less momentum than the heavier car in the turn itself and should be able to travel the same arc at a greater speed. If all other things are equal.

    Obviously though, the haldex quattro system the TT uses helps the 225, but you should really drive the 180 fwd sometime (if you have not already)it really does handle very well. That is at least on dry surfaces. And while I have no hard evidence other than just seat of my pants experience and feel, I think the two cars are a little closer in performance than you would have us believe. And if one throws in a APR chip, I would love to see how the 180 fwd matches up with the a stock 225 0-60 or otherwise.

    Also for the potential buyers, I again assert that there are used TT's out on the market that offer impressive savings and that the original steering feel of the first year is much sought after by lovers of this beautiful car.

    Meanwhile, I have probubly one of the slowest TT's, but I too love the quattro. Especially on a night like this in South Florida where it is raining like mad. BTW, I would love to hear you discuss the advantages of the quattro system.

    Lastly, are you still living in Florida? If so where?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780

    I hear what you're saying about the lighter car being more nimble. At times I wish my roadster were about 500 lbs. lighter! I've got my car chipped, but a weight loss program would have helped too (so I gave up fast food)! lol

    Anyway, I think you'll find that the 225 Q still laps faster because of the overwhelming power advantage, quattro traction, and 6 speed (makes better use of power). If I had the choice of even more power for my Q or less weight, I'd keep the same power and drop the weight. The Quattro roadster IS HEAVY for its size.

    I live in Hawaii now, but the Quattro still helps in the rain--lets me run past cars with much more power when the road is wet.
  • antslappyantslappy Posts: 2
    I just bought a '02 TT Q Roadster and am hearing alot about chipping. My dealer says;"No Way, it will void the 4 yr. warranty"!!!!! Is this true or not?????
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I wouldn't if I were you. One of our neighbors considered it and, after some research, concluded that he would be in a major warranty fight if anything ever went wrong with the car (related to the modifications or not). He might ultimately have won - but it would have been bloody. He ended up trading for a Boxster S earlier this year and - according to the Porsche dealer - they wouldn't have considered taking his TT in trade had it been "chipped" or otherwise modified.

    I myself own a 2002 S2000 and have heard that it is possible to get 300 hp with a supercharger. No thanks. I test drove everything out there and bought the S2000 based upon it's merits. I could have bought a pristine 1996 NSX instead, but went with the S2000 for reliability and peace of mind. Why screw that up with an aftermarket modification.

    IMHO you should enjoy your new car as is.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,049
    My wife is on her second TT and has ordered her third, a 2003 225HP coupe to replace her soon to be off lease 2001 225HP coupe. Her 2000 180HP quattro coupe was chipped (by our dealer). Your comments pertaining to your dealer and your desire to keep his name "a secret" are understood.

    Would you, however, mind telling me what chip you used?

    In our 2000 TT, we used an MTM stage 1 chip (took the car to 195HP and about 240!!!! lb ft of torque). I have just ordered a 2003 2.7T allroad and am leaning toward another MTM chip, but the press on the APR chips is quite impressive too.

    Man -- chipping a 225HP TT must be like strapping a rocket onto it -- it is already quite quick.

    I am looking for the "stage one" effect for my Audi turbos -- I understand and appreciate the stage 2 and beyond effect, but don't really see any need for that much extra performance since with the stage one chip effect, the TT (and hopefully the 2.7T allroad) is quicker than virtually anything else on the road -- and besides neither my wife or I plan to drag race.

    And, to the warranty issue that is oft discussed. Time and time again I find that the chipping is not and does not cause a warranty issue. As I said, my dealer installed mine and there was no issue or concern that the Audi Advantage would somehow be jeopardized.

    I await your chip vendor's name...
  • antslappyantslappy Posts: 2
    To Vinnyny:
    I don't have a chip for my new TT Q. I was just trying to get some info on the subject. This is my first Audi, and I know very little about
    them! I don't want to "mess things up" by doing
    3rd. party mods and void my 4 yr. warranty. So...with that in mind, any help you Audi owners
    could provide will be much appreciated. Thank You
    Too Much!!!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My brother has an 01 A4 1.8 Quattro. He added a chip to increase his power from 170 to about 200. He inquired at the dealer about the modification and they said his warranty would not be affected. Just to be safe though, he opted to install a switch which allows him to turn off the chip and return his car to original power when he takes it in for warranty work. With it switched off, they could never tell he had modified it. Maybe those who are worried about it but want the extra power should get this switch. Total cost was around $500.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    the dealer could prove that the chip was wholly or partly responsible for any failure that was to be repaired. This is true for all vehicles sold in the USA. :-) BTW, I have a chipped WRX wagon for point of reference. :-)

  • whiteda6whiteda6 Posts: 1
    I am going to buy a 225 TT Roadster. Does anyone know if you can fit a set of golf clubs in the trunk?
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