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Audi TT



  • tjtttjtt Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Quattro Roadster. (had a 2001 for a month - decided to just get new one). I LOVE IT! I might trade it for an SL600, but I will let you know when I have an extra $80,000 to blow on a car....
    As far as the 3.2, I have been asking around. (Mostly because I am still partially stuck on the 'there is no replacement for displacement' syndrome")
    If you are not going to do any modification, than go with whichever one you like most and enjoy it. If you have any intention of mods, than get a 225. End of discussion. I just got an email back from APR (Audi Performance Racing) and they have nothing and are planning NOTHING for the 3.2. So far, I have heard that no one is sure what kind of punishment the DSG tranny can take yet, and they don't have much room to do anything with a V6 crammed in under the hood.

    I have heard rumors of a blower for the 3.2 which could have potential, but time will tell....
    (and PS - I am very new to this so I am just putting out there what I have 'learned' so far. If I am way off, I would certainly appreciate an opposing viewpoint)

  • racolracol Posts: 1
    I have heard that the 2006 TT will not be sold in Massachusetts due to emissions regulations -- has anyone heard the same. Also, I am trying to find a 2005 TT Coupe Manual for sale and salespeople seem unresponsive!!! I thought the idea was to sell cars! Anyone have any ideas?
  • mvelomvelo Posts: 1
    I am considering a 2000 TT 1.8 Quattro, 53,000mi., looks very good, runs great, but has two electrical repair notes in the carfax report. Does anybody know of particular electrical snafu's with this year, make, model, etc.?
    Any other insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ttchickttchick Posts: 1
    I have had my 2003 TT, 180 for only 4 weeks, and have had to have all tyres replaced!!! I really cant understand why if one tyre is damaged, you have to have the other one replaced also. Could someone kindly explain this to me? It is costing me a fortune. I have now switched from the orginal tyres (pirelle, to mitchellin). Thanks :confuse:
  • Well just thought I would check in. I now have 38,000 miles on my TT. I bought it with 16,000+ on it. It has been a joy to drive. I usually switch with my Durango by weeks. Still runs good. I use the M1 T&SUV 5w-40 synthetic oil. I can't say enough about the fun my wife and I have when driving. Great car that will be in the family for quite a while. :D
  • I'm in the same boat as [illiterate101]. Ready to make the move to either an ECU swap or reprogramming.

    Which did you go with - Revo or APR??? I'm considering one of these.

  • I have a 2000 audi Tt 180 hp. The clutch seems to be a little close to the floor. I would like to adjust it myself. any sugestions?
  • max19max19 Posts: 22
    I chipped my '02 ALMS 225HP and the results are nothing but incredible. Lots of power at all range and also changed the Diverter Valve to a titanium one. Turbo lag has been reduced greatly. I need to conduct a dyno to see were my HP gains were. They claim 262HP (37hp gains) w/ the Premium gasoline. I am also thinking about a stainless steel Catback system. Hey, there is also Stage III turbo (340HP) but it is EXPENSIVE.
  • 12rings12rings Posts: 6
    Hello all, just wanted to touch base on here again, it has been a long time since my last post... I have a 04 TT Roadster 180. I have owned it for almost two years with no problems to report...I recently added an APR chip and have a remus exhaust on order. I can highly recommend the chip with no reservations, it boosts your lower end torque quite a bit and gets rid of some (not all) turbo lag...I also autocrossed it yesterday at an scca event, it did pretty well although my stock A/S tires howled all the way around. I'm going to do my best to wear them out so I can get some high performance summer tires. Other than that I love the car and enjoy those weekend cruises down Rt. 66.
    Happy TTing...
  • 12rings12rings Posts: 6
    Juat wanted to elaborate on my chip experience since there is some discussion about it...I got the APR chip done by autoscope in Dallas (just searched the APR website for dealers). They did not have to remove my ECU, they downloaded the program through the diag port...They chargeed me 50 to install plus the 500 for the program, it was actually cheaper having the dealer do it. If you mail it to APR you have to take out the ECU yourself and then overnight it. Two over night charges were more than $50 (for me anyway), plus you have to mail a $600+ part away while your car sits undrivable....
    Went with APR b/c it seems most people had it or the Garrett and I read some negative things about the Garrett on forums and it costs more for 2+ complaints on the APR, I would highly recommend it, you can't get anything else with a higher hp per dollar ratio...
    Post any other questions...
  • easman61easman61 Posts: 28
    I'm thinking about buying this car tomorrow. Haven't researched much. Car has 42k miles and looks very clean. Buying from 2nd owner. Has just had the 40k mile service done at an Audi dealer. Nearest dealer is 2 hours away. Would this stop you from buying? Paying $15100. Has aftermarket chrome wheels - looks great. Silver. No CD changer or Bose. Has heated seats.
  • easman61easman61 Posts: 28
    I am considering buying an extended warranty after reading so many horror stories about timing belt failures out of warranty. Had the car inspected at Firestone and they found one little oil drop on a fitting behind the turbo. They said it would have to be repaired by an Audi dealer. Looks like it might just be a hose clamp. There didn't appear to be any evidence of any accumulation any where on the top of the scuff plate. The rear brakes need replacing - pads and rotors quoted at just under $300. I had seller reduce his price by this amount. Anybody know where I can buy a repair manual and owner's manual? I can't tell what the light switch does pulled out vs. pushed in. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.
  • It is to activate the fog lights. Green = Active
  • Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
    2.0 TFSI 197 hp 7.7 l/100km Petrol 6.4 s 240 km/h
    3.2 V6 quattro 247 hp 9.4 l/100km Petrol 5.7 s 250 km/h
    Body type Coupe
    Number of doors 2
    Number of seats 2+2
    Engine position Front
    Driven wheels Front/All
    Length 4 178 mm
    Width 1 842 mm
    Height 1 350 mm
    Wheelbase 2 470 mm
    Ground clearance ?
    Weight (normal) 1 260 kg
    Weight (max) 1 660 kg
    Boot space (min) 290 l
    Boot space (max) 700 l
    Fuel capacity 60 l

    Information from:

    What dou you think about New TT? Please write your comments!
  • thekegthekeg Posts: 2
    ;) It seems many TT owners have MAF issues. I found a great fix on ebay that saved me over 200.00. It cost 2.99 and said that MAF sensors can be cleaned. This cleaning removes air filter particules, dirt, dust and whatever else affect the sensor's measurements. You can buy MAF cleaner or use a ziplock bag with isoproply alchohol and shake the sensor around in the bag. Let it air dry. Reinstall.
  • rgraybillrgraybill Posts: 9
    Just got the 3.2 Quattro roadster with manual transmission. I can't get used to the paddle shifters. Technologically it's a great car. The only glitch has been that the iPod adapter for my Nano doesn't fit. Apple moved the interface location on the new generation. I'll post my impressions when I get to spend more time with her.
  • 2008ttguy2008ttguy Posts: 1
    So how are you liking her so far? I got my 2.0 T coupe on June 25th and have been having a blast! Only thing I miss so far is not having the manual transmission - not sure why the 2.0 only comes in automatic. But the auto transmission is sweet shifting and I am really happy with the lack of turbo lag. BTW - I seriously disagree with the Edmunds review that the car lacks steering feel. I find the steering very precise and enjoyable - and I absolutely love the sports steering wheel. So far no complaints here - I absolutely love this car!
  • rgraybillrgraybill Posts: 9
    So far it's great. I got the 2nd generation iPod adapter from Audi. The engine has great torque over a wide range. I'm still getting used to the clutch: a bit of a long travel for my short legs. It's definitely fun to drive. The top works very smoothly.
  • rob89rob89 Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    Recently joined - obviously lots of probs with Audi TT
    Anyone had an intermittent starting problem. We have 2002 225 TT Coupe which three times in last year has not started. Each time on a hot day. Each time has started no problem either later on that day or following morning. At first Audi dealer couldnt find a fault, then it was engine speed sensor, now it seems to be engine temp sensor - does this sound familiar to anyone? Otherwise been ok but hardly reliable
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    a buddy of mine is offering me his 2001 TT 1.8T with 66K for $6,000. he just had it
    major serviced. he says he is tired of looking at it in his driveway. why he
    wants to take a 5K loss on it I don;t know, but he never drives anywhere, and
    keeps his stuff immaculate. should I buy this?
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